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The Bachelor- Prince Farming Finds His Milk Maid


Welp, the day has come. I’d like to personally toot my own horn for lasting this entire season and making the best of it with lots of wine and lots of snark. That being said, this finale was a REAL snoozefest. Like probably the most boring two hours of television I’ve ever watched leading up to the most predictable proposal, like ever. So let’s dig in, corn lovahs.

We find ourselves in Arlington, Iowa again…unfortunately- so that the ladies can all meet Chris’s family and be one with the farms. Speaking of being one with the farm, now that Chris is back amongst his crops he does a lot of walking into the snow-covered fields and staring off into the distance, thinking about his next milking or who he was going to marry or whatever.


Whitney meets the entire family for lunch and there’s tears and a toast about how much she loves Chris and his family and how important this is and everyone is already her family, so there. She’s just as heavy on the self-tanner as she is on the love for Chris’s family. It’s winter in Iowa girl, T it down with the orange lotion. The sisters also chat with Whitney and it becomes very clear that they’re Team Whit.

When Chris sits down with the sisters he talks mostly about Becca—because the only hesitation Chris has with Whitney is that he has “another girl he really likes.” Apparently Chris is in high school talking to his sisters about who he’ll take to prom. Continuing the high school theme, Chris has a SUPER difficult time talking about why he loves Becca. He basically starts listing her superlatives, you know she’s athletic and stuff…

Whitney and Mama Soules have a good heart to heart where naturally Whitney cries a lot and says all the right things. Chris’s mom is like yeah I love the shit out of you but it’s not my decision. Regardless, Whitney is confident that she’s the future Mrs. Soules.

Chris and his boyz meet in the tool shed, as farm bros do, to talk about his DIFFICULT decision. The men wear a variation of colored plaid shirts and Old Navy Tech vests as they try to concentrate on the gibberish that Chris is spewing. His boys are team Whitney because Whit has already agreed to give up everything she’s ever owned to live in Arlington and Becca’s like meh, maybe.


Becca rolls into Tumbleweed city with a cake and a case of the nervsies. She feels better once Chris sings the Be Yourself song to her.

Works every time. Inside, there’s literally kids crawling all over the place, which probably doesn’t help Becca’s apprehension to commit to getting married and popping out baby farmers stat. At dinner, everyone laughs about how the Arlington “downtown” area is a dump hole with only a post office. What a sad existence. Do you think they’re all drugged? Becca becomes little miss Jokey McJokester and says if she moves there she’ll tell her family to stop texting her and communicate only through snail mail. Lawlz, Becca. Methinks a carrier pigeon might be more efficient.

Chris sits down with the sisters once again and the CSI music is seriously overwhelming. It’s distracting that I feel like we’re finding a rapist murderer instead of listening to his sisters give him advice on how to communicate with women. Same thing, really.

The convo between Becca and Mama Soules starts out quite lovely as Mom tells Becca that because Chris is so picky must mean she’s a special one. But he also needs a bitch to move to Iowa and be his farm slave, so things get passive aggressive real quick. Mama Soules starts to bully Becca into admitting she’s in love and Becca obviously is terrified so she’s like yeah maybe I am in love with Chris. Finally the mama bear lays down the hammer with LIVE YOUR LIFE, NO RAGRETS, Tim Riggins style. She makes Becca cry like a big kid on the playground. Becca leaves real unsure of her future as Chris walks down a barren road, probably heading toward town to see if there’s any human life still existing. It’s looking grim.

Becca & Chris Last Date

Chris wants to know if Becca can really see herself moving to Iowa FOR-EVER. FOREVER. Essentially Becca can’t make any promises of when she would be ready to move to Shit-Town, USA and her and Chris have their first real fight. Chris sits her down job interview style and is like can you give me your five year plan. Don’t EVER ask a girl what her five year plan is, unless her name is Whitney I guess because that girl basically handed over her letter of resignation in Bali. Anyway Becca is like all I know is that I want you AKA she’ll be giving up dat V real soon. Finally it comes out that she’s scared she won’t have her own life in Arlington (Becca is a human with real thoughts.) And Chris is like AHA I GOTCHA, YOU HATE ARLINGTON. Chris then cries about it afterward in his button up sweater in front of a globe artfully positioned next to some lit romantic candles. This is his Becca’s about to get kicked on outta here vibe.

Whitney & Chris Last Date

They ride around on the tractor and Chris teaches Whitney how to do donuts around the corn. Whitney gets turned on at how Chris farms, duhs. He gives Whitney the tour of all the farms he owns and brings her to the bachelor pad. One day, this could all be yours, Whitney-Son. Girl gets emosh again and talks about how right everything is and how thankful she is for this journey because she straight up can’t stop crying and word vomiting her love for him. Chris says everyone and everything and every piece of dirt in his land is AWESOME, awesome, awesome. Whitney takes this opportunity alone with Chris to tell him she’s obsessed with him and they can tell each other everything with just one look and totally finish each other’s sentences. Chris starts to say This is…and Whitney jumps in with AWESOME. They’re so in love.

