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The Bachelor: The Women All Cry in One Room


Come one, come all (if you’re middle aged and have a lot of feelings) to the live-action scorned women showdown. Your honorable host, Chris Harrison will be taming the circus tonight and showing everyone his comedic chops as he asks the hard-hitting questions and tames the wild mustangs waiting in the wings to attack. Unfortunately I missed the first twenty minutes, but before anyone can get sassy, I’d like to confess that I ran out of wine this weekend (not really sure how THAT’S possible) and I watched this episode stone cold sober. For that, I deserve a full applause. Let’s get right to Mz. Free Hugs.


Oh how the mighty have fallen, Britt takes the hot seat to defend how she went from top sloppy makeout dog to crying on a curb. There’s a little scuffle between her and Kardashley about the comment that she didn’t want to have kids ever. This is the part where Britt lists her resume which is chock-full of working with children so OF COURSE SHE WANTS KIDS, KARDASHLEY YOU IGNORANT SLUT. Kardashley is like ok maybe I heard wrong, luh yew girl.

Then comes the Carly vs. Britt battle. Might I point out first of all that whoever told Carly to bleach her hair even blonder than it already was and leave her eyebrows brown is the real MVP here. I never actually thought Carly’s eyebrows could get weirder but we fully achieved it tonight because they looked like they were drawn on with a Mr. Sketch brown cinnamon scented marker.


Anyway, not to get catty because Carly already took care of that when she started out by saying, “I actually don’t have a problem with Britt, I have no ill will at all.” Even C. Harrison was like Bitch, Please to that bullshit. Carly tells the whole story of the show that we all watch three hours of every Monday, like we’re a bunch of morons who didn’t know what was happening. You’re not talking to Chris Soules anymore, Carly you can bring the education level up a notch or five. Britt spends this time trying to interject every five seconds and also rolling her eyes like nobody’s biz. Britt gives good eye roll. Finally she’s had enough and says, “You’ve pretty much narrated my love story for the past three weeks, so can I say something?” SHUT. DOWN. SOMEBODY CALL THE COPS BECAUSE THERE HAS BEEN A MURDER. No but seriously, I would’ve respected Britt a little more in this argument had she not spent the whole time looking at the lights and scrunching her face trying to make herself cry. After the commercial break we return to Britt sobbing and C. Harrison with his head propped in his hand like don’t you fret girrrllll everyone’s just jelly of you. C. Harrison set a precedent for crushing it as variety hour host right about here.



If anything is going to make a room of biddies erupt I didn’t expect it to be the widow of Sanderson Poe with her sensible mom haircut. It was like the line for pizza after the bars close with all those women in their cheap dresses looking for a rumble the second Kelsey hit that stage. She reacted well though, like the sociopath that she is. They show her Oscar-worthy montage (I’m still holding out for the Lifetime movie…c’mon guys it’s not like you’re a respectable network, you cashed in on Brittany Murphy’s death with an actress who looked nothing like her…not that I watched or anything.) Anywho, immediately after watching, Kelsey reveals, “I feel like I’m grieving all over again.” You would’ve thought she admitted to killing Chris Soules and sleeping with his dead body every night with the facial expressions amongst the fellow ladies after that.


Once they’ve recovered from frozen shock face, the girls all try to butt in with bitchy comments that they just keep shouting out. Kelsey gets emotional as one does when they’re trying to act for cameras and C.Harrison gives her his silk handkerchief to snot rocket into. At that, Kardashley whose going for the award of Most Gif-able reaction shots, gives Kelsey a look like she’s the dirtiest scum bucket alive.

Screen shot 2015-03-03 at 8.09.50 AM

C.Harrison asks hey, so Kelsey, do you maybe see after that clip that you were kind of a twat? And Kelsey is like hmm maybe a touch. Chris nearly has to go WWE smack down to keep the bitches from clawing Kelsey to death when he opens up the floor to them. Ju(e)lia hits her first and says she’s also a widow and Kelsey is the fakest person she’s ever met. BOOM. Helmet Megan also kicks it into high gear about losing a parent and calling Kelsey’s bullshit. SMACK. Trina, who’s Trina? Hates her stinkin guts too. CRASH. SAMANTHA SPEAKS!!! This alone deserves a rose. Girl thinks she got voted off the island because Kelsey got a panic attack rose. (She’s actually really nice about it, too bad we never heard her utter a peep all season.) Kelsey gets real teary about people saying her husband didn’t even exist and Kardashley’s like welllllll does he? As she sobs all over the joint, Chris goes “Clearly this has been an emotional journey for you.” Clearly, Chris.

Onion Pomegranate:

Hey everyone, Ashley S. the batshit crazy one is back, because we need an upper before everyone starts crying again. The crowd watches OP’s loony bin clips like it’s a five star standup comedy routine. They show different people laughing like maniacs and then pan to Ashley S. who tries way too hard to look like she’s in on the joke. Then she brings an onion up to Chris and says she’s been growing them, and it instantly becomes clear that this girl’s act will not quit. She’s committed hard. C.Harrison thrives on being the host of crazy town hour and he milks it for all it’s worth. He asks Ashley what the cats were saying to her in the mesa verde and who she really is as a human being. Apparently she likes to ride bikes. She also still is unsure of what planet she’s actually on. C Harrison invites her to go on Bachelor in Paradise, for ratings of course. Instead of answering she stares those dead eyes off into space and says, it’s so weird that we’re on TV, before I assume she walks toward the camera and touches it in wonder with her mouth open.


Does it smell good, Chris?


Jade is looking ROUGH tonight and I’m kind of disappointed in her. She can’t pull her shit together and basically just barely sobs out that Chris’s blog for People (which unfortunately I read every week to gain insight on if he has brain activity—spoiler alert: he doesn’t) hurt her feelings. Apparently he said her being wild disgusted her or something and she’s read it every single day since he dumped her while listening to Jewel’s You Were Meant for Me and letting the fat tears roll down her face. All jokes aside she just wants closure from him because he obviously lied to her Playboy posing face about why he was cutting her loose. Good luck, girl. You’re gonna get more support from the middle aged women passionately nodding at you in the audience than stammery Soules.



Kaitlyn continues to be my favorite in this whole slew of overly dramats women because not only does she look fab in a tight white crop coordinates outfit (take notes on how to dress when you see someone who dumped you on TV for the first time in months, Jade) but Kaitz also holds her shit together and comes across as an intelligent woman. Without sobbing, she articulates that she was falling in love and feeling confident at the rose ceremony and can pinpoint when her heart was broken. She wants to find out why the hell Chris would tell her he’s falling in love with her and also most definitely have sex with her in the fantasy suite just to axe her in a foreign country while wearing a festive robe. Are we seeing a trend here with Chris not handling his women well and lying a lot, ladiezzz? Jus sayin. These women should probably cut their losses and feel good about dodging a bullet, especially mah gurl Kaitlyn. Even though Kaitlyn has a good interview and I want to support her, she also spends the whole time onstage aggressively licking her lips and it gets REAL distracting.


