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Weekly JUice

Week of 10/15/18

1. Another reason to talk about Meghan and Harry.


As if you ever need a reason…but obviously first comes love, then comes giant televised royal wedding, then comes BAYBAY!!! Pretty high hopes for this nugget to be a stunnah but that’s also because Kate and Wills kids are so adorbs. Kinda sets the bar high. Either way, the announcement was made and now the royal coups is in Australia and we won’t stop breathing down their necks with stupid articles about how Meghan is feeling, how much Harry loves her and wants a baby, what they wore and ate for breakfast every day, etc. Royal fever will literally never die. I MEAN DID YOU SEE THAT DOUBLE HANDHOLD? GOALSonGoalsonGOALS according to every news site in our country that reported it like it was bigger news than their pregnancy. It’s embarrassing how much we drool over these two. Wipe it up, America. (Coming from a girl who has a saliva problem herself, I’m not judging, I’m being a friend.)

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit Australia - Day 3bondibeach

2. That’s a lot of tattoos to erase.


In shocking news to literally no one, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have broken up after getting engaged five minutes into their relashe (126 days together but who’s counting). I’m not going to pussyfoot around this…if you both rebound REAL hard and then one of the exes dies from an overdose, that will probably throw a wrench into the mix of your already v. fragile partnership. Since I reported when they got engaged along with a slew of other “let’s just get married real quick because we are celebrities and why not” jabronis, it felt necessary to report when the first one ended. Keeping an eye on you, Biebz and Nick Jonas…


Anyway, they made a statement, Pete cancelled a standup, Ariana went social media black. I mourned the loss of the term butthole eyes. (I’m still gonna use it, tbh) Ariana got custody of their pet, Piggy Smallz and you know, all of the shit she paid for because she makes 10x what Pete does. And now we have to watch them slowly cover up/eliminate the 1 million tattoos all over their bodies for each other. WooooOoooo Buddy. No seriously, peep below. Just on their hands alone they have like 3 matching tattoos. You know how people say tattoos are forever so think about what you’re doing? Lolololol let’s cover our bodies in each other’s names and phrases. FTR, Pete also did this with his ex girlfriend and had to glaze on over those as well. He’s no rook to the breakup & immediately eliminate body art game. Extra funny slash sad that he tattooed the pig on him and she took it. Maybe consider part time custody for the little oinker?!




3. I love this wedding dress.


Karlie Kloss got hitched (and Taylor wasn’t there…a detail that apparently needed to be pointed out. SHE’S ON A WORLD TOUR, GUYS.) Either way, YES MA’AM to this dress!!! I’m lovin it a whole lot. That’s all. See! I can be nice sometimes!

Karlie Kloss Josh Kushner wedding

(from rep)

Credit: BFA

4. My childhood crushes need to stop getting arrested.

WHAT is it with classic 90’s child stars getting arrested for assault? Like 90% of the Sandlot cast got arrested, including my heart Benny the Jet Rodriguez and now we’ve got Jesse former bad boy whose life was turned around by Annie, Glen and his BFF killer whale Willy getting pinched for a domestic with his girlfriend. Allegedly he accused her of cheating on him with her coworker, busted the door down kool-aid man style and grabbed her. YOIKES Jess. Not a good look. That shit will get you sent right back to Wade and the other orphans every time. Where’s Willy when you need him? Oh that’s right, he’s dead because Seaworld killed him. THE HITS KEEP ON COMING. Smash play on Michael Jackson and let his soulful nonsense wash all of this away. If JTT gets arrested next I will LOSE MY SHIT.

5. Eminem performed in the clouds.

Jimmy Kimmel’s in NYC this week and I guess he really wanted to make a splash so he had Eminem make a Venom music video in the Empire State Building. I’ve always been a music video fan and it’s pretty cool how he filmed it there and the way that it was shot but what’s absolutely terrifying is that he’s at the tippy top just rapping like it ain’t no thang. I went to the Empire State Building when I was like 11, so you could say I’m pretty worldly. The elevator ride alone was terrifying seeing how high you were going up and then when I got up there I had about enough courage to get a picture taken with my tiny sunglasses on for my spring break photo album and then it was curtains. Can’t imagine actually MOVING AROUND UP THERE. What a badass you are, Em. Also lol to the fact that no one knew what was going on and just kept taking videos from street level of the empire state building with flashing neon lights. Bet they got some real quality shots of Em-Nasty doin his thang.