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Last Rose

Neil Lane has appeared to give away a diamond ring in exchange for free advertising and also to complain about Iowa. The music swells again and seriously the sound mixer for this show deserves to be fired. It’s so overwhelming. The girls get ready and gown up to hit the barn that has been decorated like a whimsical forest but probably still smells like cow shit and horses. Chris puts on a real show of saying he might not propose to anyone and he’s so torn when really we all know what’s going to happen. Nice try, dum dum. He also talks a lot about how HARD he has been working to get to this moment…it was a HUGE missed opportunity that the producers didn’t flash back to a montage of him making out with all the ladies while he said this. Oh yeah, Chris? You really worked for it.

Becca arrives first so we already know she’s dunzo. She enters the barn of love and Chris has a legitimate face seizure when he sees her. I was actually concerned that he would need a paramedic to recover. He says he can totally see Becca as his wife and farm slave but she just ain’t ready for that shit. Then he pukes out a bunch of clichés (eloquently of course, as he’s known to do)– I’m not giving you what you need, you’re going to make someone incredibly happy, blah blah blah. Instead of spiking the rose off of his stupid rambling face like I wanted her to do, Becca tells him that she respects him and that he’s going be a fab hubs. It’s classy of her but realistically I didn’t sit through two hours of boring-fest to watch a girl say thank you for your time, byeee. You can tell she’s ACTUALLY relieved that she doesn’t have to ditch her fab mid-twenties lifestyle in Cali to move to a farm and start wearing a bonnet. Becca doesn’t even cry when she leaves, she just smiled because it happened. Chris watches her go and as we were forced to watch him stare into space again for a solid 2 minutes, I started to get irritated until my friend Lindsey pointed out that he was probably supposed to be talking but he just couldn’t find the words. So we’re cutting The Bachelor producers a little slack for working with a moron.

FINALLY, Whitney approaches the barn in what can only be described as a gown that a middle aged woman would wear to the White House Correspondents Dinner. Whitney comes in hot with the jabber jaws and literally won’t shut up about how much she loves Chris (really?! We had NO idea!) and basically doesn’t let Chris speak for five minutes. Chill, grl. Chris is eventually like oh is it my turn? He speaks and it’s like Shakespeare himself reciting prose. Just kidding, he still stutters and stammers and is like I love you, I love you, I LOOOOOVE you. He really likes that they both want the same things, which is to live in a desolate town and reproduce a slew of future farmers. You know, because Chris told Whitney to want these things and she was like OK!!! He gets down on one knee and I’m disappointed that they didn’t incorporate a haystack in this, there’s so much loud kissing and so many I love yous that I needed a barf bucket to get through it. They end watching that Iowa sunset and Britt sneaks out from behind a tree to remind everyone that the sunset is what made her fall in love with Arlington, and she could still move there if need be, NBD but HBD. And so the dolphin laugh ends up with the piercing Mickey Mouse voice…(as my friend Courtney pointed out) could there ever be a more perfect match?


Deep Thoughts from Chris:

“I am dating two extremely awesome girls and I feel like I’m falling in love with them so I have an extremely hard decision to make.” I’m pretty disappointed that C. Harrison, the novelist, didn’t give Chris a Thesaurus before the final episode. That would’ve been like extremely AWESOME!

“We’ve got to get some dirt in those pink nails of yours.” Chris “I’m gonna put you to work once you’re my wife” Soules, ladies. RUN, WHITNEY, RUN!

“I’m so happy to be in the barn where I raised my first pig”-Chris thinking about pigs instead of proposals. Sounds about right.


-Whitney only watched her dates with Chris this season. I wonder why… did she not want to see him slop all over every woman in the house?

-Chris actually utters the sentence: “I knew you had never fellen in love.” to Becca. Chris handles live TV and facing exes like nobody’s biz. Mr. Smooth.

-Bonus clip: Chris’s parents surprise them after the proposal and talk about pumping out kids and “practicing”. All the uncomfies. Even Whitney was like ha-ha you’re ruining this moment, go away now.

-Onion Pomegranate gets more air time and will get even more on Bachelor in Paradise.Girl is cashing IN on a damn onion.

-Jimmy Kimmel comes out and makes fun of everything then parades a cow out into the audience. Jimmy Kimmel still wins this season.

In a SHOCKING twist…they save the announcement for last that….


No seriously, wait for it. I HAD TO.

Apparently Bachelor nation couldn’t choose between Britt or Kaitlyn for the next Bachelorette so they decided WHY NOT BOTH?! I’ve never seen a more polarizing reaction from an audience. Chris Harrison was like clearly you were torn up about this and I’m surprised someone didn’t just stand up and shout TEAM KAITLYN because everyone is OBVIOUSLY team Kaitlyn. So apparently in the first ever 2 for 1 Bachelorette special,  the men will choose which one is wife material like they’re shopping for a mail order bride… Wonder who they’ll choose-Britt who gives free hugs (wink) or Kaitlyn who tells good jokes. My girl Kaitlyn got the shaft and she knows it. They even put them in matching sparkle dresses for the announcement. Yiiiikes this is gonna be bad.


But you bet your bottom dollar I’ll be here to recap the trainwreck that it is. Until next time Bachelor Nation….now who wants in on the over/under of Whitney and Chris’s breakup? Anyone? Anyone?


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