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The Bachelorette – Buncha Baby Bitches


GET MY NAME OUTCHA MOUF. Okay we’re all caught up from two weeks ago. We pick up at the rose ceremony again where Eric is shouting at everyone and stuff. Lee interrupted Kenny and hovered like a real creep so that he could tell her his grandpa got cancer and gift Rachel with a block of wood. The other guys confuse the word quirk and cork. Classic mix-up. Kenny and Lee argue about how they’re no longer boys because boys don’t interrupt each other to give their girl a stray block from life-size Jenga. Rachel overhears and excuses herself to go cry because there’s too much pressure on her. (Ahem, as the first black bachelorette.) She’s #done with this shit. And as everyone knows, when the bachelorette has a breakdown and clicks her heels three times, Chris Harrison will appear to make it all better. Or he’ll just gather the gang to tell them that Rachel is hella mad and wants to start sending bitches home, STAT. I think we can all agree that cocktail hour went on long enough anyway.

Rose Ceremony: Anthony, Alex, Eric, Will, Dean, Jonathan, Peter, Adam, Bryan, Matt, Josiah, Jack, Iggy, Kenny, Lee

Our Love is About to Take Off with Dean

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 10.57.12 PM

Rachel and the boys head to Hilton Head Island down in South Carolina. Number one vacation spot for bougie families with small children. Cue the commercial with drone shots of the beaches and quaint southern buildings. THIS IS THE PERFECT PLACE TO FALL IN LOOOOOVEEE. Or ride in a minivan for 14 hours with your siblings and cousins to visit during school spring break. Either way, either way’s fine. Anywho, Dean is afraid of heights and apparently is SHOCKED that a date called “our love is about to take off” includes flying. COME ON, DEAN. They cruise around in a blimp because Rachel used to call blimps, “bimps”. I guess? I don’t know. I didn’t even know people could ride in a blimp. What’s romantic about charging through the sky in a chode shaped Goodyear advertisement? Nothing, I tell you. They fly the blimp by the hotel to brag. Total douche move. Eric obv takes it personally. Later on, Dean talks about his mom dying of cancer and it’s literally heartbreaking. Like why is it necessary to have these talks? He talks about his mom telling him she wouldn’t be coming home and I think I speak for everyone when I say I was choking back sobs. He gets a rose. They hit up a Russell Dickerson concert. Whoever that is. JK I’ll stop being a dick. His song was actually really good. Dean and Rachel slow dance and make out in front of everyone, duh!

I Want to See Who’s Ready for Commitment with Alex, Anthony, Peter, Bryan, Jonathan, Adam, Matt, Kenny, Lee, Iggy, Eric, Will & Josiah

Rachel invites everyone on a yacht to embarrass themselves, essentially. The boys pop their tops off and immediately form a dance circle like Get Low just came on at the 8th grade dance. This awkward take turns doing shitty dance moves quickly morphs into a little rap sesh. Peter raps and it makes me want to cringe away forever and die. Suddenly, we go from a Diddy music video to a spelling bee hosted by Chris Harrison and judged by preteen girls. What a spin move.


Apparently Rachel wants someone who can pop their pecs AND spell dirty words because the first word is squirt. SERIOUSLY?! On what planet has anyone ever said that they like a squirt of lime in their tequila? A SQUIRT? Props to Rachel for being far more mature than I will ever be (it’s not that hard) reading that sentence with a straight face. Kenny tells everyone he’s ready to show he has brains then promptly spells champagne wrong. Lolerz. “PHYSDE” is how Eric spelled Façade. Let that sink in. Josiah is the champ and his second to last word was stunning so clearly this whole thing was a downright scam. Stunning is round 1 shit. ROUND ONE. I should know, I won my 4th grade spelling bee, nbd but HBD, yo. I was a much more graceful winner than Josiah. As in, I didn’t tongue my trophy in front of everyone.

