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The Bachelor – Goodbye 3 Hours of My Life

This tweet sums up last night as a whole. It is NEVER necessary for the Bachelor to be 3 hours long, especially not when it’s the worst season that’s ever aired on TV. And while I’m ranting, WTF APRIL?! HAVE YOUR G-D BABY. Three weeks is FAR too long for us all to watch you eat hay, shit and nap (see Corinne, giraffes nap too!) GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAD.

But anyway, let’s pick up with Raven who high fives strangers and skips around Finland to a poppy soundtrack after she O’s. Or that’s what the producers would like us to believe. There’s no WAY Nick got the job done. And while we’re on the topic of Nick, let’s discuss how stupid he looks in a winter hat. With the baby hairs sticking out the front and the way it sits half on/half off his head, he looks like a real wiener. These girls have to be drying up just at the sight of winter Nick.


Rachel is falling in love with Nick but cannot be trusted with her judgement because she’s wearing a crop top in Finland. Rachel asks Nick, “ do you know where you stand with me?” and Nick says “not entirely” so they’re really in sync as a couple. She tells Nick that she’s falling in love with him and he says 100% samesies. No seriously, he used the FULL percentage in reciprocation. Seems like a pretty dumb thing to do with someone that you’re OBVIOUSLY sending home. So he’s continuing his streak of blind sighting girls. They spend the night togets and obv Rachel makes herself vulnerable (wink, wink). She also doesn’t take her choker off when she sleeps which is CRAZY. Who can sleep in a choker? These are the biggest things I took away from this date. Penguin onesie and CHOKER.


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 8.41.26 AM

Vanessa & Nick wear matching icy blue swimwear and do a polar plunge basically in a little pool outside a cabin. Sounds ssssssuper fun. Nick spazzes out all over the joint and looks like an R-worded dinosaur once they get back inside to warm up. Then they do it again. WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT OF THIS DATE? If anyone ever suggested this as a date to me I’d be outta there. Vanessa’s really getting shafted on this show. Plus she has to look at Nick’s stupid winter hat situation for the entire time. They hit the hot tub to warm up and ask each other if they’ll last after this show. The answer is an obvious no. Nick will not leave this country to live with Vanessa and her tight-wad family. Why? Because he’s proud to be an American. Barf all over me. Now that Nick’s faced with the decision of moving to another country for a girl he doesn’t love, suddenly he’s Uncle Sam. Okkkkk. Shit starts to get too real too quick so Nick keeps telling Vanessa that they’re just too similar, which is a bitch ass way of saying that he doesn’t see a future with her because later on he says hopefully we can “figure it out and accept our differences.” HOW CAN YOU HAVE DIFFERENCES IF YOU’RE SO SIMILAR? HMMMMM, NICK? Riddle me that.

Rose Ceremony

Nick cries big sloppy wet tears because that’s what he does best and sends Rachel packing. Could’ve done without this tearful goodbye, tbh considering we know Rachel will be just fine. She’ll have her tongue in 26 other guys’ mouths in no time. Time and tongueing other men on TV heals all wounds, is what I always like to say.


I’ve always loved the concept of the Women Tell All epi because what could be greater TV than tossing angry, rejected women into one room and then trotting out the man who dumped them? Unfortunately, it can also be a disaster in the form of catty bitches just shouting at each other about one little thing, Housewives reunion style. That was the case this time around with the Taylor vs. Corinne saga. And let me be very clear, I’m #TeamCorinne. Everything else is white noise–like for example Elizabeth and Lacey, who painted on their best faces and showed up ready to yap at every opportunity. Who are either of these ladies? The world may never know.


Hey does everyone remember Liz, who slept with Nick then surprised him on the show and he didn’t remember sleeping with her? Well she took last night as an opportunity to get up on her soapbox to tell everyone that it doesn’t matter who you bang in your past, it shouldn’t define you. Which, like, true, but not necessary to make a feminist manifest over slutty drunk wedding sex. Also, you still have a tattoo that takes up your ENTIRE back. People don’t forget.

Taylor then takes a page out of Liz’s book and declares that people in the helping profession shouldn’t be shamed for helping people. WHAT? Everyone basically boos her off the stage. Corinne gets up mid- Taylor sob sesh to get herself a cold glass of champs. Amen, sistah.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 8.34.21 AM

After Corinne is properly hydrated, her and Taylor have a LITERAL battle to the death of who napped and when and how long their nap was and did they have a blanket and I want to drill a hole in my skull. Corinne would just like everyone to know that she was fucking tired. Same, girl. Same. I’m especially tired of Chris Harrison repeatedly asking Taylor why she’s getting emotional and her response being “I’m just so overwhelmed.” Maybe if you didn’t act like such a seaward everyone wouldn’t overwhelmingly hate you. Then the audience is treated to Raquel’s cheese pasta, which spoiler alert: is  just plain pasta with shredded cheese on it. I would’ve put that directly in the trash where it belongs. There’s only one cheese pasta that’s acceptable and it’s called Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (SHAPES ONLY).

Kristina gets the “hot seat” to re-tell her story that we just watched in full in a recap and Liz rips that spotlight away immediately by sobbing in her chair and turning it into another feminist rant. Liz would like us all to stop fighting about naps and think about how Kristina could have been forced into prostitution. Again, valid point but like stfu, Liz. Let Kristina tell her story. We get it, you’re all friends except for Taylor and Corinne and Liz would like us to know that she builds wells in foreign countries instead of sleeping with bachelor contestants at a made for TV wedding. (Don’t think I didn’t notice how you had one of the other girls slide that factoid in, LIZ.)


Finally Lispy comes out IN THE MOMENT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR and Lacey wants to know why he only talked about Josephine when he was with her. WAS HE FRIEND ZONING HER? Lacey, he had no idea who you are, just like the rest of us and if he chose to talk about the girl dressed as Sarah from Hocus Pocus while on a date with you then you need to reevaluate your life.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 8.36.25 AM

DLo still isn’t over being dumped and “asks a question” aka just sobs and says it was unfair how Nick broke up with her. I mean, Nick is quite literally the worst at dumping girls but realistically what did these B’s expect? He says sorry (ish) and everyone pets DLo so she stops crying so much.

Rachel comes out and everyone praises her as the new Bachelorette and I actually fell asleep when she was talking. Next season should be F-U-N! Here’s to another 3 hours down the drain next weeeeeekkkkk weeeowwwwweeeowwwwwweeeeeee!


(I think I’m getting Bach delirious.) Also, Rachel if you’re going to be the next Bachelorette you’re going to have to do better than an awkward one sleeve dress. PUH-LEASE.

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The Bachelor – Show Me Your O Face


Apologies for being late with this recap but it’s like pulling teeth to watch this show and I’ve just recently downgraded to a life without DVR (please keep me in your T’s and P’s) so the struggle was VERY real just to be able to watch this pointless episode after it aired. But after attempting to steal my parent’s cable from 130 miles away and failing miserably, I finally got it on Hulu. Yes you have to hear about how hard I worked just to watch Corinne get booted. Dedication at its finest.

Anyway, last week Andi rolled up to Nick’s door and they were like WHAT WILL SHE SAY?! OMGGGGGGG. Turns out just like any other former contestant whose hard up for cash, she was brought back just to give some “advice”. In this case, advice=give Nick permission to bang his three girlfriends in the fantasy suites. Cause like he’s an adult, and she’s a feminist. Did I misinterpret the definition of feminism in Beyonce’s hit educational bangpiece “***Flawless”?


Andi also sneaks in a little jab about Nick being a total wiener and telling America that she “made love to him” on the after show roughly 3 years ago. People don’t forget. He’s like yeah ok maybe I regret that. Except he doesn’t really regret it…because it got him a TV deal for 3 more years.