And the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the doofus himself, Chris “Sweaty Pits Won’t Quit” Soules arrives: (No really… HAVE WE NOT LEARNED THAT CHRIS WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE?)

Screen shot 2015-03-03 at 8.09.00 AM

Is everyone here mad at me or something?

All he has to do is walk into the room and already Britt bursts into tears. Oh yeah, I just have that effect on women; they just want to cry immediately upon seeing me because that’s how terrible I treat them. This is what I imagine Chris says to his cows back home when he chitchats with them every morning. Britt asks to come up and brings it all full circle by giving Chris a 45 minute long uncomfy hug…FOR FREE. This evokes a hard eye roll from Carly. All I get from this convo is that Britt respects and loves Chris and Chris just stutters a lot. Smooth start.


Kaitlyn gets a turn next to ask Chris a bunch of questions that he will pretend to listen to and then just open his mouth and hope for the best while responding. Kaitlyn once again is very composed and just wants to know why he would stick it in her and say he’s in love with her then say peace out girlfraaann. Also having her sit through that rose ceremony when he knew she was going home WAS pretty brutal Chris’s response was: Ughh blub blub this is my first time being the bachelor HAHA. Kaitlyn should be the next goddamn Oprah and she’s dealing with this ooga booga.

And finally, Jade asks if she can come up to talk to Chris about why he checked out her nudies and then said it gave him a weird boner. She gets all sobsies and really doesn’t help her case of exposing how dumb Chris is. Unfortunately we have to hear the phrase wild mustang like 5 more times. And in the end Chris stammers out uh yeah YOU would’ve felt awkward too so HA. And then inserts tail between legs and apologizes because at this point there’s nothing else he can do. The damage was done when he told every single girl he loved them and then massaged their mouths with his. Time to move on from this VERY difficult time in his life.

And just because there were so many tears…here are the blooper reel highlights:

-Chris’s HIDEOUS laugh montage juxtaposed with dolphin sounds (This is the point where I seriously thought the producers knew I had run out of wine and were just straight up torturing me.)

-Jillian burning her black box on a hot chair…I think that’s what full shorts were invented for but who am I to jump to conclusions.

-Shit falling on Kelsey’s head, can we really call that a blooper or was it more of a ploy to get her to GO OFF.

-Kardashley spitting champagne up on herself, cause she doesn’t swallow. HEYYOOOO.

In closing, in the most inorganic and forced way possible, insert shameless self-promotion of C. Harrison’s new harlequin romance novel. Because apparently if you mediate a reality show with people looking for love, you’re now qualified to pen a novel. You do you, C.Harrison.

Next week it all comes to an end folks and I think I’m actually sad about it. Who will I make fun of on a weekly basis? Anyway, stay tuned to find out if Chris picks Becca or Whitney or if his head just hurts too much from everything being SO hard that he hightails it back to Arlington without a hostage wife.

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The Bachelor- Where is New Mexico?


This week’s episode starts out with Chris in Santa Fe staring up at a sky full of hot air balloons wondering how a balloon could float in the air AND hold a person. He’s lost in trying to fathom the meaning of the world as the girls find out that they’ll be visiting him in New Mexico for some dates. They all immediately Google if this is an area of Mexico that’s newer, and get their passports ready for a flight two states over. Shh, if we feed them Mexican food they won’t know the difference.


Hey Chris, the balloons are that way…ohh nevermind.

“Let’s Come (Cum?) Together” with Carly

Carly wins the one on one date—she looks surprised, mostly because her eyebrows are frozen like that. They have a date with a love guru who looks like one of the Egyptian vampires who came to Forks to help the Cullen’s fight the Volturi in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2. She pumps a lot of smoke into the room that I can only presume smells like the incense they swing around church on Easter and they’re both told to chant. Chris has a higher pitched voice than Carly and he should probably go into hiding now because that’s so embarrassing. But no, that’s not even the humiliating part of this date. It gets worse when they’re asked to feel each other up and then strip in front of the lady wearing a tube top and a scarf. These two prudes get real uncomfy undressing and smearing chocolate on each other (I can’t understand why) and opt for talking about their feelings instead. Oh and Carly sits on his lap, flattens his boner and they breathe into each other’s mouths Darth Vader style. Seriously, Chris I think you have a deviated septum, stop snarling while you breathe. They rape each other’s mouths after this breathing exercise and mushroom cut guru stares on from a mere inch away.


I understand the date name now.

Later on, Carly admits next to a crackling fire that her last boyfriend thought she was disgusting and wouldn’t touch her. She talks about how insecure she is about being an ugly woman who guys don’t want to sex. Chris reassures her by telling her she’s cool and smart like he’s signing her yearbook in 8th grade. She gets a rose and admits this is the first reciprocate relationship she’s had in a while and I hate to be the one to remind her that he’s also dating 10 other women.

“I’m Rapidly Falling In Love” Group Date

They all go white water rafting and Jade gets tossed from the raft and of course she also happens to have a condition that gives her hypothermia in normal temperatures so she gets a personal foot rub to warm up from Chris. Kelsey turns into the green-eyed monster and begins her swan dive off the deep end that will culminate in a staged panic attack at the end of this episode. Stay Tuned.

Hey everyone remember Jordan? She always had an IV of wine hooked up and she twerked on the bathroom wall then demanded Chris kiss her before he finally did, when he kissed her goodbye. Jordan makes a triumphant return asking for a sober second chance but also sneaking in the confession that she definitely has a drinking problem. Chris brings Jordan to the group date and Becca genuinely looks like Chris has just walked in with a yeti on his arm. The rest of the date is spent assembling a verdict for letting Jordan stay or not. Chris interviews the girls like they’re part of a jury to vote Boozy off the island. Jordan feels uncomfortable because all the girls obviously hate her for stealing their time; she goes to the bathroom for just long enough that I’m concerned she’s found the bar instead. Everyone tells Chris that it’s his decision but with their eyes they say that his decision should be to send Jordan home. Sack up and learn how to say no, Chris.

Finally after ruining the group date, he takes Jordan aside and tells her to kick rocks. She has a dramatic goodbye with the girls who just talked shit about her and she hugs every girl. Kelsey brings her in tight, pets her hair and whispers, “I’ll always admire you,” as she snips a lock of Jordan’s hair to add to her potion later. Whitney gets the rose for being there for the “right reasons.” KardASHLEY cries about it because she hasn’t thrown a tantrum yet this episode. Later she bitches to Mackenzie, her soundboard about how Whitney is a fake asshole who hates her for no reason. Note: KardASHLEY is wearing a top as a dress, yet there’s no black censor box, apparently Jillian took it with her when she left.

“Sky’s The Limit” with Britt

Britt gets the date card and immediately bursts into tears not because Carly just told her to shower for once, but because she’s deathly afraid of heights. Chris wakes Britt up for their date at 430AM and he’s really impressed with how she looks in the morning, probably because she has a full face of makeup on, including red lipstick. Britt let’s leave it to Beyonce to wake up like this, k? Carly has to watch them make out and is pezzed at Britt, the dirty old sock on the suite floor. Britt and Chris take a sunrise hot air balloon ride and Britt shows absolutely no fear of heights. Hmm…Could she be bi-curious AND dramatic?


