Recaps of Empire, Season 2

Empire- “Et Tu, Brute?”

  (Not Anymore!) I took last week off from recapping Empire. I had a prior engagement in that I felt it was a rite of passage to do my first ever Thanksgiving Eve in my hometown. And let me tell you…it was WORTH it. I got drunk, served some dirty looks and ended the night […]

Empire- “My Bad Parts”

  “I’m sorry this is not the Disney channel, we have no happy ending.” We’ve only got one more episode of Empire before we have to go without Lucious creepily slurping on a lollipop for 3 whole months. (Seriously what’s with him ruining one of my favorite candies?) After their midseason finale they’re going away […]

Empire- “True Love Never”

“You can’t see that cause you blinded by the ass”- Cookie WHAT a scandalous start to last night’s episode. Unfortunately we can’t enjoy the steamy soap opera sex scenes set to Selena’s bone worthy jam because we know what the inevitable outcome is for Cookie and Laz. Cookie is still none the wiser to Laz’s […]

Empire- “A High Hope for a Low Heaven”

I’m gonna be honest and say that I was only half watching this week’s episode because it seemed like they were lacking in tasty drama and snappy comebacks in favor of a lot of warped looks at Hakeem’s sweaty face…but the last few minutes actually had me saying OH SHITTT and that was worth waiting […]

Empire- “Be True”

You know when WASP neighbors go around leaving secret gifts on each other’s doorsteps around Halloween with a note that reads “You just got Booed!”? Well leaving a rotting human’s skeleton for the prosecutor who’s after you is like the criminal version of Booing. SO festive. As you remember that’s how last week’s episode ended—and […]

Empire- “Poor Yorick”

(Let’s try to do away with the baby bangs on Cookie…not into it at all.) After getting hooked on Empire mid-first season last year, I knew that once people started buzzing about it, the already outrageous show would just get bigger. Now that we’re a few episodes into season 2, it’s safe to say that […]