At the very windy rose ceremony, Raven shows up in actual black face and Corinne wears a fur coat. What a diverse group of ladies. Nick decides not to rose Cruella, probably because she was giving a mean stink eye throughout that rose ceremony. Corinne sobs and asks what she did wrong and Nick says she did nothing wrong, gives her a hug, says he’s gonna miss the hell out of her and tosses her into the limo. What a magician of breakups Nick is. Explain nothing and get them the hell out of there. To be fair, Corinne is probably too confused to notice that she just got shafted. She loud sobs all over that mink that her “heart will like literally like never like be repaired.” My teacher used to hit the desk every time someone said like and I wish a producer did that during this goodbye. The sorrow doesn’t last long because she quickly turns heel to being #DONE with impressing men. And then she puts herself to sleep. Goodnight sweet cheese pasta princess with the vageen of platinum. We will all miss you and your lack of emotional intelligence. corinnesmink

Lapland, Finland with Raven

The gang jets off to Finland for the fantasy suites, so that Nick can showcase his collection of turtlenecks and really show the ladies how versatile his wardrobe is for any season. Raven gets the first date/hang because Nick doesn’t really know if he likes her. She laid off rubbing actual mud on her face for her Finland makeup regimen and I thank her for that. They take a helicopter ride to watch deer run in the snow or something and then hit the pub for darts with the locals. She sucks at darts, and I know this because I went through a phase where I would play darts at the local dive bar every weekend and my friends continuously harassed me for bending my knees and winding up for a jump shot every time it was my turn. None of them offered to carry me to the dartboard like Nick did for Raven, so that’s pretty rude, tbh. Some local Finlandian’s (I made this up and I’m ok with it) looking to catch their big break come over and laugh at Raven’s stupid accent and talk shit about her in their native language, probably.


Nick and Raven discuss their future and Nick has agreed to cook if Raven will fold the clothes. What a pair of domestic partners. I couldn’t help but notice that there was no mention of who will take care of the home while Nick is in LA doing Dancing with the Stars. These are the real hard-hitting future questions that should be asked on this show. What SHOULDN’T be discussed is Raven’s inability to orgasm all up in this B. She’s apparently never had one and it’s something that we should know. She also thinks Nick is going to give her one tonight in the fantasy suite. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Girl. He kicked a girl off so she would stop talking about their one night stand because he’s bad at sex. Lower your expectations.

Later on at dinner, it comes out that even though Raven dated her ex for 2 years, she never told him she loved him…and he only told her when he was drunk. HI I’M A RED FLAG, NICE TO MEET YA! Kinda explains why he cheated real hard on her.  Raven then gives the most scripted I Love You speech to Nick that I’ve ever heard and he’s like that’s the best profession of love I’ve ever heard. Even better than movies. Ok, Nick. I’m a little concerned about the fact that Raven was with someone for 2 years, didn’t love them yet met Nick 3 weeks ago and is so completely in love with him and trusts him to take her to O-town. After opening the fantasy suite card/key Raven immediately tells Nick that she’s only been with one guy and he couldn’t get the job done for her. No presh or anything. Nick quickly suggests to the camera that he might not sleep with the women so it’ll make his decision easier in the end. I WONDER WHAT CAUSED THIS EPIPHANY?! Hope Raven brought her BOB to Finland! See ya next week for 100 more hours and probably Rachel’s farewell.

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The Bachelor – Elephant in the Room


Three minutes in and Nick is shedding all sorts of man tears, which really sets the tone for this stupid episode. All anyone cared about is meeting Raquel. The rest was white noise.

Hoxie, Arkansas with Raven

Raven brings Nick up to the top of a water tower and the big, bad, Hoxie police roll up to do a really shitty job of pretend reprimanding them. Nick straight shits his pants and obviously the cop is Raven’s brother. Don’t quit your day job, bruh. That acting was EMBARRASSING. After Nick finishes cleaning up the big dump in his pants from being scolded by a cop, they go four wheeling so that they can lay in a muddy, murky wetland DEFINITELY full of snakes and writhe on each other.


Later, Raven’s parents announce that her dad is cancer free and Nick awkwardly claps and has all the uncomfies. Raven cries, and gives a written speech. Nick SHOCKINGLY doesn’t cry. So to reiterate, the blowing of a breeze makes Nick sob but hearing happy news and seeing everyone emotional=his eyes are the Sahara desert. I don’t have anything to say about this boring ass home visit other than her accent makes me want to hang myself.

Texas with Rachel

Right off the bat Rachel hauls Nick to a gospel church where the reverend introduces Nick as her boyfriend. He is the only white in that church, which has roughly 14 people in it. So obviously faith is important in Texas. Nick says he’s very comfortable in a place of worship, which seems weird for someone who bangs girls on TV.

At home, everyone wants to know if Nick has ever dated a black girl before. I want to know if Constance is aware that her husband is gay. I’m genuinely surprised that this goon doesn’t tell Nick there’s only room for one white in this family after he points out that Nick is in fact, WHITE. WHO KNEW?!


The rest of the date is a bunch of interracial couple chat and Rachel’s mom using the term “elephant in the room” way too much. The only real elephant in this room is THE FACT THAT RACHEL HAS ALREADY BEEN ANNOUNCED AS THE NEXT BACHELORETTE AND THEREFORE CANNOT WIN AND THEREFORE IS WASTING OUR G-D TIME.

Miami, FL with Corinne

Corinne takes Nick shopping so we can have a 90’s dressing room montage via Rodeo Drive. If only they also played this jam.

They’re going to take everything because Corinne owns a multi-million dollar business DUHHHHHH. After treating Nick to $3000 worth of deep V’s and short shorts, Corinne tells Nick she loves him. He responds with his tongue.


FINALLY we get to set our peepers on the highly critically acclaimed RAQUEL. Corinne tells her family that everyone razzes her about having a nanny. Quick to come to her defense, Corinne’s mom says that she couldn’t do a lot of things without Raquel rrrriiiiiight as Raquel hands her a glass of wine. Mama needs her juice and she’s NOT about to pour that shit herself! In a shocking turn of events, Raquel is allowed to sit at the dinner table with them. Wowowowow. She really IS part of the family!!! In other character news, Corinne’s dad is straight out of Goodfellas complete with the open shirt to show off the chest music and a gold chain. Corinne and daddy lay on the bed together to catch up, you know, because that’s not weird. They chitchat about how Corinne told Nick she loves him because they’ve been dating for a whole month and that’s basically an eternity in Corinne’s love life. Daddy asks if Corinne would be comfortable making all the money in their relationship or if she thinks Nick can provide for her. Corinne being the breadwinner in any relationship is downright terrifying. Does this mean she’ll be booking more 2Chainz music video cameos so she can afford to buy Nick all of the overpriced pastel tees in the world? One can only dream.


Nick gets real with Raquel while Corinne and Daddy talk business in bed. I wish I could tell you what Nick and Raquel talked about but there was a REAL language barrier here and it would’ve been an ideal time to slap some subtitles on the screen for those of us at home. I’m pretty sure Raquel gave Nick her blessing, which is only the HIGHEST of honors. Papa goombah then gives Nick some aged scotch that he probably took one sniff of and had to fight back tears as they talk about life, love, and the thumb grip on a rocks glass.

Montreal with Vanessa

Vanessa brings Nick to her “job” at a “school” where she forces her students to make a scrapbook of pictures of her and Nick. Yeah, ok. I can be a teacher too! Hey kids, I just moved into a new apartment and I’ll need help hanging my wall decor. Come on over and do it for me, I mean, learn about carpentry and interior design! Obviously Vanessa wears leather pants, a fur vest and a lace up top with her tits out to work everyday*.


*when she pretends to work at a school and cameras follow her there.

Nick meets Vanessa’s mom’s side of the fam later, who clearly need to prove that they’re Italian by serving manicotti and shouting MANGIAMO before sitting down. Vanessa’s family is going through a real identity crisis with their languages. They use cliché Italian words, her gremlin little bro has a French accent, and her sister has a Canadian accent. FIGURE IT OUT. Pick one accent and stick with it. Vanessa’s sister tearfully threatens Nick and everyone seems a little too overbearing and judgmental of Nick and Vanessa as a couple. It’s almost as if Vanessa hasn’t told them that she’s just doing this to advance her acting career and it doesn’t matter if Nick doesn’t want to move to Canada.