Clap, clap, CLAPCLAPCLAP. I am elated that this season has finally come to a close. What did you miss in the 15 solid minutes of content that were dragged out over three monstrous hours? I THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER ASK.

Nick starts the episode with some skipping with elves so you KNOW things are going to get spicy. Spicy, meaning ABC flew Nick’s parents and ¼ of his 500 siblings out to Finland to meet these lassies and probably not take it seriously because they’ve been through this twice now. Raven’s up first and if you recall she already met the fam so she basically has a leg up over Vanessa, cause her and Bella are rollerskating, soccer-loving besties. Mostly because Raven has the IQ of a 12 year old but that’s neither here nor there.

Vanessa sweeps into the room full of Nick sibs and puts on her best acting chops to talk about how amazing her relationship is with Nick and it’s believeable AF until she tells Nick’s mom on the side that she can’t see herself not being with Nick at the end of this but isn’t ready to be engaged. Catch 22. Nick’s mom hopes she gets the answers she’s looking for. Which is a mom way of saying, find someone else’s son to marry because we don’t want you. Nick’s dad cries a lot and suddenly it all adds up. Vanessa cries because she senses that she should. They hug it out and mix tears.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 9.53.37 PM

Vanessa and Nick ride horses through the snow for their last date as a peeping Tom dressed as old tymey Santa watches them from behind a tree. Creeper Santa lives in an outhouse in the forest and does not speak English immediately, which makes for an awks communication barrier with the jolly fella. He magically switches to English right around the same time Vanessa snuggles into his beard and things get real weird. They both wish for love and instead get a piece of carved wood. Santa works in mysterious ways. What a rascal.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 9.34.55 PM

Later they’re making out and suddenly Vanessa is sobbing because Nick is also dating Raven. He keeps kissing her anyway. Interesting comforting tactic.

Raven and Nick do some ice-skating, cause like skating’s their thang. Since I’m bored to tears, this is the point where I convince myself and my sister that they’re not actually in Finland, they’re probably just on a movie lot in California because they shed their coats A LITTLE TOO MUCH for it being the dead of winter in Finland. Stay woke. BUT THEN THEY PLAY WITH PUPPIES!!! This is the only thing that’s piqued my attention this entire episode. Seriously, more puppies please. Can he give her a puppy instead of a ring? The least the loser should get is a baby Husky, honestly. Later Nick tells Raven he’s proud of her for being there (?) and Raven says that this stuff shouldn’t happen to a girl from Hoxie, Arkansas. So I guess you’re not allowed to date in Arkansas. Or orgasm.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 9.34.30 PM

The man of the hour (or 3), Neil, rolls up and announces that everyone is rooting for Nick to make it work this time. Don’t speak for us, Neil. Don’t you DARE put words in our mouths. Raven doesn’t get that ring because she gets out of the limo first and in TYPICAL shitty breakup fashion, Nick allows her to give her entire speech of love, gives his own and then sneaks in a goodbye covered in tears. At least he’s consistent at being a terrible dumper this season. She barely sheds a tear meanwhile Nick is drowning in his own. He tells Raven that he’s going to miss her and she replies “I know.” YOU GO GIRL! No seriously though, go…back to Hoxie cause that accent is KILLIN ME.

Side note: Nick must get a paycheck every time he mumbles on TV that it didn’t work out with Andi or Kaitlyn because the name drop count is FAR TOO high for one episode. I hope for Bachelor Nation’s precious livers that this wasn’t turned into a drinking game.

Anywho, in the grand finale Nick tells Vanessa he loves her through tears and she looks like she’s in pain. He proposes and she ugly sobs all over the ring. CRY CRY CRY. I wanted to cry every time I wasted time on this stupid mouth breathing dum dum this season but I held my shit together and he couldn’t give us the same courtesy. Enjoy your next three months togets you wah-wahing fools.