Chris takes her back to his hotel room where Britt tells Chris that she wants 100 kids. Apparently Chris is into saggy vaginas that drag on the ground because he gives her the rose. They have some sloppy kisses and Chris shows her what’s behind door #3. Hint: it’s his penis. Back at the Mexican house, the ladies eat taquitos and talk shit about Britt and how she showers once a year and told them she doesn’t want to get married or have kids. They all agree Britt is a hoebag and also a fleabag. Later, Britt recaps for the girls and confirms their fears, “we ordered room service and took a nap.” That’s what the kids are calling hide the snake these days? Ok, Britt. And just because I feel like I’m stingy with the compliments, I’ll add that Britt’s hair was ON POINT for this date, clean or full of bugs, it didn’t matter because her glossy mane got her a one way ticket to Poundtown.

Kelsey hears about this “nap” and it lights a fire under her sensible shoes. After revealing to KardASHLEY and her minion (Mackenzie) the story of her husband dying earlier in the episode, Kelsey feels like she must tell Chris before the rose ceremony. She surprises Chris in his hotel room. Kelsey tells the tale of Sanderson Poe, her husband and also the character from a 1950’s story. She shows some emotion when telling it this time around (as opposed to, “SHIT HAPPENS HAHA” earlier with the girls.) The story now has a happy ending, because Kelsey gets her first kiss from Chris. Kelsey thanks her dead husband, who is probably watching over her with a monocle, for guaranteeing her pity rose and smooch. Also would we put it past Kelsey to murder someone? Just throwing it out there, but it will quickly be redacted if Kelsey ever reads this, for my own safety of course.


Chris tries to give a pre-rose speech about his emotional talk with Kelsey. GODDAMNIT, CHRIS PULL IT TOGETHER. Britt strokes Kelsey’s arm as she reveals how she snuck into Chris’s room to honor Sanderson, the greatest detective in Winston County. Kelsey turns on the tears to distract the dumbos around her from what she’s actually saying, which is that her husband died, Chris will obviously keep her around and she’ll cut a bitch that gets in her way.

Chris wah wahs to C.Harrison and wants to skip the social because he already knows whom he wants to cut loose. The girls are informed that they’ll be skipping right to the delete portion of the night and Kelsey announces that she doesn’t even want to do a rose ceremony because apparently she’s nervous Chris might’ve found her witches potion in her room that will trick him into marrying her. RIGHT after this little comment, Kelsey disappears and wouldn’t you know she has a very loud and aggress panic attack on the floor of the hallway. Is it too late for a last minute Oscar nom? I’ll find out. TO BE CONTINUED.

Roses (So Far): Carly, Whitney, Britt

Best Quotes:

“The hats & sombreros that they wear in Mexico, I don’t know if they wear that in New Mexico. I’m excited, I’ve never been out of the country” -Helmet Megan showing the damage her brain suffered courtesy of Chris’s brick wall. She also dons a sombrero at the end to show everyone that she’s racist. Indians and Mexicans are the same HAHA it’s FUNNY cause I’m wearing a BIG HAT.

“I just don’t think that you like her.”-Mackenzie trying to rationalize the babble that’s dribbling from KardASHLEY’s perfect red pout about Whitney being fake.

“Isn’t my story amazing? It’s tragic, but it’s amazing.”-Kelsey reciting a line from her future Lifetime movie about the murder of Chris Soules.

“This is harder than I thought it’d be.”-Chris crying about dating multiple women every single week.

“Now it’s just a big comparison game of sad stories.” –KardASHLEY summing up the plot of The Bachelor in one sentence. Who has a more depressing story? You’re CAST in this season of The Bachelor. Please inappropriately share it on national TV. Sorry that you’re only a virgin, KardASHLEY. Dem’s the pits.

Tune in next week to see an ambulance arrive and Kelsey pop up from the floor to admit she was just practicing a scene from Gone with the Wind. KardASHLEY cries some more and will we EVER find out who the hell Samantha is? Seriously, is this common for someone who’s never spoken to be kept around for this many weeks? Feel free to chime in on that.

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The Bachelor- A Date Made for Bimbos, A Show Made For Bimbos


This week on Keeping up with the Kardashians, err sorry; Cinderella crossover event, shit I mean, The Bachelor…KardASHLEY steals the show as a one-woman crying princess virgin and we are forced to watch a bunch of previews of the new Cinderella movie.

Group Date #1-Natty Ice on the Lake

The first group date is described with “Lets do what feels natural,” so obviously KardASHLEY fixes her weave and puts on a crop top that shows her fake D cups underboob style, you know, just really natural. Chris brings the girls to a lake. I know this because Chris says, “Well obviously we’re at a lake,” as he squints at the ladies and tries to remember how it is he got there.

Kardashley wants to find a way to break out of her shyness so she sheds her cut-off jean shorts that are getting lost in her lady bits, strips her Americana bikini top off and jumps in, Kaitlyn quickly follows suit (pun intended) by dropping her bottoms and showing everyone her buhhole. Kelsey is over this date and wants to stab her eyes out…hey Kelsey, try watching this show every week for two hours. ZING. Kelsey loves Lake Michigan and not trashy lakes with skinny dippin hoes.


The surprise of the day comes when Chris announces, WE’RE CAMPING, GUYS AND ALL YOU HAVE WITH YOU ARE YOUR SKIMPY BIKINIS. (Just kidding, production gives them a change of clothes and what a shame that is.) They all gather round the campfire and sing kumbaya. If kumbaya means passing around a bottle of fireball and talking shit about whoever has “stolen” Chris for a minute. Kelsey puts on a front for Chris and everyone plots to drag her tent into the lake in the middle of the night for her to ironically drown amidst the dirty water. Chris dresses up like a bear and shakes the tents. (StEEEVEEENNNN) I mean, Chris puts an avengers mask on and screams and all the girls are like, “Oh, hey, Chris.

Our resident LoonyToon OP goes on another tangent, as she’s known to do when the moon is full and she’s outdoors. She whispers worldly questions like, “What are you?” and then reveals it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters in OP’s world, except her prescription meds. The girls try to save Chris from OP using his skin as a blanket to keep warm in her tent. Kardashley only wore a bikini but miraculously has 3 different lipsticks she keeps applying. They make out (KardASHLEY still kisses like a virgin) and she tells Chris she has a crush on him and always feels like she has a unibrow around him, instead of perfectly painted on brows. Chris sleeps with his tent open so that someone can come in and accidentally fall onto his dick. Since Chris is dead asleep, Kardashley feels it’s a good time to tell him she’s pure and wife material. These girls have such a sense of timing. Chris is a moron and doesn’t understand that Ashley still has a hymen but pretends to anyway. Oh and Kaitlyn gets a rose.