At Vanessa’s dad’s house, there’s more drama because of Nick’s go-to move this episode, which might be worse than Higgins telling two girls he loved them. Instead of waiting until the end to ask each girl’s dad for his blessing, Nick decides to throw Bach rules out the window and ask every single dad. It’s a snake move, which we should expect nothing less from the snakiest Bachelor whose engagement won’t extend past the season finale of the show. He’s just keeping his options open of course. Instead of pigeonholing with one dad’s permish, midas whale take a poll and see which one reacts the best. I know if a stranger came to meet my dad and immediately asked “if this relationship were to progress and I maybe felt like proposing to your daughter, would you be kewl with that?” Den would be like SOLDDDD! Every happiness to ya both.

Either way, Vanessa’s dad wasn’t sold and he immediately narc’ed to his daughter that Nick’s asking this question of every dad, which makes Vanessa feel like a piece of trash blowing in the wind. She decides that she needs to talk to Nick about this…next week of course because we’re back to this “to be continued” bullshit. Also next week: Andi makes a sorpresa scripted viz because her book sales are dropping. Does it sound like I’m over this season or am I doing a good job of masking my disappointment? Don’t answer that.

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The Bachelor – Nick Wears Short Shorts


Let me kick this bitch right off by saying that I knew this show was a crock of shit, but I don’t need to be hit over the head with it every time I watch. For example, if you announce the next Bachelorette before she’s even bumped off the show WHY THE HELL WOULD I WANT TO WATCH ANYTHING SHE DOES ON THE SHOW KNOWING THAT SHE’S NOT GOING TO BE PICKED? I’m fired up and I’m not sorry bout it. This season has been so heavily produced that it has turned into an outrageously boring show. Nick cries, a couple of actresses cry, nobody does anything. There you have it, I’ve summed up every ‘sode this season. But since I’m not a quitter…let’s break down how Nick pretended he is one.

Nick doesn’t even shed his white Keds for a daunt on the beach with Chris Harrison where he says he doesn’t think he could possibly go on being the Bachelor. Chris Harrison, rocking the beachy casj, nods and stares at Nick, as one does to a child when you want them to work themselves through a fit. At the same time, the girls who are too heartbroken for Nick to even put on a stitch of makeup, cry at the house and wonder what their life will be like when this show ends. A lot of Instagram ads, ladies. A LOT. Dramatic music plays AAAAANNNDDD Nick decides to stay after all, because like he’s under contract. The reward for making this fake decision is a trip to another island. And more Nick man thigh.

Let’s Go Deeper…with Vanessa

Nick tells Vanessa he feels like he knows her but at the same time he like, doesn’t know. Deep. Vanessa likes making out with Nick under water. Corinne feels like there’s nothing deep about Vanessa other than her special ed job (aspiring actress) and her Italian family. This is funny coming from Corinne because she’s a shallow dumbass who once starred in a rap video heavily medicated. Are you following?

Later, Vanessa tells Nick that she’s falling in love with him and he diplomatically responds with “I really, really like you.” I’m glad someone learned a lesson from that dopey Snuffleupagus otherwise known as Ben Higgins. Probably the first smart thing Nick’s done all season. Vanessa’s feelings are hurt because she doesn’t know how this show works.

Let’s Jump In with Both Feet First with Corinne, Kristina & Raven

Corinne and Kristina compete to be the hottest yacht hoe. They both slow strip tease but Nick chooses Kristina to give the ole sunscreen rubdown so Corinne almost hurls herself into shark-infested waters. My favorite thing about this date is the girls leaving their hair down and then being forced to casually prevent it from attacking their face while also looking sexy. Kristina cries because she’s afraid of sharks and Nick comforts her obviously. That’s what you get when you come to live life in color, BITCH! (I’m sorry. I think my Bach bitterness is getting out of hand. I’ve got nothing against Kristina, I’m irrationally taking out my anger on her.)


Corinne, still mad about watching Kristina get suntan lotion fingerblasted, decides to get all sorts of F’ed up for the nighttime date. I’m guessing Nick isn’t into his ladies having bloodshot eyes so he talks to Kristina first. He cries and at this point I don’t even know why. It’s just his thing. Corinne eats a buttload of cheese and adopts a new insufferable habit of referring to herself in the third person. In one of the weirdest and creepiest moves of the night Nick rebounds from crying straight to asking Raven if she calls her dad “DADDY.” WHAT. Raven answers yes and therefore she gets the rose.

Let’s Ride Off into the Sunset Together with Danielle

Danielle says she misses riding a bike and Nick replies, “yeah it’s just like a swing.” What…on this planet…makes a bike and a swing similar?  They interrupt their bikeride to stop and play pickup basketball with a bunch of kids. I’m REAL mad at those little shits for not boo’ing Nick directly off the court for trying to ball out in that outfit. White boy CAN’T jump. Anyway, turns out Danielle’s a real dud and they can’t find anything to talk about other than bikes being like swings…and how they’re both just two Wisconsin kids who immediately moved to other places and tried to be famous. Since this date is like watching Wisconsin cheese age, Nick cuts his losses with whispery Danielle (who also might DEFINITELY be on drugs.) Danielle declares that she’s not good enough and the camera zooms in on her top notch wedgie as she stands up to leave. Cameraman done you dirty, Danielle. Farewell to you and your bunched undies.

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for since they teased it roughly 6 weeks ago…Corinne gets her platinum vageen on and rolls up to Nick’s hotel room (not looking her best might I add) and they close the door to the bedroom. Nick goes “what did you have in mind?” like a WIENER. I think she came over with no underwear on to play Parcheesi, Nick. EYE. ROLL. But then he says no means no, cause you know, rehabbing the image. Corinne wobbles out on her Bambi legs and gets confused about where to exit. She JUST WANTED TO DO SOMETHING NICE!

Let’s Get a Taste of the Local Flavor with Rachel

They hang out and talk about how Rachel’s never brought a white guy home to meet the fam before. I ignore this entire date because it doesn’t matter now that Rachel has been officially announced as the Bachelorette in one of ABC’s DUMBEST PR moves ever.

Either way, in the end Nick cries some more to Chris Harrison then sends Kristina packing. Solid grace period to wait a week after a girl tells you she grew up an orphan who ate lipstick to survive before dumping her. Gear up for next week where we meet the infamous Raquel and Raven’s DADDY. Wink.

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The Bachelor – Pretty Much A Disaster


Little Miss I graduated from Johns Hopkins comes back to pull Nick aside and tell him Corinne is a liar who tells lies. Nick was all, I didn’t send you home because Corinne called you a bully, I sent you home because you haven’t once popped your top off. Good work, Taylor. Pls leave. AGAIN.

Chris Harrison walks in to a bunch of disapproving ladies. Jasmine basically tells him to kick rocks and he’s like before I do, know that there’s no cocktail party tonight. SEE YA. HAH. That’s what you get for treating Chris Harrison like an intruder. DON’T STRIKE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU ROSES. In the first dramatic comment of the night, one of the girls feels a “heaviness in her heart.” Oh, F off.

Roses: Rachel, Danielle M, Corinne, Kristina, Raven, Vanessa, Danielle L, Jasmine, Whitney


WE CAN ALL REJOICE BECAUSE THE J’s ARE FINALLY GONE! And unfortunately, so is Alexis, the only one with a sense of humor. #Gone2Soon. Unlike Jaimi and Josephine who should’ve been gone within five minutes. ANYWAY, the gang is going to the island of St. Thomas so Nick can show off his collection of man tanks and fresh white Keds. One time I got corn rows in St. Thomas so we’ve all made questionable fashion decisions there. The full head of braids really brought out my watermelon colored braces just like Nick’s tanks really bring out his dino arms.


First it’s time for Kristina to get scooped up for a heli ride to a beach. Kristina says, “SLKDJFOWEILSKDfjliEkd” and Nick replies, “Oh you have 8 siblings?” This is how it goes for the entire time. I couldn’t tell you one thing she said but apparently Nick is a really good translator. He rewards himself with a little game of grabass in the ocean.