PS this sweater is hideous.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 9.52.52 PM

PPS Nick still looks stupid in a hat. People don’t forget.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 8.34.40 AM


Raven comes out and everyone says the word stoic to describe her reaction at least 4 times each. I would never in a million years apply the word stoic to Raven. What a scam. She went through phenomenal PR training though because she rambles scripted answers to each stupid question about if she supports Nick and Vanessa as a couple like a champ. She will be on paradise, of course.

Vanessa’s solo interview just consists of her convincing us all that they love each other but also that their relationship is hard AF and probably won’t last. The same can be said for their duet interview. We get it, life after fake life is hard and your shelf life has already expired.


The DRAMATIC twist of the night that Chris Harrison teased since 8PM is that Rachel’s season starts onstage in front of everyone, which is totally not awkward at all. White guy Dean says he’s “ready to go black and he’s never going to go back” and all of America cringes. Live TV and racial jokes all rolled into one. What a package deal. I’m sure no one will have any thinkpieces about that. ABC alternates four contestants black, white, white, black because they have to. Rachel basically does the Carlton with the last contestant of the evening and I’ve never felt more of the uncomfies. In my sister’s words, “I’m hiding under my blankets hoping this ends.” And that’s pretty much how next season will go if Rachel keeps this up with the awksies.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 9.52.53 AM

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Weekly JUice

Week of 1/30/17

1. We Have All Been Blessed.

In the most Beyonce pregnancy announcement since the time she unveiled a baby bump mid-VMA’s performance, we have learned that two more lil Jay-Z clones will be entering this world. Because of course they’re having twins. I’m going to ignore the whispers about these not being Hova’s kids cause Lemonade and instead focus on the fact that I went off the deep end with this announcement. After being scooped thrice on New Years’ Day, I saw this Instagram post on Wednesday and immediately sounded the alarms to everyone I knew, hoping to break the news. I was 3 for 3 and riding the high of alerting my friends of the news just a mere 12 minutes after she posted it and I didn’t want to come down. I even texted my dad, who could literally care less about Bey and Jay just because I wanted one more W. He didn’t respond. Whatever. Either way, we learned a very valuable lesson: Beyonce is a blue satin ruffled panty wearin Queen. Just kidding, we already knew that. The real lesson is that celebrity gossip makes me foam at the mouth and I won’t apologize for it.


To top it off and make sure everyone was really talking about her until the end of time, Bey waited a day and released the rest of the photos from her profesh maternity shoot. If we’re being honest the one she posted was the only acceptable one and I would have preferred she kept the others locked up for no one to ever see.


Click here if you want to see the rest at your own risk.

2. Ed’s Beach Body.

Ed released his second music video in two weeks and even though I hated every minute of this, especially when we were treated to several closeups of a Sumo wrestler’s buhhole, gotta give credit where credit is due. Ed is lookin fierce with his new trim bod.

3. Is Obama…hot?


Obama just retired from the most important job he’ll ever have and now he’s ready for some bro’in out on Richard Branson’s island. A little beer pong, a little Chainsmokers and apparently a lot of backwards hat time. This is conflicting for me. I’ve gone on record saying guys are 100x hotter with a backwards hat but like, I wasn’t really factoring our President into the mix with that statement. Is he hot? Is he mortifying his college aged daughter with his island vibes? (yes and that’s obvious.) I’ll leave it up to you to decide. Hang Ten, Barack.

4. Sharpay Goes Acoustic.

Who knew that the girl who scream sang “I Want It All” in a sparkle dress could break it down? This stripped version of Toxic with her hipster Steve Howie-lookin hubby was a nice surprise.

5. So Does Zayn.

Undie Slushie.


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The Bachelor – Fourth Time’s A Charm


“We’ve got a shark that thinks she’s a dolphin, so that’s a concern.”