At the after party, Josiah drinks out of his trophy like the giant wiener that he is. Peter and Rachel talk about if they would move for each other and conveniently Rachel is licensed to practice law in Wisconsin. Hmmmm. Interesting. Iggy uses his Rachel time to say that Josiah isn’t real. Cause Iggy was put on this show to narc on everyone else and call it “being protective.” He immediately tells Josiah and everyone is like hey Iggy, you’re a big tattletale and no one likes you. The Lee vs. Kenny thang continues when Rachel asks each of them what happened and Lee lies like the capital R racist that he is. This shit is to be continued, natch and next week is two episodes of garbage instead of your regular scheduled programming of just one. Don’t you dare let the previews fool you into thinking that Kenny gets punched though. I’ve fallen for that trick one too many times and I’m putting my foot ALL THE WAY DOWN. ALL THE WAY. Every single season they flash some injury and tease a fight that never happens and I drink that kool aid like nobody’s biz. Well, not this year. After Carly’s fake black eye and the mirage of Chad throwing torsos in the pool, I’m OUT. Kenny either gets this injury from an activity or causes it himself because I REFUSE to step into the OBVIOUS trap that Lee the honkey can ever get a right hook on Kenny the pro wrestler that would cause that much damage. But damnit I’ll be popping a bag of popcorn in case I’m wrong. I’m like never wrong though. Honestly.


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The Bachelorette – Did He Finish the Banana?

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 10.33.46 PM

If you recall, last week was a to be continued because we’ve already started that trashcan rotation for the season. Demario is back to beg for more TV time. He kicks things off by shaking Rachel’s hand. Hot start. He’s sorry and stuff. He also has turned into Socrates in his time alone with his thoughts as he tells Rachel, “In order to experience joy, you need pain.” Rachel says boy, bye I need a man. SEEEE YUHHHHH.

To sum up the rest of the cocktail party, there are a pair of giant hands and Whaboom tells a story about Blake standing over him while he sleeps and licking a banana. No. Seriously. Speaking of banana licker, Blake is going through a hair identity crisis. It’s half slicked back and half hard side part. FIGURE IT OUT, BLAKE.

Rose Ceremony: Dean, Peter, Josiah, Bryan, Bryce, Eric, Anthony, Will, Jonathan, Jack, Matt, Alex, Adam, Kenny, Brady, Lee, Iggy, Fred, Diggy

Blake and Lucas both get kicked off and end up fighting outside of the mansion about whose funnier and who has a garbage clown life. The fact that this was a 10-minute scene that we had to endure foreshadowed this boring ass episode in addition to this terrible season.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 10.34.04 PM

Lights, Camera, Action with Bryan, Jonathan, Peter, Alex, Will, Fred

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 10.33.19 PM

Rachel recruits Ellen to judge her men. She points out that terror Jonathan and goes, “This guy tickled me coming out of the limo.” And Ellen swiftly replies, “I don’t like that.” Me neither, Ellen. Me neither. Then she marches right over to him and gives him a hard tickle. YEAH. HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, TICKLE MONSTER? Bryan snatches the mic from Ellen to tell everyone that he got to kiss Rachel. What a 37 year old LOSER. There’s a lot of shirtless man meat grinding on old ladies. (We see you, Alex) followed by a preeetttyyyy lame version of Never Have I Ever. It becomes clear that Fred has made the watch list for next cut when he tells the camera that Rachel is deeply rooted in his soul and he can’t do anything without thinking about her.  As if that isn’t creepy enough he also asks Rachel if it’s an ok time to kiss her at the after date party. ALL THE CRINGES IN THE WORLD. It’s the most one-sided smooch on this earth and Fred starts rambling about how the minute his lips touched hers he envisioned her in a wedding dress. On the other end of the spectrum, Rachel tells us all it was like a little boy kissing her. Is there anything more insulting on this earth? Probably kicking Fred out while carrying a rose in her hand, but that’s neither here nor there. (It’s a tragedy he couldn’t take weirdo  pants Jonathan with him.) Alex gets the rose because he has good abs and sexual AF dance moves.

Meet Me at the Rodeo with Anthony

Everyone is stopping to take pictures and shout at Rachel and Anthony riding horses down Rodeo Drive cause like, they’re the most famous people in LA. Since this is a cowboy themed date (because cowboys go shopping on Rodeo Drive) Rachel points out that she’s from Dallas no less than 100 times. We get it, you’re a country girl. Although to be clear, true country girls aren’t wearing Ted Mosby red cowboy boots. But whatevzzz, who am I to judge? As to be expected when you feed a horse cupcakes then tromp it into ANYWHERE BUT A BARN, it’s going to shit all over the place. Hey, at least the bougie boutique with the glitter graphic tees for probably $100 a piece got a little free pub before the horses dumped out all over. Quick tip: if the only thing I have to talk about from this date is horse shit, IT PROBABLY WAS A PRETTY BORING DATE. Later on her and Anthony smooch and dance and stuff and he gets a rose probably. Who cares.