At night, Kristina tells her back story and it’s preeettyyy heavy (from what I understand.) Like eating lipstick as a child to survive and getting kicked to the curb by her mom for eating her favorite shade of red kind of heavy. At 12 years old Kristina was traveling from an orphanage in search of freedom (“color”) in America. At 12 years old, I was screeching at my parents for not letting me buy the 45-dollar “yearbook” graphic tank from Abercrombie that all my friends were wearing on the last day of school. So yeah, same. She gets a rose because what MONSTER would not give a girl a rose after hearing that story.

While Kristina talks about being a starving and homeless refugee, Lorna the island maid is planted to show how much of a nanny-needing asshole Corinne is. OF COURSE a room at the Marriott comes with a personal maid. Eye rolls for days. Stop being so obvious with your scripting, ABC. We’re not invalids.


Love’s A Beach with Vanessa, Rachel, Corinne, Raven, Danielle M, Jasmine

The girls do ‘squila shots and play yard games with Nick while he walks around like a T-Rex because who can resist a guy whose go to move is acting like a drunk baby dinosaur. They all cry. I would cry too if I was fighting over this:

A few hours later, after they’ve all taken a page out of Corinne’s book and put themselves down for a post-boozy tears nap to CTFD, Nick apologizes for generally being a wiener and making everyone cry. He spends the evening reassuring everyone that he likes them all equally. I’m guessing he’s crossing tequila off the list forever. He was anticipating a big ocean orgy and instead he got a real sob fest.


And then I had to call the uncomfortable police because things got REAL weird. Jasmine, who realized trying to impress Nick by bulldozing everyone in her path on the volleyball court didn’t work, had a meltdown. It started out with her freaking out about not getting one on one time and took a sharp left into sexual choking territory and I honestly don’t know how we got there. Neither does Nick as she inches her hands toward his neck and tells him she wants to send him to the chokey. The look he gives the cameraman can only be described as a plea for rescue. Also F Jazzy J for ruining a funny Matilda reference that I use from time to time and making it aggressively sexual. The chokey is for asshole kids, not strangling someone while naked. Either way, it’s safe to say Nick was NAHT into it and Jazzy got bounced real quick.

D.Lo vs. WhitDawgz

Whitney is gorgeous obviously but has snuck through the past 5 weeks for literally no reason and it was her time to shine. And by shine we mean, speak her first words to Nick and immediately be sent home so that he could have another one on one with Danielle (or D.Lo as the biddies affectionately call her) without everyone getting pissed that he’s picking favorites. The professional suitcase grabber comes in and everyone is STUNNED. And then ask whose suitcase that even was. What a bunch of morons.

D.Lo and Nick’s date turns out to be a real snooze. One time they danced so, dancing is totally like their thing—and because of it, Danielle is falling in love with Nick. He grabs her hands and she snickers and whispers “my hands”. So I bet hands are also becoming their thing. BUT NOT FOR LONG because Nick stares awkwardly at her then waves the rose in her face as he tells her she can’t have it. The girls see another suitcase go. By process of elimination, they still don’t know whose it is. Nick follows close behind to cry to them about how he had to send so many girls home and he doesn’t know if he can go on. The second most dramatic statement of the night came from Rachel who said, “The fact that he actually came in here has like, rocked my foundation.” Did it also bring a heaviness to your heart, Rachel or is that just when the open bar is cut before a rose ceremony? You can get back to me on that.

And that’s all she choked wrote. I respect the fact that Nick got a little bit of slack on his short-ass leash from producers and started cutting girls left and right because there was a LOT of dead weight this season. What I cannot forgive him for is crying like a lil bitch after he did it. Don’t ever recruit Nick to commit a murder with you. He’ll immediately turn himself in covered in man tears. Next week he proves how real he is by having sex with Corinne’s platinum vageen.

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The Bachelor -No Signs of Intelligency


For the record, I don’t even want to recap this episode because it was the perfect example of what happens to The Bachelor when we start the”to be continued” cycle and F everything up. This epi was 1 hour and 58 minutes of paint drying and 2 minutes of drama that IS SUCH A CLIFFHANGER. I’m over it. You hear me, ABC? #OVER.IT. But I’ll still recap now that I’ve laid that out on the line because I owe it to my millions of fans to deliver a weekly recap that makes fun of these dum dums.

We pick up this week with Taylor and Corinne still fighting. Or really, Corinne is hammered and telling Taylor that she has stank face and everyone hates her. To make sure it really sticks, she tells Nick the same thing. To be fair, Taylor DOES kind of have stank face.


Rose Ceremony (in the arctic tundra): Danielle L, Kristina, Raven, Whitney, Danielle M, Jasmine, Rachel, Jaimi, Josephine, Vanessa, Alexis, Corinne, Taylor

My girl Sarah was left out in the cold. Literally. Someone toss that girl a coat, she’s as white as Mae!

AND for another week, Nick shits on Bachelor brackets everywhere by sneaking Jaimi and Josephine, the J’s that don’t belong, right on through to the next round. The next round happens to be a TRIP TO NEW ORLEEEEAAAANNNNNNNNSSSS! I mean, it’s better than Milwaukee.  Chris Harrison interrupts the girls jumping on their hotel beds like they’ve never stayed in a 3 star chain hotel before looking fresh as a motherfucker in a linen blazer. He must be cashing mad checks on that romance novel of his.

Where Have You Beignet All My Life with Rachel

Pretty mad at producers for telling the girls how to pronounce beignet before the cameras started rolling because I know good television and it is watching Raven butcher a French word with her hick accent. MISSED OPPORTUNITY. Anyway, Rachel, who if you recall got the first impression rose and pretty much hasn’t done anything since, pretty much feels like she’s on a date with her boyfriend. We know this because she tells us. 3 times. Their date is sssssssuper chill (Nick’s words, not mine). They walk around the market, Nick puts an alligator on his head and says “I want to eat you.” Hawt. He follows up that top notch flirting with eating a beignet like a savage and there’s immediately a drought in my underwear.

Later on, Rachel tells Nick about a funeral she once attended in New Orleans because these girls are conditioned to talk about dead people on their one on one dates. She doesn’t mention who died, but like, does it really matter? Nick consoles her. I want to like Rachel because she seems to have her shit together other than making up stories about jazzy funerals but then she reveals that she calls her dad “Daddy” and I barf all over myself and immediately must hate her. Either way, she’s rosed.

Til Death Do Us Part with Josephine, Kristina, Alexis, Raven, Jaimi, Vanessa, Danielle M, Whitney, Danielle L


Nick takes the gals to a haunted house where we meet a very sweaty caretaker named Boo. Boo, like every hired actor on the Bachelor is a true character. Him and his crazy eyes warn the girls about an 8 year old ghost named Mae who kicks it at this mansion. This is the part of the night where they waste an hour of our time flipping on the night vision cam to watch a bunch of biddies play with a ouija board and run around a staged mansion screaming. Listen, I’ve seen the Saved By the Bell Murder Mystery episode. I know that the killer is always the host. I’ve got my eye on you, Boo. Stay woke.



Most importantly, the highlight of the mansion is Mae’s doll, which lives in a glass case of emotion creepy. This doll is more terrifying than any ghost could ever be and suddenly it goes MISSING?! No doubt this thing walked right up out of that glass case and is hiding under a bed somewhere waiting to strike. Cause that’s what dolls do. When I was little my mom had ceramic dolls made to look like my sisters and I. It was meant to be a gift but actually it was a nightmare and it’s no coincidence that as I went to find a picture of it, I saw that I tweeted this exactly a year ago today:

It’s an omen. I wouldn’t be surprised if that one-eyed doll strolled into my apt tonight and slaughtered me. If I know anything, it’s that dolls only really need one good eye to murder.


