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The Bachelor – Nick Wears Short Shorts


Let me kick this bitch right off by saying that I knew this show was a crock of shit, but I don’t need to be hit over the head with it every time I watch. For example, if you announce the next Bachelorette before she’s even bumped off the show WHY THE HELL WOULD I WANT TO WATCH ANYTHING SHE DOES ON THE SHOW KNOWING THAT SHE’S NOT GOING TO BE PICKED? I’m fired up and I’m not sorry bout it. This season has been so heavily produced that it has turned into an outrageously boring show. Nick cries, a couple of actresses cry, nobody does anything. There you have it, I’ve summed up every ‘sode this season. But since I’m not a quitter…let’s break down how Nick pretended he is one.

Nick doesn’t even shed his white Keds for a daunt on the beach with Chris Harrison where he says he doesn’t think he could possibly go on being the Bachelor. Chris Harrison, rocking the beachy casj, nods and stares at Nick, as one does to a child when you want them to work themselves through a fit. At the same time, the girls who are too heartbroken for Nick to even put on a stitch of makeup, cry at the house and wonder what their life will be like when this show ends. A lot of Instagram ads, ladies. A LOT. Dramatic music plays AAAAANNNDDD Nick decides to stay after all, because like he’s under contract. The reward for making this fake decision is a trip to another island. And more Nick man thigh.

Let’s Go Deeper…with Vanessa

Nick tells Vanessa he feels like he knows her but at the same time he like, doesn’t know. Deep. Vanessa likes making out with Nick under water. Corinne feels like there’s nothing deep about Vanessa other than her special ed job (aspiring actress) and her Italian family. This is funny coming from Corinne because she’s a shallow dumbass who once starred in a rap video heavily medicated. Are you following?

Later, Vanessa tells Nick that she’s falling in love with him and he diplomatically responds with “I really, really like you.” I’m glad someone learned a lesson from that dopey Snuffleupagus otherwise known as Ben Higgins. Probably the first smart thing Nick’s done all season. Vanessa’s feelings are hurt because she doesn’t know how this show works.

Let’s Jump In with Both Feet First with Corinne, Kristina & Raven

Corinne and Kristina compete to be the hottest yacht hoe. They both slow strip tease but Nick chooses Kristina to give the ole sunscreen rubdown so Corinne almost hurls herself into shark-infested waters. My favorite thing about this date is the girls leaving their hair down and then being forced to casually prevent it from attacking their face while also looking sexy. Kristina cries because she’s afraid of sharks and Nick comforts her obviously. That’s what you get when you come to live life in color, BITCH! (I’m sorry. I think my Bach bitterness is getting out of hand. I’ve got nothing against Kristina, I’m irrationally taking out my anger on her.)


Corinne, still mad about watching Kristina get suntan lotion fingerblasted, decides to get all sorts of F’ed up for the nighttime date. I’m guessing Nick isn’t into his ladies having bloodshot eyes so he talks to Kristina first. He cries and at this point I don’t even know why. It’s just his thing. Corinne eats a buttload of cheese and adopts a new insufferable habit of referring to herself in the third person. In one of the weirdest and creepiest moves of the night Nick rebounds from crying straight to asking Raven if she calls her dad “DADDY.” WHAT. Raven answers yes and therefore she gets the rose.

Let’s Ride Off into the Sunset Together with Danielle

Danielle says she misses riding a bike and Nick replies, “yeah it’s just like a swing.” What…on this planet…makes a bike and a swing similar?  They interrupt their bikeride to stop and play pickup basketball with a bunch of kids. I’m REAL mad at those little shits for not boo’ing Nick directly off the court for trying to ball out in that outfit. White boy CAN’T jump. Anyway, turns out Danielle’s a real dud and they can’t find anything to talk about other than bikes being like swings…and how they’re both just two Wisconsin kids who immediately moved to other places and tried to be famous. Since this date is like watching Wisconsin cheese age, Nick cuts his losses with whispery Danielle (who also might DEFINITELY be on drugs.) Danielle declares that she’s not good enough and the camera zooms in on her top notch wedgie as she stands up to leave. Cameraman done you dirty, Danielle. Farewell to you and your bunched undies.

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for since they teased it roughly 6 weeks ago…Corinne gets her platinum vageen on and rolls up to Nick’s hotel room (not looking her best might I add) and they close the door to the bedroom. Nick goes “what did you have in mind?” like a WIENER. I think she came over with no underwear on to play Parcheesi, Nick. EYE. ROLL. But then he says no means no, cause you know, rehabbing the image. Corinne wobbles out on her Bambi legs and gets confused about where to exit. She JUST WANTED TO DO SOMETHING NICE!

Let’s Get a Taste of the Local Flavor with Rachel

They hang out and talk about how Rachel’s never brought a white guy home to meet the fam before. I ignore this entire date because it doesn’t matter now that Rachel has been officially announced as the Bachelorette in one of ABC’s DUMBEST PR moves ever.

Either way, in the end Nick cries some more to Chris Harrison then sends Kristina packing. Solid grace period to wait a week after a girl tells you she grew up an orphan who ate lipstick to survive before dumping her. Gear up for next week where we meet the infamous Raquel and Raven’s DADDY. Wink.


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