I tried to approach this season of The Bachelor with an open mind. (I didn’t try that hard) and I got to about 30 seconds in when they have Nick announcing he’s the Bachelor over and over again and I was already enraged. It appears as though his lisp, which was once just for the letter s, now applies to “ch” because he announced he was the next Bassshhler. So, this season is off to a hot start. What I can take solace in, is the fact that everyone on Twitter agrees with me, and since the Bach community is behind me on this one, I feel like it’s sanctioned to hate watch the shit out of this season. Not even a low-angle shot of him getting into the shower 1 minute later could make things better. Although, a gratuitous ab shot never hurts, Nick immediately erased it from my memory when he declared, “I’m gonna give America a happy ending.”


This year’s round-up of sage advice came from Boring Ben, Farmer Chris and Vampire Sean. Seriously though, Sean came back from the dead for this taping. Chris still has pit stains down to his ankles, so there’s no news there. As my friend so nicely pointed out, I too suffer from hyperhydrosis and shouldn’t be laughing at others, BUT I also don’t go on national TV so like, clean it up Chris. Or at least wear white. Sean barely speaks because he was pulled from his coffin to exist in the harsh rays of sunlight for the first time in probably a year. Chris delivers a couple of insults because he’s a big sweaty bully and Ben is just humble ole Ben, singing the “be yourself” song to Nick. (Worst advice ever, Ben.)

Now’s the part where I break it down by lady because half of these bitches get promptly kicked off anyway and we’ll never need to remember them. If a girl doesn’t get her own blurb it’s because she’s a real snoozefest.

Rachel– This is the lawyer, who after a long day of lawyering loves to unwind with vacuum karaoke. Hey girl, if you love to sing and dance, hit up the bars—there’s no need to drag cleaning into this. At the mansion, Nick and Rach talk about her family, her job and football. He seems way more interested in her than he should be. He also tries to flirt by asking her if she has a favorite uncle. Smooth moves, Nick. She gets the first impression rose and a kiss.


Vanessa the teacher from Canada, speaks both French and Italian in her intro. We get it. You’re cultured.

Josephine has no business being on this show and also, meows at her cat. As if that wasn’t weird enough, she shows up to the mansion with a book and inside of said book is a cut out with a hot dog in it. A prop she carries from a limo just so that she can tell Nick, “You’re a wiener in my book.” AND THEN SHE ASKS HIM IF HE WANTS TO LADY AND THE TRAMP A RAW HOT DOG. ABC really toeing the line with a little primetime raw-dogging. Did I make that sound more disgusting than it actually was? NO. NO I DID NOT. I had to watch two humans treat a raw piece of meat like it was spaghetti and ruin a Disney classic. Nothing is sacred anymore. Spoiler alert: according to Josephine “It went down real hard.”


Raven owns a boutique in Hoxie, Arkansas so you know she worked really hard in the fashion industry to see this kind of success so early in her life.


Corinne still lives at home and makes her nanny bring her snacks like she’s fake Casey from Laguna Beach shouting at Conchita for a quesaDILLA. Her intro video is not unlike Elle Woods’ submission for Harvard Law and everyone should be embarrassed for her. But don’t judge her because she runs a “multi-million dollar” business. Cough cough works for her dad cough. As the front-runner for most hated biddy in the house, Corinne take the first steal of the night AND the first kiss. Everyone calls her a slut all while seething in jealousy. All I really want to know is what that bag full of tokens are for. Cause Nick didn’t even have to pay the toll for that smooch, so what equates to a token with this chick?


Alexis of New Jersey is so zany that she WALKS TO CVS IN A SUMO COSTUME (when cameras are there.) She’s our ringleader for the dolphin obsession this year and as I predicted in my ranking, shows up dressed like a dolphin. Except she’s actually wearing a shark costume. Classic mixup. When everyone tells her she’s a shark she just makes dolphin noises. Cause like, DUH. SHARKS DON’T SOUND LIKE THAT, GUYS! She’s also really hammy sammied and wades through the pool in said shark costume.


Taylor is a mental health counselor and also a contestant on a reality TV show to find love. She is a walking oxymoron. Upon meeting Nick, Taylor told him that her friends think he’s an asshole. You sure know how to win a guy over, Tay!