Sister Wives

Back at the ranch, Chris’s sisters arrive to interview the ladies and review their resumes full of extracurriculars and no actual work experience to pick the right date for their brother. Jillian wastes no time introducing these three Iowa-bred ladies to what a black bar censor is for. When asked what she does, Jade replies, “I model for like a website for clothing.” Is that what they’re calling porn these days, Jade? You learn something new every day. Carly cries and says men aren’t nice to her or something. Jade must’ve won them over with her career choices and gets a date fit for a princess.

Kardashley is the biggest jelly belly in America that Jade won and gives a solid campaign as to why she’s actually a princess. Cause people call her one, duh. A lady with fluffy pink hair and Edna’s glasses from the Incredibles charges into the house and shouts JADEEEE in an ear-shattering voice. She has come to make Jade into Cinderella obviously. Today’s Cinderella wears Loubs and diamond earrings and Jade gets to keep it all in addition to a glass full of Kardashley’s tears to quench her princess thirst. Jade wears a paisley dress, over the top diamond strands and braided bun to the ball and she honestly looked better in her bikini and stilettos last week. There’s a lot of not so sly cross-promotion of the new Cinderella movie.


Jade’s Royal Ball

Chris practices his ballroom dancing by himself like a tool while also tearing up that he’s a prince. Bro, dreaming about fairytales is for chicks, grow a pair. The conversation flows nicely. Chris asks, “What do you do here?” and Jade replies, “I was engaged once before.” Nailed it. Jade & Chris nod like bobbleheads at every word each other says. The weatherman of Boston cuts in just in the nick of time to make sure I don’t have to listen to Chris make a rose speech tonight. I’m assuming Jade gets it cause then they’re dancing. HEY WE GET IT, CINDERELLA IS COMING TO A THEATER NEAR YOU. Jade has a hard time separating reality from a film…we’re dancing and they’re dancing and we’re all together dancing, she muses like a organic makeup creating philosopher. A midnight curfew stops Jade from getting porked right there in her ball gown.

Meanwhile, Kardashley can’t let it the F go that she didn’t get a princess date. She eats corn by herself in her princess dress and a full face of makeup. What goes better with corn than champagne? Kardashley is the limp rose that needs more water.

Group Date #2-None of These Women Should be Wearing White

They all get tacky wedding dresses and go to San Francisco. Jillian looks like a pig wearing lipstick and wedge sneakers. The gals are doing a “muckfest” for MS, so like it’s not for our entertainment, it’s for charity. Jillian takes a dump on everyone else in the competition and most of them quit after they hit the mud for the first time. Carly asks a valid question when she wonders if Jillian’s dick is bigger than Chris’s. I for one hope we never find out. Chris lifts Jillian after she wins and I was floored that she didn’t lift him first.

dirtydate jillian

Jillian’s Skyline Yapfest

Jillian & Chris enjoy a romantic evening together. By the looks of Chris’s face when Jillian is talking, he is holding in several farts. Chris can’t comprehend her muscle talk so he thinks about unicorns and stuff. Side note: ARE WE SURE CHRIS IS STRAIGHT? DID WE CHECK ON THAT? (Flashback to Chris revealing he’s touchy feely earlier and crying over being a prince…) Anyway, Jillian is still motor mouthing about her dad/her muscles and doesn’t know how a “would you rather” works and gives Chris a really shitty one about homeless people sex and Chris in turn doesn’t give her a rose. Learn a better Would You Rather, Jillian. I’ve got one- Would you rather have scissors for hands or rollerblades for feet. Boom, roasted. I get the rose.


Helmet Megan blindfolds Chris 50 shades style and brings out a tray of food. She doesn’t know what any of the 5 senses are, Chris makes out with her anyway. Kardashley is still yapping about her virginity. She tells Chris because he didn’t know what the F she was talking about in the tent. He’s all wow, no one would ever guess that because you dress like that and made me rub your magic lamp belly ring. He licks his lips in anticipation of deflowering her in the fantasy suite. KardASHLEY cries about it anyway. Becca is also a virgin except she didn’t plaster it on a billboard on the 405 and shed tears over it. For that only, I want to chest bump Becca. Do you, girl.

Britt calls Chris out for rewarding Kaitlyn’s T&A with a rose. Chris babbles and stammers much like he does any time someone asks him a real question and then storms off like a teenage girl. All Chris really needed to do was ask Britt why her body is always wrapped around another girl in the house. It’s starting to get weird. But instead…“If any of you think I’m not here to meet my wife, you can SEE YOURSELF OUT,”-dramatic, emo Chris declares to the biddies before the Rose ceremony.

Roses: Kaitlyn, Jade, Whitney, Carly, Megan, Samantha, Mackenzie, Kelsey, Becca, Kardashley, Britt

It’s the end of an era of bat-shit crazy as OP darts out of the house and declares that she feels nothing. That’s exactly what I feared. She swipes an onion pomegranate for the road, and old times sake. We also bid farewell to Juelia and I will never ever miss typing out my name with an extra vowel. Good riddance Extra E.

Best Quotes-

“I like really love you-I hope that resonates with your mind tonight.”-OP hallucinating on horse tranquilizers and declaring jungle love for Chris.

“He can probe at that area later on if he wants”-Ashley describing her chat with Chris in the tent OR describing how she wishes to lose her virginity?

“I want him to be like my grandpa”-Carly about wanting to give Chris sponge baths and wash his dentures.

“I had balls swinging at my face and one of them knocked into me.”-Becca, the OTHER virgin, who’s afraid of ballz

Go forth my bachelorites and never forget the necklace in any of your future endeavors.


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The Bachelor- The One Where Jimmy Kimmel Makes it Watchable


*DISCLAIMER: I’d like to apologize for spelling Kaitlyn’s name wrong for my last recap and possibly the one before that. I’m far to concerned with remembering the extraneous E in Julia to focus on Kaitlyn but I lost some sleep over it so it’s RIGHT now.

The episode begins with Jimmy Kimmel being Chris’s wakeup call and although the room is dark we have a single spotlight shining on his six pack as he arises from bed and his sheets artfully cover his morning wood because he was obviously awoken from a dream about rubbing KardASHLEY’s magic lamp.

Jimmy surprises the girls who he refers to as the sister wives, and it becomes clear that I will have a partner in poking fun of these dum dums because Jimmy is taking over this episode and no one is safe from his sarcasm. He also introduces the “Amazing” jar for whoever slips and says it. (Read: Everyone.)