Anyway, back to the morons…after Jaimi puts on a show about not being afraid of nothin, someone muses like a philosopher in the night, “Do you think…like…we’re more scared here than those two are at home?” Cut to Corinne giving herself a face mask and a bubble bath while Taylor sniffs glue. Yeah. They’re terrified.

Danielle M feels like her connection with Nick got deeper because she explored his mouth a lot. She is rewarded with a rose (from under a glass jar because this week we’re shoving Beauty and the Beast promotions down everyone’s throats.) Raven admits to Nick that she’s fallen in love with him. She’s rewarded with nothing but fond memories of Nick’s roller skating skillz.

Meet Me in the Bayou with Corinne and Taylor

Ah yes, the 2 on 1 date that many anticipated and all know the result of. Mental Health Counselor vs. Multi-million Dollar Company CEO. Emotional Intelligence vs. Intelligency. Stank Face vs Boobs. Tale as old as time. (See what I did there? Beauty and the Beast plug like a MOFO.)


They go on a ride through the bayou to a clearing where a “voodoo priestess” wearing a woven fedora and a gauzy maxi skirt talks about spirits or something. Boo was more riveting than this chick. The lady doing the reading is wearing a triangle bandanna that I used to rock (attached to a headband) ala MK&A’s clothing line from Walmart. These costumes are downright ridiculous. Regardless of the out of style headwear, Miss Cleo senses a lot of tension amongst the three because, like, she’s a professional. She plays Go Fish with each girl so Nick can hear both sides of the catty story. Corinne says Taylor bullied her, Taylor says nothing because her face is permanently stankin.  Obviously Nick chooses Corinne because we have yet to see her platinum vageen (shoutout to this season’s previews for killing the suspense of this date.) Taylor decides to get a backbone, and some help from the hired voodoos who cover her in water(?) oil(?) whatever, she comes back with a vengeance. I WONDER WHAT WILL HAPPEN!!!!!!!

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The Bachelor – Can’t Escape the Poop


Now that we’ve been blessed with one “to be continued”, we will start off with rose ceremonies for the rest of the season and end with the dumbest three words a TV show could end with. Obviously this will be continued, we’ll see you same time, same place next week, ABC. You’re not building tension. Especially, when we’re back to watching Corinne sleep while everyone talks shit about her. She “sleeps” with a serial killer smile, probably dreaming of Raquel wiping her buhhole for her.


Nick “I wear a hoodie to a pool party” Viall is still getting a dose of real talk from Vanessa (who if it’s not obvious, is too good for this show #feminism, #womensmarch). Nick tells Vanessa he gives an F what she thinks but wants her to be more patient with Corinne, specifically until hometowns when he can determine whether picking Corinne comes with unlimited amounts of Raquel’s cheese pasta. Sarah and Taylor crawl into Corinne’s bed to wake her up from her nappie and aggressively tell her to pull it together. This is really well accepted, Corinne apologizes, and everyone braids each other’s hair. Just kitten. Corinne throws a grade A bitchface, then uses her confessional to shout YOU DO YOU and IMMA DO ME a bunch of times. Don’t cross Corinne or she turns into a G, apparently. (After she’s had a full 12 hours of rest of course. Wiping the sleepies out of her eyes during the rose ceremony this week was a liiiiitttle much.)

Rose Ceremony: Danielle L, Vanessa, Rachel, Raven, Taylor, Whitney, Kristina, Jasmine, Alexis, Astrid, Danielle M, Jaimi, Josephine, Sarah, Corinne

As the ladies reassure each other that they’re there because Nick sees a future with *each* of them, Chris Harrison enters with some riveting travel news. The girls are about to globetrot, first (probably only) stop: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They all react like they’re going to Paris. Which is cute, and also sad. On the Nick front—there’s nothing quite like bringing 15 girls that you know nothing about to meet your parents! Chris and Mary Viall are nervous for their whiny bitch of a son embarrassing himself on TV again. His parents cry and talk about how much they love each other so in turn, Nick cries. It’s a real mess in Milwaukee.

While Nick snots it up with mom and dad, the gals feed some ducks because what else do you do in Wisconsin? Danielle L. gets plucked for a date and the leftovers debate jumping in the pond to drown themselves amongst the ducks. Did I mention how much I love when the bachelor picks a date in person?! So much insecurity, so little time. Anyway, FUN story about Nick, he once jumped in a river for 12 bucks! OMG he’s SO edgy. The hometown deli that conveniently greets Nick as if this was his second home makes “Nick-erdoodle” cookies of Nick’s face. He asks if he gets to eat himself. Gross, Nick. Clean it up. Danielle & Nickerdoodle smush their face cookies and then smush actual faces. But then DRAMA, while strolling through downtown N&D “accidentally” run into one of Nick’s exes who totally didn’t sign a waiver and mic up to be on camera for this bit or anything. Amber the ex has nothing but great things to say about Nick because producers are framing Nick as a good guy now, duh. His good guy façade is tested later on when Danielle goes full on tits out for the boys. Damn, girl. Even though I can barely focus on anything other than her near nip slip, she confesses that her parents have been divorced since she was 17. Not only that, but Danielle slyly adds in “so it’s been ten years” to really hammer home the point that she’s not a child bride like 90% of the contestants this season (FOR A THIRTY SIX YEAR OLD) and I respect the hell out of it. Danielle’s ok in my book. She’s a grown up and a total babe. She gets rosed, cause boobs PLUS the final surprise of more slow grind dancing onstage at a concert, this time to Chris Lane. Kind of a downgrade from BSB, tbh.


Say Cheese with Rachel, Alexis, Vanessa, Jasmine, Jaimi, Sarah, Whitney, Kristina, Astrid, Taylor, Josephine, Danielle M, Corinne

The entire remaining cast except Raven walk up to Nick breast feeding bottle feeding a baby cow, as if this is business as usual. He’s about as country as “Farmer” Chris was when he did pushups on hay bales. The premise of this date is that the girls have to work on a farm because the farm industry is declining and labor ain’t cheap. Also, if you recall the highly esteemed show The Simple Life, watching privileged girls bale hay and shovel shit is entertaining AF.


Josephine chose her brightest white pants and Corinne sits on a rock in the field—because she lost circulation in her hands whilst digging poop. SHE ALMOST HAD TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL. I bet the hospital has prime napping beds, jus sayin. Jaimi’s good at milking the cow; because of course the lez knows her way around a nipple.

After everyone has showered, gotten a blowout, a full face of makeup and put on their tightest dress to show Nick that they can be a farm girl AND a vixen…it’s time to gang up on Corinne. Ya girl Corinne goes from full-on Gloria in Wedding Crashers to telling all the girls to stop talking shit about her and say it to her face. And, they did.


Sarah asks Corinne if she thinks she’s ready to marry a 36-year-old man. Valid question but like, Corinne is being groomed for Paradise and everybody knows it. She can parade around a fake engagement ring on insta all she wants but she’s already got a ticket to the sex island this summer. Then Kristina and Corinne get in a fight but I’m not really sure what it was about because I straight up don’t understand a word that falls out of Kristina’s mouth. What I do know is that this disagreement occurred while Corinne was sitting on a lifeless Josephine covered in a red blanket on the couch. Kristina got the rose but Josephine deserves all the roses for somehow still being on this show AND contributing more to a conversation just by passing away on a couch.

Let’s Kick It with Raven

Nick suddenly transforms into a soccer coach for little sis Bella and her team. He just wants to have a regular engaged couple Saturday with the fam and see if Raven can hang. I just want Raven’s accent to change so my ears stop bleeding every time she speaks. Speaking of that beautiful accent, she uses it to ask Nick’s parents if they had to spank him a lot growing up. What an approps first question for your boyfriend’s parents. Typs soccer game fodder. Raven is a keeper. Bella approves as they bond over blue icee’s at Skateland. Bella’s going to watch this back in 5 years, see that monster blue mouth of hers and be mortified. Kind of like Nick should be for bringing his pre-teen sister on the same show he’s had sex on, twice. Nick and Raven skate it up like a couple of pros. Props to Raven for being that coordinated (and not puking on their date). Later on, Raven paints a Lifetime original movie picture of the time she walked in on her DOCTOR boyfriend cheating on her with a bar slut. Even though it came out…real….sloooowww…I was on the edge of my couch in anticipation during this tall tale. She KICKED the door down and administered a STILLETTO head beating! If “I Know What Her Vagina Looks Like” isn’t released within the year with a terribly cast Raven-lookalike, I will be THE MOST disappointed in Lifetime. Either way, Raven gets a rose because she had to see her boyfriend thrusting over another girl. They sk8 it out.