Liz is the doula who I judged a little before the season because she talked about birthing her niece and that’s kind of gross. Plot twist: what none of us knew is that she was Jade’s maid of honor and actually already had wedding sex with Nick. Naturally Nick doesn’t remember her at first until Chris Harrison pulls him aside to tip him off, because we’re not allowed to think Nick is a douche anymore now that he’s the Bachelor. Even though Liz should be a little peeved that her drunk one night stand was not one for the books, she says more than once: “I’m kinda glad that he doesn’t remember we had sex, it keeps the mystery.” Liz is obviously pulling the classic if I act like a chill girl on TV, guys will want to date me. Because if someone big-timed me like that I would go apeshit. During their hang later on, Nick spin-zones not remembering into WHY DIDN’T YOU EVER CALL ME? By the end of the episode it becomes very clear that Liz will tell everyone in the house that they had sex to get the upper hand. Especially when she goes on and on about how she’s not worried about other girls kissing him because she did it 9 months ago. Def don’t worry about it Liz, it was a ReALLy memorable smooch. (PS, You’re CRAZY!)


Danielle L. put her tits out for Nick and that’s all you really need to know.


Christen stands out in my memory because she was dressed like a neon banana, did a weird 10 second dance with a fan then asks Nick if he thinks she’s crazy. If you have to ask…


Ida Marie does a trust fall in crop coords and I don’t hate it.

Olivia is from Alaska so she gives an Eskimo kiss. She then takes off her fur coat and tosses it at Nick. I think it was supposed to be sexy but it kind of just came off like Nick worked in coat check.

Sarah wears running sneakers because he’s “not a runner up to her”…OK girl. Also has a front tie on her dress that drives me nuts.


Jasmine G. brings Neil Lane with her, who promptly gives Nick the most half assed hug I’ve ever seen, and she shows her engagement ring preference “to get it out of the way”. It’s a cocky move that I almost respect until we cut to her crying when she can’t get time with Nick like a little baby bitch.

Hailey drops the line of the night when she says, “Do you know what a girl wearing underwear says? Neither do I.” Methinks Nick liked that one because he immediately is like ok yes let’s get another hug in there! It’s almost like these girls know that Nick is easy…

Danielle M. seems like she’ll be taking on the role of wholesome girl this season. She’s pretty, she takes care of babies as a Neonatal nurse and they have a deep convo about it later where Nick wonders if she works in a hospital or like, out of the basement of her home or something. It was touch and go for a minute when they first meet, fight about who makes better french toast and Danielle feeds him a glop of syrup with her fingers–to which Nick says, I trust that your fingers are clean. YIKES.


Jaimi-“You have some balls and so do I.” Pulls out a nose ring. Well that’s one way to kill a boner. Another way is by walking into a room full of girls and saying I HAVE BALLS! Preeetttyyy sure every girl in that room counted Jaimi out for their competition. As they should have.

Susannah gives Nick a beard massage and teases, “there’s more where that came from.” She did not get a rose, so I think it’s safe to assume her beard massage game is a D- at best.

Lacey rolls in on a camel and says, “I heard you like a good hump.” Camels aren’t sexy Lacey, and neither are you.

And if I may, let’s end this recap with proof that girls are assholes. First off, the biggest drama of the night was that too many girls were in red dresses. It started off as like 2 or 3 girls wearing red and everyone being like OmG twinnnies and red sisters for lifeeyyyy, boooooo ❤ Two minutes later another crimson girl rolls in and suddenly there’s murder in everyone’s eyes. “WHO THE F does she think she is wearing the same color as me????” Is what literally every girl in red is thinking. Glad we can keep it real though. #SoulSisters #LadiesinRed #SalsaGirlEmoji. Of course we also can’t forget about Shark-who is having an identity crisis as a dolphin-girl, who was the talk of the house (once everyone stopped yapping about their matching dresses.) At one point some biddy actually pointed at shark girl and slurs “sheee’s my spirrrittt animallllllll!” And another one goes “yaasssss omg I’m loving thisSssSs.” She wasn’t. Every one of these girls was judging Sharkey and thinking she looked stupid. And yet they told her she was killing it–which is why you should ALWAYS keep your head on swivel when you dress as a Super Bowl halftime joke from last year and walk around making high pitched dolphin noises. The more you know.