At the mansion, Eric gets drunk and wah-wah’s about how this whole thing is fake and he’s feeling insecure. Iggy tries to insert himself to shut him up and the boozy shouts start.

Sometimes in Relationships the Women have to Take Charge with Kenny, Bryce, Jack, Eric, Lee, Bryce, Adam & Dean

Rachel brings last season Bachelor rejects 1-4 along for the group date to try and further convince us that these are her real life besties. She does so by saying “my girls” a lot. Raven has a bottle of fireball in between her legs, her back is on full display in a white bodysuit and she starts whispering in Bryce’s little elf ear on the party bus. This doesn’t seem like something I would want one of “mah girls” doing on my date. But that’s just me. The guys strip down for a little mud wrestling and this is when we truly get to see what low budget acting looks like.  A lady wearing a hot pink corset that can only being found in costume stores calls the rounds with her tits spilling out the top. Then, before each fight begins, the camera pans to a different extra in the crowd who will shout things like, “LET ME SEE YOUR JUNK, WOOOOOO!” or “LET ME SEE THAT BUTT” with an over the top wink and shrill shout. These “actresses” most likely got paid more than I make in a week to do this. Life is sad. Somehow Bryce wins over Kenny (an actual wrestler), I smell a rigged competition. Fun fact: everyone looks super disgusting caked in mud.


Rachel asks her BFFL’s which of the guys they like and they all ❤ Dean and h8 Eric. Corinne doesn’t even know where she is. Thanks for coming, girl. You deserve a nap.

Later on Kenny shows Rachel how he used to be a Chippendale by ripping his shirt off and grinding on her. Eric sits down with Rachel and she immediately narcs that Bryce and Lee were talking about him earlier on the date. Not to her. TO ONE OF HER GIRLS. Eric confronts Lee and Bryce and they both lie, obviously. Eric gets the rose. Lee says he’s happy for him in a way that really means he wishes Eric would die. (After he just told Eric how much he loves and respects him. Yeah, ok.)

At the cocktail party, everyone talks shit about Eric basically. And by everyone I mostly mean Iggy and Lee. This is the part of the show where there’s no actual story so they just have people who don’t like each other fight and tattle to the Bachelorette that so and so isn’t there for the right reasons. It’s pointless because everyone in the world knows that Iggy, Eric and that racist Lee will not end up with Rachel. Eric reassures Rachel that he’s real AF and then gathers the boys to scream at everyone to get his name out their mouths. Way to keep it cool. Calm as a cucumber. It’s to be continued obviouslyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

PS not for nothing but Blake is a helluva Whaboomer. He should seriously consider that as a future career path if being an uptight dick doesn’t work out for him.

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The Bachelorette S13 – Ranking the Contestants

Typically this is the most exciting part of the Bachelor(ette). Bios are released and we get to judge humans based on their LifeTouch yearbook photo and how they choose to answer stupid pre-written questions. After last season’s dolphin and mermaid obsessed ladytestants, it seems as though this process is beginning to go downhill. I used to rank all of the contestants, picking my winner before the season begins. I physically can’t do that anymore. There’s just too many duds. So instead, let’s point out all of the red flags before we meet them, shall we?! GREAT! Lezzz GoooOOOooooO.

*Total disclaimer: After going through these and essentially finding a problem with each contestant’s bio I think it’s become pretty clear why I never did online dating. NO ONE LOOKS GOOD ON PAPER. (Also, boys, it’s not that hard to look good on paper. You have infinite amount of time to think about your answer before writing it down. Be better.)

Hi I’m a RED FLAG, nice to meet ya!

Adam, 27


The most romantic present he’s ever gotten was a birthday threesome. ROMANCE IS STILL ALIVE. He also used to cook 4 course meals for people in college and charge them. LOL!!!! (His words, not mine.) Sounds like a winner.

Alex, 28


One time ate a live salamander. Nuff said.

