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The Bachelor – Elephant in the Room


Three minutes in and Nick is shedding all sorts of man tears, which really sets the tone for this stupid episode. All anyone cared about is meeting Raquel. The rest was white noise.

Hoxie, Arkansas with Raven

Raven brings Nick up to the top of a water tower and the big, bad, Hoxie police roll up to do a really shitty job of pretend reprimanding them. Nick straight shits his pants and obviously the cop is Raven’s brother. Don’t quit your day job, bruh. That acting was EMBARRASSING. After Nick finishes cleaning up the big dump in his pants from being scolded by a cop, they go four wheeling so that they can lay in a muddy, murky wetland DEFINITELY full of snakes and writhe on each other.


Later, Raven’s parents announce that her dad is cancer free and Nick awkwardly claps and has all the uncomfies. Raven cries, and gives a written speech. Nick SHOCKINGLY doesn’t cry. So to reiterate, the blowing of a breeze makes Nick sob but hearing happy news and seeing everyone emotional=his eyes are the Sahara desert. I don’t have anything to say about this boring ass home visit other than her accent makes me want to hang myself.

Texas with Rachel

Right off the bat Rachel hauls Nick to a gospel church where the reverend introduces Nick as her boyfriend. He is the only white in that church, which has roughly 14 people in it. So obviously faith is important in Texas. Nick says he’s very comfortable in a place of worship, which seems weird for someone who bangs girls on TV.

At home, everyone wants to know if Nick has ever dated a black girl before. I want to know if Constance is aware that her husband is gay. I’m genuinely surprised that this goon doesn’t tell Nick there’s only room for one white in this family after he points out that Nick is in fact, WHITE. WHO KNEW?!


The rest of the date is a bunch of interracial couple chat and Rachel’s mom using the term “elephant in the room” way too much. The only real elephant in this room is THE FACT THAT RACHEL HAS ALREADY BEEN ANNOUNCED AS THE NEXT BACHELORETTE AND THEREFORE CANNOT WIN AND THEREFORE IS WASTING OUR G-D TIME.

Miami, FL with Corinne

Corinne takes Nick shopping so we can have a 90’s dressing room montage via Rodeo Drive. If only they also played this jam.

They’re going to take everything because Corinne owns a multi-million dollar business DUHHHHHH. After treating Nick to $3000 worth of deep V’s and short shorts, Corinne tells Nick she loves him. He responds with his tongue.


FINALLY we get to set our peepers on the highly critically acclaimed RAQUEL. Corinne tells her family that everyone razzes her about having a nanny. Quick to come to her defense, Corinne’s mom says that she couldn’t do a lot of things without Raquel rrrriiiiiight as Raquel hands her a glass of wine. Mama needs her juice and she’s NOT about to pour that shit herself! In a shocking turn of events, Raquel is allowed to sit at the dinner table with them. Wowowowow. She really IS part of the family!!! In other character news, Corinne’s dad is straight out of Goodfellas complete with the open shirt to show off the chest music and a gold chain. Corinne and daddy lay on the bed together to catch up, you know, because that’s not weird. They chitchat about how Corinne told Nick she loves him because they’ve been dating for a whole month and that’s basically an eternity in Corinne’s love life. Daddy asks if Corinne would be comfortable making all the money in their relationship or if she thinks Nick can provide for her. Corinne being the breadwinner in any relationship is downright terrifying. Does this mean she’ll be booking more 2Chainz music video cameos so she can afford to buy Nick all of the overpriced pastel tees in the world? One can only dream.


Nick gets real with Raquel while Corinne and Daddy talk business in bed. I wish I could tell you what Nick and Raquel talked about but there was a REAL language barrier here and it would’ve been an ideal time to slap some subtitles on the screen for those of us at home. I’m pretty sure Raquel gave Nick her blessing, which is only the HIGHEST of honors. Papa goombah then gives Nick some aged scotch that he probably took one sniff of and had to fight back tears as they talk about life, love, and the thumb grip on a rocks glass.

Montreal with Vanessa

Vanessa brings Nick to her “job” at a “school” where she forces her students to make a scrapbook of pictures of her and Nick. Yeah, ok. I can be a teacher too! Hey kids, I just moved into a new apartment and I’ll need help hanging my wall decor. Come on over and do it for me, I mean, learn about carpentry and interior design! Obviously Vanessa wears leather pants, a fur vest and a lace up top with her tits out to work everyday*.


*when she pretends to work at a school and cameras follow her there.

Nick meets Vanessa’s mom’s side of the fam later, who clearly need to prove that they’re Italian by serving manicotti and shouting MANGIAMO before sitting down. Vanessa’s family is going through a real identity crisis with their languages. They use cliché Italian words, her gremlin little bro has a French accent, and her sister has a Canadian accent. FIGURE IT OUT. Pick one accent and stick with it. Vanessa’s sister tearfully threatens Nick and everyone seems a little too overbearing and judgmental of Nick and Vanessa as a couple. It’s almost as if Vanessa hasn’t told them that she’s just doing this to advance her acting career and it doesn’t matter if Nick doesn’t want to move to Canada.

At Vanessa’s dad’s house, there’s more drama because of Nick’s go-to move this episode, which might be worse than Higgins telling two girls he loved them. Instead of waiting until the end to ask each girl’s dad for his blessing, Nick decides to throw Bach rules out the window and ask every single dad. It’s a snake move, which we should expect nothing less from the snakiest Bachelor whose engagement won’t extend past the season finale of the show. He’s just keeping his options open of course. Instead of pigeonholing with one dad’s permish, midas whale take a poll and see which one reacts the best. I know if a stranger came to meet my dad and immediately asked “if this relationship were to progress and I maybe felt like proposing to your daughter, would you be kewl with that?” Den would be like SOLDDDD! Every happiness to ya both.

Either way, Vanessa’s dad wasn’t sold and he immediately narc’ed to his daughter that Nick’s asking this question of every dad, which makes Vanessa feel like a piece of trash blowing in the wind. She decides that she needs to talk to Nick about this…next week of course because we’re back to this “to be continued” bullshit. Also next week: Andi makes a sorpresa scripted viz because her book sales are dropping. Does it sound like I’m over this season or am I doing a good job of masking my disappointment? Don’t answer that.


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