Roses: Rachel, Vanessa, Danielle L, Christen, Astrid, Corinne, Elizabeth, Jasmine G, Raven, Kristina (babbles with tears through the whole rose ceremony then gets a rose), Danielle M, Sarah, Josephine, Lacey, Taylor, Alexis, Hailey, Brittany, Dominique, Jaimi, Liz


AMA’s Red Carpet 2016

Should an awards show even be allowed to happen when the big three aren’t attending?

No, they should not. But that didn’t stop the AMA’s from plunging forward with beautiful person but not very experienced host/speaker Gigi Hadid at the helm. Jay Pharoah helped out with his Jay-Z impersonation, but I’ve never heard more presenter stuttering in my whole career of judging awards shows. Aside from the stammers and middle-aged man crowd dancing, let’s check out threads.



Halsey’s really digging the hails from a different planet vibe.  I am not.

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

What a jabroni DJ Khlaed is.

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

I don’t even know who this is but it doesn’t matter because they came dressed as a snapchat filter and it is outrageous.


That is enough, Chrissy.

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

This wrapping paper jumpsuit gives me the dizzies.

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

These guys look fine but they both have faces that I kind of want to punch. It probably has something to do with the fact that they’re known doucheronis.

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Well this is new. A cargo jumpsuit.

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

This dress screams youth. JK she borrowed it from a Real Housewives exotic vacation, right?

American Music Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 20 Nov 2016

Idina can get it but not in this firework number.

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Everything about this screams trainwreck. Is Bella trying to tell us something here?

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

This is a 2002 VMA’s outfit.

American Music Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 20 Nov 2016

Gigi, I love you girl. You’re like, really pretty. But no.

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

This is a pretty weird pastel Barbie situation.



Blue was very in last night, apparently.


My heart skipped a beat when Hannah appeared on my screen and said “I’m Hannah Jeter” and for that reason I couldn’t put her on the worst dressed even though I don’t love this number.


This is how you slay when you’re twice the age of the average AMAs guest.


Check out this little nugget rocking the teal suit.

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Oh ok most annoying Barden Bella. I see you.

John Legend showing us a diverse but very real jacket game last night.

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Unexpectedly fully on board with the Donster in a cotton candy velour blazer. He’s stealing the shine from Jenny’s sass in the back.


Gaga’s really attached to these types of hats lately so I’ll let it slide. The white power suit really brings out her rack.

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Sharp-dressed host.

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

I’m an open Ariana h8er but she’s werkin this. Plus I’ve been sneaking the half up Ariana pony into my hairstyle rotation lately and it seems hypocritical to always shit on her.

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Selena making a spicy comeback from her brief Lupus (?) hiatus.

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Just looking at this picture, I hate this but after seeing her present I decided this steal your man’s button down inspired look has my stamp of approval on Taraji.

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

In case you haven’t heard, Ciara’s pregnant. Her and Russell tried out the whole sex thing.

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Shiny hot pants!

Best look of the night by MILES:

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Never fancied myself a Niall chick but SHIT he cleaned up nice for his solo debut, which of course caused a flood in the arena.

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Weekly JUice

Week of 11/7/16

1. RIP Facebook. As of this week, Facebook is pronounced dead because I can no longer go on it to stalk people I haven’t talked to in 10 years or lawl at the period of my life when I went through a ROUGH FB video phase instead of texting people like a normal human being. Nope. Now when I look at my feed I see people yelling at each other and being a bunch of b-holes. For my personal sanity and to preserve my first amendment right to escape onto Facebook into a dark tunnel of left arrowing embarrassing pictures dating back to 2007, I’m going to ask  politely that everyone CTFD and take a break from angrily spouting off in their statuses. We’re all in this together, high school musical style. And if we all just learn the Kenny Ortega choreography and stop calling each other racists and pigs on the ‘book, it’ll be a much better country and that seems pretty obvious.


If you would like to have a much-needed laugh this week to ease the tension, feel free to turn to the much funnier and more talented writers of Hollywood. Because what brings ‘Merica togets better than pizza and fart jokes? Answer: nothing.