Cocktail Party

Taylor is a lurking asshole who WENT TO JOHNS HOPKINS and is “emotionally” smarter than Corinne.


Josephine and Corinne basically sit on each other’s laps talking about Taylor and shoving apps in their snackholes at rapid speed. It’s easily the best scene of the night watching these two hungry bitches motor through the passed hors d’oeuvres. I haven’t seen dedication to grazing like that since Chad met his lunchmeats.



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The Bachelor – Man Tanks Galore



If you recall, last week was a “cliffhanger” when Nick sent Liz packing and was FORCED to reveal that he sucks in bed had sex with her already. Nick just wants to be up front with everyone because he was SHOCKED when Back Tat got out of the limo. Or more realistically, he was shocked when Chris Harrison had to take him aside to remind him that he’s boned this girl already. He addresses the ladies that they met at JADE AND TANNER’S wedding (are they cashing in on this like product placement? I hope so) and had sex. Then apparently Nick thinks he’s hosting his own epi of Loveline because he opens it up to a Q&A segment with the ladies. He takes each girl aside to reassure himself and make sure no one is judging his sex life. The girls all think he’s suuuper sensitive and concerned with their feelings, so that worked out a little TOO well. Some girl in a yellow dress talks about how worried she is about Nick’s confession. I literally have no clue who she is. I’m confident ABC just tossed in an extra to fuck with us.

Speaking of jokes, Corinne sneaks upstairs to strip down and toss on a trench coat. She stands in front of the mirror practicing how to flash Nick. All I can do is picture Corinne getting ready to come to the mansion and ordering her nanny to pack an oversized trench coat in her suitcase, for obvious reasons.


She sashays downstairs in this khaki-colored garbage bag and proceeds to shoot whipped cream down Nicks throat and chase it with her tongue. Then in natural progression, she sprays it all over her boobs and asks him to lick it off. Nick loves that Corinne seems to be very comfortable with her body. YEAH HE DOES. The girls watch from a window in the house and immediately cry.


Corinne gets interrupted and suddenly the whipped cream can is lying on the cold, hard ground. Corinne runs into the house and sobs that her relationship with Nick is over because he didn’t want to slurp whipped cream out of her lady bits while a bunch of women watched with jealousy. Then she passes the F out and misses the rose ceremony. Nick demands to know where she is as if the girls in the room have killed her and buried her body underneath that giant trench coat. He apologizes on her behalf. If anyone should be apologizing it should be Hailey who wore an actual bra to the rose ceremony and still didn’t get a rose.

Roses: Corinne, Danielle, Whitney, Kristina, Danielle L, Rachel, Vanessa, Raven, Jaimi, Dominique, Sarah, Alexis, Brittany, Josephine, Jasmine, Christen, Taylor, Astrid

Everybody! with Danielle L. Christen Kristina Whitney Taylor Jasmine & Corinne

The Backstreet Boys shows up at the mansion and the most shocking part about this is that Brian has a disgusting braided tail hanging off the back of his head. C’mon guys, you’re old but you’re still touring. Clean it up. They sing a quick song and all the girls try to sing over them. If BSB is standing 2 feet away from you singing, YOU LISTEN. What a bunch of disrespectful hoez.

The gals hit the dance studio with BSB and Nick in a man tank. Wittle baby Corinne isn’t loving this date because she doesn’t have an excuse to pull her tits out. She’s a bad dancer and she’s not getting enough attention. Not to point fingers, but this Thriller choreography isn’t doing her any favors. Kevin is wearing a fedora and tells everyone to wrap it up. It’s actually insulting to JT (the KING of pulling off a fedora) how bad he looks.

screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-8-28-20-am     vs. jt

Jus’ sayin.

At the “show” that night consisting of about 30 people, Nick’s cue to awkwardly jive onto the stage is the lyric “We’re gonna bring the flavor show you how” and I’ve never laughed harder. WHAT a contradiction. Danielle’s claw hands shine the brightest because she wins a slow grind with Nick to “I Want It That Way” while the other biddies glare.


At the after party, Danielle gets more slow dance and smooch time and of course, a rose. Corinne takes my last and final straw. First she puts herself down for a quick nappie then she wakes up to tell everyone about her nanny Raquel, who does every single thing for her. Most importantly, her nanny makes the best cheese pasta. CHEESE. PASTA. That’s it. I’ve put up with a lot from Corinne mostly because I know she’s this season’s villain and all of her screen time is edited/staged but I cannot any longer. There’s no way producers could’ve controlled the dumb that dribbles out of her mouth. Choreography is not called planned dancing and cheese pasta is MAC AND CHEESE. AND YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF ONE SINGLE BOX OF KRAFT SHAPES, YOU DUMB BITCH. #Done.

“You Make Me Feel Like I’m Floating” with Vanessa

Vanessa and Nick get in a plane that casually nosedives to give them the zero gravity feel. Immediately I assume someone will be blowing chunks. If I were put in that plane I would probably cry hysterically the whole time. They do a weird air jig for a while; run into each other’s limbs a lot and then kiss. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for Vanessa to feel nauseous (or if you’re Sean Lowe: nautious) and puke a little bit. Thankfully for us, she doesn’t projectile but politely Ralphs in a barf bag while Nick literally puts his face on top of hers. Back up, bro! She’s spewing her insides right now. I don’t even want someone in the same room as me when I’m puking, let alone putting his forehead on mine and they met like five minutes ago. Whatever, Vanessa thinks it’s adorbs how caring he is and they make out afterwards. YIKES. I almost had a chain reaction sitch just from watching them have a vom makeout. Gum doesn’t erase what just went down!


Later, Vanessa compares her grandfather dying to coming on this show because he gave out roses from beyond his grave or something? Nick cries thinking about what will happen if “this doesn’t work out for him.” K. Vanessa tries to pretend she forgot about the rose this whole time, lolerskates. She probz didn’t want it after seeing Nick sob on their first date. She gets it anyway.


“I’m done playing the field” with Rachel Alexis Astrid Jaimi Sarah Brittany & Dominique

Nick recruits his buds from the Olympics to help the girls run track. They obviously have no idea who these athletes are but put on a clinic of shock when they stroll up. I took a class in college where I had to watch a documentary on Carl Lewis and I couldn’t have pointed him out last night if you had put a gun to my head. Astrid decides to go with a minimal support “sports” bra and the cameraman wastes no time capitalizing on that. Astrid, Alexis and Rachel race for some natural hot tub time in the middle of a high school track. Rachel has hot hands and can’t grab the ring at the finish line, so Astrid, boobs flapping, scoops up the ring after almost stomping Rachel’s hand off and gets into the hot tub fully clothed. What a W for her.

After Astrid’s leggings probably melt off, Dominique has a meltdown because Nick hasn’t paid attention to her at all and this was her first time she was allowed out of the mansion. Instead of using her time to have a conversation and learn about Nick, Dom comes in REAL hot and tells Nick that she thinks he’s not giving her a fair chance. He didn’t pull her aside to ask how she was doing during the date and that was NOT OKAY. Nick says, GIRL, BYE. So that kind of backfired, huh, Dom?

Pool Party in lieu of Cocktail Party

The girls are all horned up, cause pool party, and the minute Nick steps outside, all hands are on his abs. It doesn’t really matter though because once Corinne rises from the dead it’s game over. She surprises Nick with a bounce house and then straddles him inside of it. I asked for a bounce house for my 21st birthday party and my parents told me they had a weight limit. This has nothing to do with Corinne turning a bounce house to a bounce sex den but I needed to bring it up because I’m still bitter about being denied the best party ever and I’ll never stop talking about it. Anyway, after he goes for the two-handed ass grab and all the other girls watch with a Whitney circa The Hills Season 2 surprise face, Corinne goes back to bed because her work there is done.