Kaitlyn Date

Kaitlyn wins the first date with Chris and is promised hor d’oeuvres, high ceilings and an amazing view. They’re taken to Costco and Chris is dressed for a salsa dancing class in a purple button down with the top 4 buttons undone so this is a nice twist. Kaitlyn is dressed like Khloe Kardashian with a flannel tied around her waist (did she clear this outfit by KardASHLEY?) They’re shocked that their date is to go grocery shopping like REGULAR couples do. Ugh. So they roll down the aisles of Costco in an inflatable hamster wheel that I’ve decided I NEED. I also will need some children to push me around in it like Chris and Kaitlyn had, child labor on TV style. They make out in the hamster ball, obv. Kids—shield your eyes. Then these two little hamsters get some food and folding tables fit for a trailer park BBQ to make Jimmy dinner. Once they return to Chris’s house they get cooking. By cooking, I mean Chris does all the work and Kaitlyn pours the whiskey. Live look into the teamwork that this relationship is/will be. While swigging their bourbon and cuddling, the two discover that Chris has a little bitch laugh and Kaitlyn has a man’s laugh. In related news, I’ve decided that I hate Chris’s laugh and I hear it WAY too much because he laughs when he’s uncomfortable, usually after he’s made out with someone. And I think we ALL know how often he’s been in that position. Speaking of, Jimmy shows up while Chris and Kaitlyn are feasting on each other’s faces. During dinner, Jimmy asks the hard hitting questions that we’ve all been wondering, like how will you feel when you find out that Chris has taken several ladies to Penetration Land aka the Fantasy Suite. Kaitlyn earns a rose by saying that she won’t mind because you have to test drive the car before you buy it. Kaitlyn is diving HARD for the I’m a bro and love casual sex award, we’ll see if this pays off in the end.

Group Date

The theme of our first group date of the night is working on a farm, Napoleon Dynamite, Jimmy Kimmel style. Jillian, the walking black box censor, kicks off the competition with a serious case of ‘roid rage on some undeserving ears of corn. Since her ass is perpetually on display, the goat Jillian tries to milk next is too afraid of how hairy it is and won’t produce any milk for her. Carly the cruise ship singer on the other hand, gets her some goats milk STAT and tells us that she’s lactose intolerant right before she chugs it. YEEHAWWW get this girl a diaper QUICK. Jillian finally wrangles her goat and is hot on Carly’s tail so she decides to jump the pig fence to get ahead and of course they show this jump in slow motion and it’s just as glorious as when Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez laced up his new PF Flyers and jumped the Beast’s fence, except with a lot more ass crack. Our girl Carly wrangles a pig first and gets the W and I’m hoping she gets to a bathroom before that warm milk sloshing in her stomach turns into a real shit storm. Before she can, however, Jimmy has Chris pose with her for an American Gothic portrait and Jimmy also has to explain to all the ladies what this famous painting actually is and I’m assuming flash cards are involved.

carly jill

After the competition, Chris slobbers on a bunch of girls to the ominous and creepy soundtrack of Anastasia or something. Mackenzie, the brightest dental assistant in the group of unemployed and aspiring makeup design technicians, comes right out and asks Chris why he’s kissing everyone else and not just her? Although it’s a valid question to ask why Chris insists on shaking hands with his mouth before he even chats with a girl, Mackenzie, the one who tallies their kisses in a diary, wasn’t exactly the right person to call him out for it. Chris clears his throat a lot in response and doesn’t have a good reason, when really he could’ve just told Mackenzie to go shave her back now and I would’ve been satisfied (or not given her a rose). Becca stands out in the group of hungry Barbies and gives Chris some cheek (not the kind that Jillian is giving) because she doesn’t want to catch the herps that everyone’s swapping around. And he’s like no it’s cool I have to work for it, which obviously means giving her a rose so that he can get to know her tonsils.

Whitney Date

Whitney calls her one on one date with Chris a “formal date”, yet she shows up in a jean vest over a hot pink 8th grade shelf bra cami from Limited Too with white jeans and a necklace made of pooka shells. Chris has decided to color coordinate and they look like a couple of cotton candies heading to dinner at The Max. Chris tells Whitney he likes people who can make friends and go with the flow, therefore Whitney the try-hard screeches LET’S CRASH THIS WEDDING. Whit breaks the cardinal rule of wedding crashing; don’t wear what the bride is wearing. Oh the bride isn’t also wearing white jeans? Never mind. She changes into a formal gown, thank GOD but their evening wear can’t save them because they do no prep work to coordinate their stories and it’s almost as if the producers are going to go over to the wedding party and ask if they can film it and also have them all sign releases. Regardless, Chris has his panties in a wad that they’ll get arrested. If I could arrest him for how bad he is at making small talk at weddings I would’ve had him thrown in jail to think about what he’s done and replay his awful dad dance moves. Chris really dropped the ball on socializing and Whitney steps into the role of future Mrs. Soules and obviously doesn’t take it too seriously. She gets a rose for being able to hold a conversation with strangers who know you’re crashing their wedding. PS-If you bring a gift, you are officially the LAMEST uninvited wedding guests in America. “Officer, arrest these two for asking to come to my wedding, bringing a camera crew and a set of crystal stemware, THEY ARE DEVIANTS. “

*To be clear–Whitney still has the voice of 1000 Mickey’s being shoved down a garbage disposal so this date felt like it lasted for centuries.*

Pool Party

There was no social before the rose ceremony last night, instead there was a pool party, giving the girls an opportunity to put on a full face of makeup, bikini and stilettos and wet their heads with beach waves hair spray to create the illusion that they actually went swimming.

JuElia sees that Chris is having fun horsing around in the pool so it’s obviously the perfect time for her to take him aside and tell him about her husband who horrifically committed suicide. Side (but important) note: Chris is wearing a leather-braided necklace during this extremely uncomfortable and detailed conversation. They follow up a heavy and terribly depressing topic that should never have been exploited for TV with a super relevant ad from The Bachelor: THINK YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE FAMOUS?! If that doesn’t end in a lawsuit I don’t know what will.

Jade gets a tour of Chris’s house including the bedroom, where they have a steamy make out session on his bed set to 70’s porn music. I’d like to shake hands with the music supervisor for this show. Meanwhile, Jillian lurks in the hot tub waiting to pounce for the sloppy seconds fifteenths. They have a minute together (full of swapping spit) and then the terrible three comprised of KardASHLEY, Mackenzie and Megan (who should think about putting that helmet back on) come and ruin it. KardASHLEY is upset that she did her “Kardashian look” and isn’t getting any attention or rubs to her belly ring region, so she runs off and cries about it. KardASHLEY has become the cheap plastic stemware rolling down the driveway of the entire pool party. She snags Chris finally to laugh/cry to him that she misses him and we all know the formula by now, tears=make outs. When Chris asks KardASHLEY if she’s crying or laughing and she replies both, it hits a little too close to home because I also spend two hours every Monday simultaneously crying and laughing that my life has come to watching girls fight over hot tub minutes.

Roses (in order): Kaitlyn, Becca, Whitney, Jade, Samantha, Juelia, Mackenzie, Kelsey, Britt, Megan, Carly, Onion Pomegranate, Nikki, Jillian, KardASHLEY (Last. RECOGNIZE YO PLACE, GIRL…less crying, more laughing.)

Memorable Quotes

“It’s warm and salty. Not things I like in my mouth.”-Does it really matter who said this? The producers/writers of this show are clearly just F-ing with us.

“It kinda like fuels a fire under my butt”-Jade talking about her competition OR Carly after chugging a glass of goat’s milk? You decide.

“You are a man and I am a woman and I just want to take advantage.”– Carly before she makes out with Chris making a SOUND argument for feminism.

“Whatever you do don’t be yourself, be someone who gives better speeches.”-Kimmel summing up everything that makes me cringe about this show. Seriously, Chris, no more rose speeches. Revert to what you know…massaging everyone’s throats with your tongue.