To learn more about Dr. Farts the T.Rex, read Leslie Knope’s letter here.

2. Olsen Twins ❤ Crusty Old Men.


WHAT is going on. I know I’ve been including them a lot on the JUice but seriously my childhood dies abruptly every time I see them lately. For my most formative years, these girls set the tone for finding cute boys on family vacay and dating them for 3 days. How am I supposed to believe in the magic of an exotic location bringing 13 year olds romance when all I can see now is Ash open mouth kissing a cryptkeeper at a basketball game while her hand dangles in mid-air. Barf.com.


3. DREAM. 

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Dream Renee Kardashian 💕 @dream

A post shared by Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) on

Nope that’s it. That’s all I’m going to say. Dream. Kardashian. Daughter of Slob KeRob and Blac Chyna. North, Saint, Mason, Penelope, Reign and Dream. This is our future.

4. The Mannequin Challenge.

Remember when Daniel was wearing white vans and that became a thing and we were all like whoa the internet is weird. Well now it’s all the rage to film everybody pretending to be a mannequin. Bitch, check out the security footage of my office Monday through Friday and you’ll see the realest mannequin challenge ever of adults sitting and staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day. The internet needs to step up their game if they’re going to play in the big leagues of viral vids. Steph Curry’s mannequin challenge was hands down the best though. Also Michelle is like F it, we’re done here so I’m gonna kick it with Lebron and become internet famous.

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Dream Team 💕 #mannequinchallenge

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5. Prince Harry has spoken.


Since I wrote about this last week and how it was alleged, I feel as though it’s necessary to CONFIRM that Prince Harry is dating actress Meghan Markle. We now know this because one of his butlers dictated a letter from him on the Queen’s parchment paper telling everyone to stop being racist AF and harassing his girlfriend. I’d like to point out that I said she was a babe and never once was rude to her, which is surprising considering how bitter I was. I’d also like to point out that it’s laugh out loud funny that Kensington Palace is regal and old school, releasing statements in print on official stationary, only to have to then tweet it out for anyone to even see it.

BONUS: Mr & Mrs Jeets stepped out in NYC looking FUH-INE.

City Point, Kids Foot Locker, And Haddad Brands Present BKLYN Rocks - Backstage and Front Row

DOUBLE BONUS: The Fox show that I predicted would be cancelled by now (Pitch) just tweeted this:


And I would like to personally thank them for that.

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Celeb-oween 2016

As per tradish, here’s a rundown of all the celeb costumes I could find — from offensive, to naked and everything in between. And of course, the winner of this year’s “accidentally racist” costume that they immediately needed to issue an apology for is…….

Casamigos Tequila Halloween Party

YIKES. Outta left field with that one! Didn’t expect sweet ole Hil (who dressed as a basic bitch black cat last year) to fall for this trap.

Also to be clear, every gossip site who described her getup as a “sexy pilgrim” costume should also be issuing apologies because there is nothing sexy about a pilgrim.

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Miss Piggy & Kermit. My OG @allymaki

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Colton Haynes has been creepin up on Heidi Klum as Halloween extraordinare but enough is enough. I understand that Miss Piggy as a character is a slutty pig, but that doesn’t mean we need to see her naked, playboy style. TOO FAR, COLTON.

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Ok last one I promise 🦄🦄🦄🦄

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This year’s unicorn costume SLAAAYYYYY.

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Happy Halloween from Siegfried & Roy 🐯🐯

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Enough time has passed since the incident for this to be ok. Hil, take notes. Getting mauled by a tiger? Give it some time and then ease back into it. Native Americans, on the other hand? Always a no.

No clue what this is supposed to be.

Hey what’re you dressed as tonight? Fairy Queen of the Swamp.

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Tinkerbell is a spunky one ✨💫✨

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What a perfect costume for CCB. Prayers to whoever is rocking those giant feet next to her.

My fave couple killing it power ranger style.

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About last night 🤘🏻#CasamigosHalloween

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Fam Goalz.

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Creep like a Ninja

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Glen Powell, better known as Chad Radwell with my favorite costume of the year. HI-YAHHHH.

Always a good time to throw it back to Alfalfa.