Raven tattles to Nick that Corinne has a nanny and doesn’t know how to clean a spoon. TELL HIM THAT SHE CALLS MAC AND CHEESE, “CHEESE PASTA.” I DARE YOU, RAVEN. Then Vanessa wants Nick to know that she saw him “riding her” and she’s judging him. Does he want a wife or just a F buddy? We shall find out next week. One thing I know for sure is that a pukey makeout bonds two people for life, and I don’t think Vanessa’s going anywhere anytime soon.


Today’s bonus clip came courtesy of Josephine singing made up show tunes to Nick while my ears fell clean off of my head. So thanks for that, ABC.

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The Bachelor – HE HELD MY BOOBS!



Always a Bridesmaid with Corinne, Vanessa, Sara, Alexis, Hailey, Lacey, Jasmine, Raven, Danielle L., Taylor, Elizabeth & Brittany

Franco is a renowned photographer who wears a geometric print shirt with matching booty shorts and reflective aviators that really bring out his bushy mustache. He tells this group of ladies, “Whoever does a nice job I have a nice……surprise.” In this case I’m guessing surprise equals mustache ride by the way he creepily purrs that.


Everything is going swimmingly with Corinne declaring that her and her white bikini-clad tits were going to own this game until Brittany strutted out basically completely naked looking like a total dime. Corinne handled it really well; if by really well we mean glaring at her and saying she wanted to punch her in the face. As always, once one girl gets bold and smooches Nick, they all jump on the makeout train. Lacey (always the bridesmaid never the bride) kisses Nick and says he tastes like Danielle. Sexy. Just to reiterate, being chosen as the ONLY bridesmaid and then tasting another girl on your date makes you A TOTAL LOSER, Lacey. In the event that you’re wondering what Franco is up to during all of this, he’s encouraging each girl to kiss Nick while he slowly strokes his D through his loudly printed shorts. During Taylor’s moment he whispers into the breeze, “This is the moment… because I know you from before time.” So THAT’S normal.


Then we get to the part where Brittany and Nick have a nudie photo shoot in their leaves and Corinne turns into a giant jelly belly. When it’s her turn, she rips her top off and presses her breasts all over Nick in the pool. She then forces Nick to grab her boobs for the “Janet Jackson” pose. He seems uncomfy until about 30 seconds later when Corinne is announced as the winner. Good work, producers. Now every female is questioning if she should show her nipples to find true love.


Corinne can totally see her self just falling and falling and falling and grabbing and grabbing and grabbing and HE HELD HER BOOBS, GUYS!!!!!!! Although I wish that was something funny that I wrote, unfortunately it came directly out of Corinne’s dumb nanny-having mouth. (PS I stand by my tweet last night that “BUT HE HELD MY BOOBS” is now my go-to comeback for ever and ever.) Raven questions if Nick is looking for someone who will pop out her tits at any moment. The answer to that is yes and that’s obvious. Did Raven do her research orrrr? Speaking of, Taylor talks to Nick in detail about her psychology degree and Corinne comes to save him because THAT’S THE MOST BORING CONVERSATION EVER. I mean yeah, we hate Corinne and she’s dumb as rocks but like Taylor read the room and find something less snoozeworthy to talk about. Obviously Nick is going to prefer to talk to the minx that will gyrate on his lap instead of the one explaining the human psyche to him. NOT SO FAST THOUGH—Taylor “re-interrupted” and that’s no bueno in Corinne’s book. Because she’s classy. Again, her words, not mine. Yes that’s right, Queen of interrupting who made a point to tell the other ladies that you don’t come on this show unless you want to get interrupted almost stabbed a bitch over getting interrupted. Did I say interrupted enough? Also, Taylor thinks Nick likes her for her brain. Methinks he likes it when a girl rubs her tits all over him because Corrine gets the rose.


Meanwhile, Liz won’t shut the F up about how she slept with Nick already. Seriously, every sentence that falls out of her mouth starts with “I met Nick at Jade and Tanner’s wedding.” Oh DID YOU?! During poolside times, Liz tells Christen that she banged Nick and doesn’t spare any deets. Then she talks about all of her insecurities, which is obviously a good idea to do with a girl you just met, whose competing for the same guy’s affection.


I don’t remember what this date was called but it was probably a flying metaphor with Danielle M.

Danielle maintains her spot as cute good girl and snags a helicopter ride that landed on a yacht. They’re like, having so much fun and they’re both from the same town. So you could say there are sparks. They hot tub on the yacht, because of course. At dinner, Nick talks about how he’s been on previous seasons of the Bachelorette as if none of us know, and Danielle admits that her fiancé overdosed and died. A liiiitttle deeper than getting rejected on 2 TV shows B2B. Nick respects her more for going through that and she gets a rose.

We Need to Talk with Christen, Kristina, Astrid, Jaimi, Christina, Liz & Josephine

According to my equally as sasshole sister, this is the B team group date including a Russian, a dude, a lez, and a kiss & teller. Couldn’t have summed this motley crew up any better. They go to a museum of broken relationships. This is a special place where everyone donates their crap that reminds them of a breakup and it’s called art. Nick’s addition to said crap is the ring he picked out for Kaitlyn that he didn’t even a little bit pay for and should’ve returned at the end of the season. It’s certainly not crap but it IS embarrassing that he gives such a bullshit emotional speech about it right before he participates in performance art breakups.

In order to get in the mood for acting, the group watches other couples pretend to break up and Nick literally sits there eating his fingers like a giant weirdo. The girls show us what you would’ve immediately assumed upon looking at them: they’re terrible actresses. Why else do you think they ended up on reality TV to become stars? Josephine slaps Nick silly and tries to kiss it better. The only thing that will make that better is Josephine actually breaking up with Nick and disappearing forever. Jus sayin. Liz goes the dramats route and reads a speech from her diary about how they met and how it made her feel. It gives Nick ALL the uncomfies. Nick is butthurt that Liz made that news public but I think he overestimated how smart this group of girls is because none of them caught on that this was a non-fiction piece. They were all like whoa Liz got really deep with her part, BRAVA!

Later on, Christen takes her first opportunity to narc on Liz during her one on one time with Nick. I mean she was calculating that moment since the second Liz spilled the beans. Obviously Nick wasn’t LOVING that the girls were talking about the drunken night and that can only mean one thing: he sucks in bed. Jaimi dated a girl once because OF COURSE the girl with the septum piercing who walked in on night one with the phrase I’ve got balls is also a little lez. And finally, Nick tells Liz to kick rocks and DRAMATIC TWIST; he is forced to tell everyone that he wedding boned her. It’s to be continued because there are just not enough hours in the night to cover the meltdowns that will result from this news. No rose ceremony but we do get a bonus scene where Alexis celebrates her boob birthday and they eat boob cupcakes togets. Keep doing you, Alexis. You fake-boobed dolphin aficionado, you.


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The Bachelor – Fourth Time’s A Charm


“We’ve got a shark that thinks she’s a dolphin, so that’s a concern.”

I tried to approach this season of The Bachelor with an open mind. (I didn’t try that hard) and I got to about 30 seconds in when they have Nick announcing he’s the Bachelor over and over again and I was already enraged. It appears as though his lisp, which was once just for the letter s, now applies to “ch” because he announced he was the next Bassshhler. So, this season is off to a hot start. What I can take solace in, is the fact that everyone on Twitter agrees with me, and since the Bach community is behind me on this one, I feel like it’s sanctioned to hate watch the shit out of this season. Not even a low-angle shot of him getting into the shower 1 minute later could make things better. Although, a gratuitous ab shot never hurts, Nick immediately erased it from my memory when he declared, “I’m gonna give America a happy ending.”