I seriously tried to make this shorter because I understand that I wrote a novel longer than anything these bachelorettes have ever read for last week’s recap. Bear with me, I’m on the learning curve of being a brand new Bach-consumer. I hope that we can learn from this amazing journey together.

Television, The Bachelor

The Bachelor- “Tractor Race”


Remember how we had SUCH a cliffhanger last week when Kimberly the yoga instructor got all emosh and rolled back up to Chris and asked to talk? Well she blubbered out to him that they never got a chance to talk and that’s not how she would like this to end. Obviously all the girls who just received roses were really sympathetic to Kimberly and supportive of her decision to come back in. Just kidding, they talked shit the entire time and made her feel as unwelcome as possible. Chris feels bad because Kimberly is crying a lot and he asks Chris Harrison if it’s kosher to throw her a bone and let her come back for a second chance. Chris Harrison is like yeah the more brunettes that look exactly the same, the better…or something like that. And Kimberly the yoga instructor has effectively clawed her way back into the group.

The girls get their first group date invite and Chris showers outside in their driveway because PLOT TWIST: he lives in their driveway. The first date is a pool party and Chris shows up in a hooded sweatshirt unzipped at the top to show his pecs and I choke back vomit.


They play a healthy game of chicken fight where four girls are forced to team up and it’s clear that Chris hates them, then they parade through Hollywood in their bikinis to get to the “country” part of the date, a tractor race. While the most boring date in America is going down, Megan the makeup artist and Jillian the gym rat who apparently has her asshole hanging out because it’s blurred, sneak into Chris’s house…it’s UNLOCKED. They climb all over his motorcycle and Megan tries on his helmet and then runs around the house smacking her head into shit. I hope for her sake that she was day drinking and this isn’t one of her favorite pastimes.

Kardashian lookalike who is very well aware that she’s a Kardashian lookalike, Ashley wins the tractor race and gets some one on one time to sit in Chris’s lap atop a tractor and probably talk about makeup and selfies. Then Chris returns to the group and delivers his first shocking decision of the night when he picks Mackenzie for a one on one date. The girls justify this irrational decision by saying that Chris is just trying to make everyone feel like they have a fair chance even though they’ve all accepted that Mackenzie is the dud of the group who not coincidentally is also wearing overalls. Mackenzie exemplifies everything you should never do on a first date. First she calls out Chris for having having his ear pierced at one point. SPOT BLOWN UP. Chris lost many cool points for that one. She says she’s super observant of creepy things and now we all know she’s a serial killer. Then she tells Chris he has a big shnozz and that’s apparently her fetish. He’s offended and she pisses her pants because she thinks she’s so funny and backtracks and says it’s “prominent” not “big.” Then she brings up aliens quickly followed by “I haven’t been on a date in a LOOOOOOONG time.” It’s cause she has a son named Kale, she word vomits all onto Chris. He quickly wipes it up, clearly looks uncomfy and tells her he’s not scared of kids and they slow dance and kiss. Also she gets a rose. Mackenzie pulls out a small notepad and tallies all of her kisses with Chris that she later recounts for all the ladies who are wearing harsh fake smiles.

Second One on One Date with Megan the makeup artist.

Megan gets a one on one date with Chris despite the fact that she ran around his house ramming her head into hard surfaces. I have enough faith that if Chris saw that beforehand he would’ve opted out on the date, but that faith was crushed quickly with all of Chris’s poor decisions last night. Megan leaves for their date with her hair done up for the Oscars and an outfit that I definitely wore to an 8th grade dance, a pink wife beater and jeans. She clearly got tired after curling her hair and pulled a shirt out of her PJ drawer. Way to class it up for your future husband, girl. Megan & Chris are treated to a helicopter ride above the desert, the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. Chris took Mackenzie to a local pub and flew Megan across the Grand Canyon and landed for an intimate picnic. Bet Mackenzie’s ripping up her tallied kisses watching Chris dump all over their shitty date with this romantic outing. Megan squeezes Chris’s hand the whole time and I can’t help but be concerned for his circulation. On their picnic, Megan casually tells the story of how her being here happened so fast that slowly dwindled into her telling Chris that her Dad died. Apparently an award-winning storyteller, Megan leaves that part until the end and instead leads on a detail by detail telling of her dad’s whereabouts when he had a heart attack, what machinery the paramedics used on him, what his blood pressure was and what color sheets he had in his hospital room before she finally says that he passed away. Chris pretends to listen intently through all of this and is more likely going through everything he has eaten that day in his mind. He gives her a rose before she can tell him what suit her dad was buried in. They make out, obvs.

Second Group Date-Til Death Do Us Part

The girls are driven to an abandoned warehouse, a zombie scares them in the limo and they all get the physically closest they will ever be. Chris comes into the limo and everyone screeches and Kelsey cackles and suddenly I hate her just for one laugh. The date consists of shooting Zombies and then finding the beacon of light, video game style. Onion Pomegranate wants to shoot her teammates and everyone is concerned for her having a firearm, as they should be. There’s so much screaming it was like being in a bar with a bunch of woo girls. Onion Pomegranate (OP for short) is shooting zombies who are already dead, just further confirming that she’s unhinged. Then she goes off into OP land and starts rambling about angels and a big boom. Everyone tries way too hard to understand her when they should be ignoring her. Then OP sneaks up on Chris and he treats her like a mental patient who has escaped the psych ward, asking her several times in a slow enunciated tone if she’s okay. She’s not sure what planet she’s on so the producer that is on stand-by in case she slits Chris’s throat drops onion pieces to lead her to bed for the night.


Once the crazy has been tucked in, Britt and Chris share a moment where Britt reiterates that she thinks Chris is her boyfriend and he responds by giving her a coupon for a free kiss. Cause like free displays of affection are an inside joke for them, or Britt’s actual career but whatever. Katelynn and Chris also have some one on one time where Katelynn reveals that she recently dated someone who moved a lot and she decided that she didn’t want to put her life on hold for a guy again…so she promptly put her life on hold for a guy when she joined the Bachelor cast. Makes sense. Katelynn gets the rose and Britt cries herself to sleep because her boyfriend is cheating on her.

Group Social

The betches all gather again in cheap club dresses to edge more time in with Chris before he makes his rose decisions for the night. Whitney surprises Chris with a bottle of liquor, she not so discreetly reminds Chris that her brother in law is from Iowa and gives a toast that’s way too long for someone with an ear shattering voice. KardASHLEY tells Mackenzie she’s a virgin and has never had a boyfriend, Mackenzie is SUUUUUPER jelly and won’t let it go–Probably because a kid walked out of her vagina at the ripe age of 20. KardASHLEY feels the need to see Chris again and let him know that although she hasn’t had sex she can still do OTHER things (wink), she shows Chris her belly button ring with a magic lamp charm and Chris gets three wishes on her trashy piece of jewelry from Spencer Gifts. Chris wishes he could kiss her and has to rub her magic lamp. (That’s the first sentence that I didn’t exaggerate and I wish that I did.) She’s an eat your face kind of kisser and it looks real messy. My money’s on a sex tape before the end of this year from KardASHLEY, for obvious reasons.