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Scott rides again Resist him if you dare

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WTF IS THIS?! I’ve never wanted to unsee something more.

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have you ever seen a more "why me?" face 😭

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Needs more flair

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Baby Luna CRUSHED Halloween. See Chrissy’s insta for no less than 1000 pictures of the little nugget modeling different costumes.

Speaking of nuggets, here’s ole smooth moves over here as Marty McFly.

As always, winners of the fam costume.



And so we begin the “friendly” portion of Halloween. Playboy bunny from someone who I wouldn’t be surprised to see a sex tape from in 2017.


You know how cowgirls love to wear their lingerie with a bedazzled belt over it.


I’m not following on this number for Julianne Hough.



I’m torn here. This is so spot on but like also tone it down with the skankwad costumes every year, girl.


Thanks for showing us your nips.


Ah yes, of course. “Santa”. If Santa had never seen a cookie in his life and also wore sparkly hot pants.


It felt right to follow up the sexy anything segment of this blog with Mindy’s Cap Sully costume. Which of course, is the opposite of sexy.




Bey & Blue in an ode to Salt n Pepa

Celebrities attend Kate Hudsons annual Halloween Party in Los Angeles

Katy Perry upgrading from the time she dressed as a literal cheeto, to full-on Hil. Not sure why Orlando Bloom is Trump instead of Slick Willy. Pretty weird coups costume dynamic.

Casamigos Tequila Halloween Party

LC Queen of DIY Halloween with another banger.

"Matthew Morrison hosts his 7th Annual Halloween-Birthday Party Presented by Freixenet Cava and Podwall Entertainment at Hyde, Los Angeles"

Nina Dobrev’s “I’m a complete dope” face really completes this costume.

Casamigos Tequila Halloween Party

Real life Ryan Lochte went for terrifying this year.


Is this a real rabbit because it is creepy AF.


Zach Braff looks like a babe soda


Stranger Things from Amy & her hot boyf. Truth bomb, that hairstyle doesn’t look unrealistic with Amy’s face.


Only time will tell if everyone gets outraged at Kelly for dressing up as Beyonce. Seems like a touchy subject lately. Cough cough, Amy Schumer.


Hard pass to Michael Strahan as Pikachu.


Well this is, interesting.




Nothin’ quite like dressing up as your younger self and realizing how old you are.


Demi looks like a dime.


Today Show tackled the 90’s, which of course I approve.


Is this the first year Matt has dressed as a male character?


Even the Today Show pup is killin it.


Seems a little early in the morning for a hooker costume, but whatevs.


Did I doooooo thaaaaaattt?


I cannot and will not stop laughing at Kathie’s Reg face.


Jenna Bush mailing it in and “dressing up” as her Grandma.


Ellen and a very low key Heidi Klum as Sia and Maddie. Tough look to have multiple Sia’s in the daytime TV world.


I already posted a solo shot of Candace as Tink, but it’s necessary to look at the whole cast of The View. Did they not learn ANYTHING from Today Show’s abomination of Peanuts last year? CARTOONS DON’T WORK IRL. This is what nightmares are made of.


End of the day update (since I guess people actually dress up ON Halloween…whatever.)

WAY better than the power rangers. Cause, Doodle.


We get it, Mario. You’re ripped.


Enough with the Trolls. The movie isn’t even out yet and JT’s been hawking it since May. Also, those feet.


Saw a lot of Lochte but didn’t see any Phelps face and I ‘preciate this. Gabby on the other hand is SO four years ago.


It’s not fair.


Do better Tay. I mean, I get that you’re bragging that you know Ryan Reynolds by wearing the actual costume, but also the squad can do better than a bunch of basic costumes. Especially when you’re all rich AF.


Channing COULD NEVER be the beast.

Barbie dreams come true. But that second Insta Blue is CLEARLY like ok enough pics let’s go get some G-D candy now.

And for the big reveal…Heidi Klum’s infamous costume this year that she built up for FAR TOO LONG is

Taking a page out of Kimmy K’s book from last year, Heidi dressed up as herself then took it one step further and dressed up 5 other women like herself, complete with face prosthetics. Kewl.