This year’s round-up of sage advice came from Boring Ben, Farmer Chris and Vampire Sean. Seriously though, Sean came back from the dead for this taping. Chris still has pit stains down to his ankles, so there’s no news there. As my friend so nicely pointed out, I too suffer from hyperhydrosis and shouldn’t be laughing at others, BUT I also don’t go on national TV so like, clean it up Chris. Or at least wear white. Sean barely speaks because he was pulled from his coffin to exist in the harsh rays of sunlight for the first time in probably a year. Chris delivers a couple of insults because he’s a big sweaty bully and Ben is just humble ole Ben, singing the “be yourself” song to Nick. (Worst advice ever, Ben.)

Now’s the part where I break it down by lady because half of these bitches get promptly kicked off anyway and we’ll never need to remember them. If a girl doesn’t get her own blurb it’s because she’s a real snoozefest.

Rachel– This is the lawyer, who after a long day of lawyering loves to unwind with vacuum karaoke. Hey girl, if you love to sing and dance, hit up the bars—there’s no need to drag cleaning into this. At the mansion, Nick and Rach talk about her family, her job and football. He seems way more interested in her than he should be. He also tries to flirt by asking her if she has a favorite uncle. Smooth moves, Nick. She gets the first impression rose and a kiss.


Vanessa the teacher from Canada, speaks both French and Italian in her intro. We get it. You’re cultured.

Josephine has no business being on this show and also, meows at her cat. As if that wasn’t weird enough, she shows up to the mansion with a book and inside of said book is a cut out with a hot dog in it. A prop she carries from a limo just so that she can tell Nick, “You’re a wiener in my book.” AND THEN SHE ASKS HIM IF HE WANTS TO LADY AND THE TRAMP A RAW HOT DOG. ABC really toeing the line with a little primetime raw-dogging. Did I make that sound more disgusting than it actually was? NO. NO I DID NOT. I had to watch two humans treat a raw piece of meat like it was spaghetti and ruin a Disney classic. Nothing is sacred anymore. Spoiler alert: according to Josephine “It went down real hard.”


Raven owns a boutique in Hoxie, Arkansas so you know she worked really hard in the fashion industry to see this kind of success so early in her life.


Corinne still lives at home and makes her nanny bring her snacks like she’s fake Casey from Laguna Beach shouting at Conchita for a quesaDILLA. Her intro video is not unlike Elle Woods’ submission for Harvard Law and everyone should be embarrassed for her. But don’t judge her because she runs a “multi-million dollar” business. Cough cough works for her dad cough. As the front-runner for most hated biddy in the house, Corinne take the first steal of the night AND the first kiss. Everyone calls her a slut all while seething in jealousy. All I really want to know is what that bag full of tokens are for. Cause Nick didn’t even have to pay the toll for that smooch, so what equates to a token with this chick?


Alexis of New Jersey is so zany that she WALKS TO CVS IN A SUMO COSTUME (when cameras are there.) She’s our ringleader for the dolphin obsession this year and as I predicted in my ranking, shows up dressed like a dolphin. Except she’s actually wearing a shark costume. Classic mixup. When everyone tells her she’s a shark she just makes dolphin noises. Cause like, DUH. SHARKS DON’T SOUND LIKE THAT, GUYS! She’s also really hammy sammied and wades through the pool in said shark costume.


Taylor is a mental health counselor and also a contestant on a reality TV show to find love. She is a walking oxymoron. Upon meeting Nick, Taylor told him that her friends think he’s an asshole. You sure know how to win a guy over, Tay!

Liz is the doula who I judged a little before the season because she talked about birthing her niece and that’s kind of gross. Plot twist: what none of us knew is that she was Jade’s maid of honor and actually already had wedding sex with Nick. Naturally Nick doesn’t remember her at first until Chris Harrison pulls him aside to tip him off, because we’re not allowed to think Nick is a douche anymore now that he’s the Bachelor. Even though Liz should be a little peeved that her drunk one night stand was not one for the books, she says more than once: “I’m kinda glad that he doesn’t remember we had sex, it keeps the mystery.” Liz is obviously pulling the classic if I act like a chill girl on TV, guys will want to date me. Because if someone big-timed me like that I would go apeshit. During their hang later on, Nick spin-zones not remembering into WHY DIDN’T YOU EVER CALL ME? By the end of the episode it becomes very clear that Liz will tell everyone in the house that they had sex to get the upper hand. Especially when she goes on and on about how she’s not worried about other girls kissing him because she did it 9 months ago. Def don’t worry about it Liz, it was a ReALLy memorable smooch. (PS, You’re CRAZY!)


Danielle L. put her tits out for Nick and that’s all you really need to know.


Christen stands out in my memory because she was dressed like a neon banana, did a weird 10 second dance with a fan then asks Nick if he thinks she’s crazy. If you have to ask…


Ida Marie does a trust fall in crop coords and I don’t hate it.

Olivia is from Alaska so she gives an Eskimo kiss. She then takes off her fur coat and tosses it at Nick. I think it was supposed to be sexy but it kind of just came off like Nick worked in coat check.

Sarah wears running sneakers because he’s “not a runner up to her”…OK girl. Also has a front tie on her dress that drives me nuts.


Jasmine G. brings Neil Lane with her, who promptly gives Nick the most half assed hug I’ve ever seen, and she shows her engagement ring preference “to get it out of the way”. It’s a cocky move that I almost respect until we cut to her crying when she can’t get time with Nick like a little baby bitch.

Hailey drops the line of the night when she says, “Do you know what a girl wearing underwear says? Neither do I.” Methinks Nick liked that one because he immediately is like ok yes let’s get another hug in there! It’s almost like these girls know that Nick is easy…

Danielle M. seems like she’ll be taking on the role of wholesome girl this season. She’s pretty, she takes care of babies as a Neonatal nurse and they have a deep convo about it later where Nick wonders if she works in a hospital or like, out of the basement of her home or something. It was touch and go for a minute when they first meet, fight about who makes better french toast and Danielle feeds him a glop of syrup with her fingers–to which Nick says, I trust that your fingers are clean. YIKES.


Jaimi-“You have some balls and so do I.” Pulls out a nose ring. Well that’s one way to kill a boner. Another way is by walking into a room full of girls and saying I HAVE BALLS! Preeetttyyy sure every girl in that room counted Jaimi out for their competition. As they should have.

Susannah gives Nick a beard massage and teases, “there’s more where that came from.” She did not get a rose, so I think it’s safe to assume her beard massage game is a D- at best.

Lacey rolls in on a camel and says, “I heard you like a good hump.” Camels aren’t sexy Lacey, and neither are you.

And if I may, let’s end this recap with proof that girls are assholes. First off, the biggest drama of the night was that too many girls were in red dresses. It started off as like 2 or 3 girls wearing red and everyone being like OmG twinnnies and red sisters for lifeeyyyy, boooooo ❤ Two minutes later another crimson girl rolls in and suddenly there’s murder in everyone’s eyes. “WHO THE F does she think she is wearing the same color as me????” Is what literally every girl in red is thinking. Glad we can keep it real though. #SoulSisters #LadiesinRed #SalsaGirlEmoji. Of course we also can’t forget about Shark-who is having an identity crisis as a dolphin-girl, who was the talk of the house (once everyone stopped yapping about their matching dresses.) At one point some biddy actually pointed at shark girl and slurs “sheee’s my spirrrittt animallllllll!” And another one goes “yaasssss omg I’m loving thisSssSs.” She wasn’t. Every one of these girls was judging Sharkey and thinking she looked stupid. And yet they told her she was killing it–which is why you should ALWAYS keep your head on swivel when you dress as a Super Bowl halftime joke from last year and walk around making high pitched dolphin noises. The more you know.


Roses: Rachel, Vanessa, Danielle L, Christen, Astrid, Corinne, Elizabeth, Jasmine G, Raven, Kristina (babbles with tears through the whole rose ceremony then gets a rose), Danielle M, Sarah, Josephine, Lacey, Taylor, Alexis, Hailey, Brittany, Dominique, Jaimi, Liz