Britt may have been the only one who got a written note with Free Kiss, but the rest of the ladies hopped right on that train as Chris tongued every girl in the house. But he’s looking for THE ONE, so it’s okay guys. Jordan the sloppy drunk student wants in on that big spit swap orgy and fixes her lipstick, downs another shot then hits him up for a makeout. She’s this week’s slob kebab and makes everything awkward and then announces that it’s awkward because that’s the quickest way to make it 1000x worse. This is the first time I see Chris turn down a smooch.

Rose Ceremony:

Mackenzie, Megan and Katelynn have roses from before, Britt & KardASHLEY are called next (cause he obviously has them pegged to be polite, chaste ladies who wait until marriage…just kidding these are all the easiest biddies and Prince Farming has some fantasy suite plans in the works). He calls out to Juelia and Jillian/Man Shoulders starts walking. He firmly repeats that he called Juelia and Jillian catches her 6 inch stiletto from Deb on the carpet and almost wipes out. She recovers smoothly by laughing like a maniac while everyone covers their eyes and reveals that if they were her they’d probably just kill themselves. Unfortunately she is also given a rose later on after he makes her sweat it out and question why she ever is allowed out in public. The last person that I recall getting  a rose is OP and it literally disgusts me to have to type this. Our very own Prince Farming picked the girl who has multiple personalities and probably mixes vicodin with her gin and tonics every night… clearly just for ratings. If she isn’t out by next week I will sincerely be disappointed in this hunk of man meat.

Tara, Alissa, Jordan, Kimberly are sent home for sure. THE REST IS A BLUR.


Cringeworthy Moment(s) of the Week: 

Juelia shares that she has a daughter, Ireland and was married to Ireland’s dad. She then reveals to these women that she doesn’t know at all and are looking for weaknesses to undercut her, that her husband committed suicide right after she had the baby. Juelia is all tears and just wants to find the right moment to unload this all on Chris who will most definitely handle it really well. Samantha the fashion designer stares at Juelia and puts a limp hand on her shoulder to comfort the sobbing girl. And it just felt genuine, you know? Coming in at a close second for most cringeworthy moment is Jordan getting sloppy drunk, twerking on the wall and then going on a tyrant about Jillian’s hairy ass, which makes me wonder how often these girls have seen each other naked in the two days they’ve lived together.

Best Quotes of the Week:

“I know what he means by show me your country and he’s gonna see it” -Tara, most likely referring to the bottle of Jim Beam she has stashed in her bikini top. Girl never rides a tractor without Jim.

“I wish everyone could feel my insides right now.”-Megan before her date with Chris and also a not so subtle hint at how she would like her first date with Chris to end. HEYYOOO. K that was dirty. Sorry. Not.

“The most beautiful blue eyes in North America.”-Chris to Megan at their Grand Canyon picnic. He quickly backtracked and was like I mean California, I mean in this Canyon. SMOOOTH lines, Corn Boy.

“Your leather smells really great.”-OP/Ashley S. right before she cut a chunk of Chris’s leather jacket with her switchblade and put it in her secret box underneath her bed full of cat fur and pomegranates.

“We’re all talking about having the same boyfriend.”-Britt as she cries about her boyfriend cheating on her and giving out MAD free kisses.

“I’m never anybody’s number one”-Tara right after she was DUMPED by Chris. Girl, you’ll always have Jim Jack and Johnny. And your sport fishing career.

That’s it for this week! I look forward to more tonsil hockey and monitoring of Ashley S’s meds next week. Until then I leave you with the best picture Google has ever given me for a blog.

favorite picture ever


The Bachelor Season 19 Premiere


An open h8er of The Bachelor I never thought I would see the day where I was willingly watching a season. Then I realized that I could recap the insanity for all my Bachelor-lovin’ friends and turn it into pure lawls. So here we are with a new weekly TV Recap. Follow me on this journey as Prince Farming, Chris Soules finds his milk maid. (Yes, I did write that myself, but it is only a matter of minutes before ABC trademarks it because the first 5 minutes of the premiere were FULL of cheesy farm cliches equally as cringeworthy as that one.)

Our farmtastic bachelor has a lovely montage to open up the show and so that we can see how many times he can talk about his crops or stare at them longingly from his motorcycle. Two minutes into the episode and he’s tearing up after he just rolled in badass style on his Harley, Chris was already showing us the gamut of emotions that he holds inside. “Love…is a lot like farming…” he muses as he eats the corn from his field and wonders if he’ll finally find someone to feed his chickens. After a little souleful Chris (see what I did there?), he shows us his rugged side by having ABC send a personal trainer all the way out to Iowa so that he can watch Chris do pushups on haystacks and talk about his regular farm workout regimen. Then he throws on some aviators, rides into the dust (should his motorcycle be ridden so closely to his crops? seems dangerous) to the soundtrack of badass music, on his way to find his woman. Once he arrives in LA we learn that Chris is scared of traffic and clothes and stuff cause he’s just a down home farmer. “I wish I was harvesting corn instead of getting fitted for a three piece suit.” Getting dressed is exhausting, he tells us. Apparently getting undressed is not because we got an obligatory shower scene, and damn have those hay pushups really been working. He’s ready to meet his biddies in waiting now…

Let’s meet Chris’s potential co-harvesters:


Britt-Waitress from Hollywood. She didn’t have sex in her last relationship and clearly misses it, she calls herself a “feeler, for sure” and gives out free hugs on Hollwood Blvd. to strangers. This all was enough to creep me out, but apparently Farmer Chris was on a whole different page than me. Britt gets out of the limo and gives Chris an excrutiatingly long hug and then slips him a coupon for a free hug…for later obvs. When they have some one on one time later they–wait for it–hug. And then Britt tells Chris that she can be his safe haven and they have an almost kiss where they really just stare at each other for a couple minutes. At the end of the night Britt receives the first impression rose saving her from elimination and also Chris follows up the rose with a steamy makeout sesh that was a liiiiittle aggress. Britt makes it more aggress by revealing it feels like she’s kissing her boyfriend. Pump the brakes, gurl. How did they part? With a hug. Duh.


Jillian- News Producer. She gyms real hard in neon tanks and also cheers in front of the monuments of DC. She exits the limo and goes for the tough girl act with Chris. Jillian grabs his muscles and then flexes for him and probably threatened to beat him up or something.


Amanda- Ballet Instructor. Amanda lives at home and is lazy AF, her mom has her fingers crossed she marries this bitch off so she stops free-loading. Amanda chooses the weird meeting route and in the long run it’s a big fail. She slips Chris a note to close his eyes and sneaks up on him from behind to be his “secret admirer” except that when he comes looking for the secret admirer she admits it’s her right away. He really worked for that. She has a set of REAL hard crazy eyes and the cameraman zoomed right in on those bad boys forcing some nightmares at me. No worries though she’s gone–No rose for the crazy eyes.