Anthony, 26


Anthony calls himself “emotionally intelligent” and this isn’t normally a dealbreaker but I had immediate PTSD of last seasons’ Taylor vs. Corinne showdown and we don’t need another Taylor in this franchise. We understand that you read books and like rich mahogany, Ant. Don’t brag.

Blake E., 31


Was engaged for 48 hours and wants to watch 50 Shades Darker because he likes “taboo sexy stuff.” Oh Blake E, you wily Ginger, you.

Brady, 29


This actual, living Ken doll likes to go tackle snowmen for fun in his hometown. Also gets REAL fired up about The Situation, considering the Jersey Shore has been off the air for 5 years and the Situation is no longer “famous”.

Bryan, 37


Bryan is asked to list his 3 best attributes and lists 7. Follow simple directions, Bryan. Also, he’s old.

Bryce, 30


Describes himself in the bedroom as, “A fresh drink of water with a jolt of lightning.” Ok, Bryce. Also, is an elf. Not necessarily a red flag but definitely something to consider.

Dean, 26


Has “righteous” tatted on his inner lip. Literally said he thinks marriage is a religious sham. Here’s to getting that ring, Rach!

Diggy, 31


Darties too hard every weekend for someone who is 31 and was once in a sex positions contest on spring break, whatever that means. Diggy=grown up frat boy. Those tortoise shell frames don’t fool me for a second. Don’t hate ’em though.

Fred, 27


Fred admits that sometimes he gets “aroused” at work and needs to go to his desk to hide his boner. Is Fred secretly 13, covering his boner jams with a Five Star Notebook? Where does he work? How often does this occur that it’s worthy of a Bach answer. YIKES.

Grant, 29


His favorite magazine is Playboy. Wink face. BARF FACE, GRANT. BARF. FACE.

Jack Stone, 32


The only jabroni who listed a full name that is certainly what he wants his stage name to be. The name’s Jack Stone, pleased to meet me.


Jamey, 32


His ideal mate is a model. Go F yourself, Jamey.

Jonathan, 31


His occupation is listed as tickle monster, his favorite singers are Elvis Presley, Britney Spears and Flo Rida and he lasts a long time in bed. Ole tickleshits here is a walking red flag.

Kenny, 35


Kenny is a pro wrestler with a caveman tattooed on his chest. One time he got a girl Edible Arrangements and that was his most romantic gift. A FRUIT BASKET.

Kyle, 26


Kyle admitted that he’s blunt and doesn’t think before he speaks. Every man in this house will hate him and he’s top contender for this years’ villain. He also classified himself as an “athletic” lover. “LOL.” BOYS. STOP USING LOL IN YOUR ANSWERS. YOU ARE NOT 14 CHATTING ON AIM. YOU ARE TRYING TO FIND YOUR WIFE (sort of)

Lucas, 30


His occupation is listed as “Whaboom” and this is something that I don’t even want to Google. His pets consist of an ant farm and some fish and his ideal mate is Belle, Cinderella, Ariel and Jessica Rabbit all wrapped up into one. Lucas has a cartoon fetish and is one step away from the tickle monster for weirdest contestant ever.

Milton, 31


Milton fessed up REAL quick that he just wants to be discovered. Hey Milton, that’s not how this works. You try REALLY hard to find love and then when you get kicked off you start hawking MVMT watches and looking for acting or modeling gigs. You don’t admit it in the interview process. Gawd. Rookie.

Lee, 30


Not to stereotype but reading Lee’s bio gave me horrific flashbacks to the UnReal plot of bringing the deep south racist on as a contestant with the black bachelor and having her wear a confederate flag bikini on the first day.  Most likely to be racist: Lee. But seriously, he references his “mamaw” almost immediately. I’m just saying, it wouldn’t be the most SHOCKING thing in the world if Lee’s family has a little deep south racism ingrained in them.

And since I just ripped apart 90% of these dum dums, here’s my favorite from the lineup and my pick for the winner.

Demario, 30


Demario is hawt, seems fun and works in a JT and Britney Spears denim outfit reference IN ADDITION TO a Bey and Jay relationship goals shout out in his bio. He knows how to be the right amounts of funny and passionate. He looks good on paper and probably without his shirt on. And THAT’s how you do it, bruhs. (Pls don’t @ me if he ends up being a total psycho.)


Click HERE if you want to read the full bios.