Whitney- Fertility Nurse, Chicago. Has a whiny nasally voice that makes me want to break my ears off, wants kids STAT, will 100% be the contestant to switch out her birth control and pull a pregnancy trap. Whitney is SUPES outgoing and doesn’t let Chris get a word in edgewise, which is fine because while she’s talking she’s already planning what their children will look like. They have PG talk about sex and it’s lame and boring.


MacKenzie-Dental Assistant. Teen mom who prefers hanging with a one year old than anyone else (read: no friends), wants a dad for her illegitimate son. Doesn’t know what alfalfa is. AND YET STILL GETS A ROSE.


Alissa- Flight Attendant. Compares love to flying WAY too much and talks about nothing else. I was convinced she would redeem herself and then her gimmick when meeting Chris was keeping him safe with an ACTUAL airplane seatbelt that she ACTUALLY strapped on him. Cut the shit Alissa, we GET that you’re a flight attendant but not everything has a correlating airplane metaphor. Brace yourself for more to come because she made it through the cut.


Kelsey- School Counselor Austin TX. Freshly widowed, suuuuper athletic, otherwise boring. Does not stand out to me at all except for maybe being an actual normal person, but she makes the cut anyway.


Kaitlyn- Dance Instructor. Meets Chris and immediately tells him “you can plow the F out of my field any day.” He has the uncomfies and then she picks some shit off of his face makes a crazy jealous gf joke and is off to the races for being the inapprops one. Since her schtick is telling off color jokes, she bangs one out to the crowd of prissy, judgmental girls with Chris and of course one girl doesn’t even get it. Hot crowd. Kaitlyn uses her one on one time with Chris to teach him how to break dance in some comfy yoga pants under her dress and I’m glad we’re keeping her around because we need her to stir shit up.


Megan- Makeup things…that’s all I’ve got for Megan. I don’t even remember her if we’re being honest.


Ashley- Hair Stylist. Her hair looks sexy pushed back. Just kidding, it doesn’t look sexy but it’s pushed back and I wish that it wasn’t. Ashley is the crazy bitch who keeps babbling about onions and tells the WWE wrestler to get lost when she’s talking to Chris. Also rips a pomegranate out of the bushes. Yet she still gets a rose………….


Trina- Special Ed Teacher. Again, I got nothin.


Reegan- Tissue Specialist. This weirdo talks about how she has this great job touching human tissue and stuff and brings Chris a fake heart in a cooler to be like HAHA I’m funny smart and cute wink, wink. And he’s like HAHA that was none of the above- WINK, WINK….and she’s gone.


Tara-Sport Fishing. Tara is our resident hick who shows up in cutoff jorts, plaid shirt and cowboy boots and tells Chris this is who I am so suck on that. She then enters the room of bitches, gets one dirty look and suddenly she cares what everyone thinks and throws on a dress and some wedges to sneak back out and make a better impression. Nailed it. Tara more than made up for her weird double intro by throwing back whiskey all night. Once the rose ceremony rolls around, Tara clearly has the spins and can’t hold her shit together but RIGHT before she boots and passes out, she gets a rose. WUT.


Tandra- Executive Assistant. Tandra rides in on a motorcycle and tries to be badass and cool and stuff and makes a crack about riding on the highway in it even though she entered from stage left and probably wheeled it in. That’s all we need to know about her for now. I can’t even remember if she got a rose or not. Clearly it’s not important.


Jordan- Student. Jordan rolls out of the limo with a nip of Whiskey because she heard it’s Chris’s favorite liquor and they toss it back together. I respect the hell out of this and any one who brought me liquor at the first meeting would get the first impression rose without hesitation…to hell with free hugs, gimme the juice.


Nicole-Real Estate. Nicole debuted with a pig nose on her face to be all tongue and cheek about farm animals but couldn’t hold her ground and got really self-conscious that Chris would actually think she’s an ugly fat pig and so she took it off immeidately and overcompensated by saying I REALLY LOOK LIKE THIS. DON’T WORRY I’M NOT ACTUALLY A PIG, CHRIS!!!! And he said bai when he did not rose her.


Brittany-WWE Wrestler. Brittany showed up in lingerie with a sign that said #soulesmates? Too much. She also didn’t get too much time to chit chat with Chris before girl who shall forever be known as onion pomegranate stole her thunder.


Carly-Cruise Ship Singer. Aaaaaand the most woof entrance award goes to Carly. Wearing a bad 80’s wedding dress or something and carrying a pink karaoke machine, she sang about meeting Chris, as she was meeting Chris. It was bad and awkward and I had to cover my eyes and ears at one point and YET she got a rose.


Tracy-Fourth Grade Teacher. Tracy pulled out the big guns to make Chris remember her…she used her students being cute kids. They wrote notes to Chris about why he should pick her and awww don’t kids say the darndest things that their teacher obviously told them to write so she could get a husband? She also talks about becoming a cat lady in their one on one. She makes it on through.


Bo-Plus Sized Model. Bo talks about how she loves eating and stuff because she’s a plus sized model. Oh…and she was axed.




Ashley-Nanny. I don’t remember this girl speaking once but she’s basically a Kardashian so she’ll either marry Chris or get a reality show out of it.


Becca-Chiropractic Assistant


Jade-Cosmetics Specialist. Has two kids. WOOF. I guess Chris is into the daddy thing because he kept both mom’s.


Juelia- Estetician. From a REAL Julia, this is an outrageous way to spell our name and I can only hope this bitch doesn’t make it more than 3 episodes because I refuse to type that out.


Kara-Soccer Coach. CUT.


Kimberly- Yoga Instructor. Didn’t hear a peep from her all night (i’m assuming…it’s all a blur now) once she gets axed, she talks about how undeserving this is and then goes back in all teary asking to speak to Chris. CLIFFHANGER…WHAT WILL HAPPEN?


Michelle-Wedding Cake Decorator.


Nikki- Former NFL Cheerleader. Key word=former.


Samantha-Fashion Designer. Nothing really needs to be said about this chick. She’s a fashion designer living in LA, she’s for sure not going to move to Iowa to live on a farm. He’ll probably send her packing after he gets some.

You’ll notice that not all of these women have deets and that’s because I have never had a more difficult time trying to keep track of a bunch of biddies. They all look alike and say stupid shit, the good news is that there were some that were already sent home so we don’t need to know things about them, thank God. There was A LOT of drama halfway through the THREE HOURS that this show took from my life when the ladies and Chris thought that there might only be 15 contestants and every single one of them WOULDN’T stop asking about it. Then Chris Harrison announces that the BIG surprise is there are MORE limos! WHAT A SHOCKING TURN OF EVENTS! WE TOTALLY DIDN’T READ THE CAST LIST BEFORE THE SHOW STARTED OR ANYTHING. Nice try, Chris Harrison, nice try. Anyway fingers crossed I can keep track better once we start cutting the fat, I’m obviously referring to slob kebab Tara and onion pomegranate who should be the first to go. Will Chris do more macking and free hugging with Britt next week? Will I ever be able to differentiate between the remaining brunettes? Stay tuned to find out!