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The Bachelor- A Cluckin’ Waste of Time

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“It makes sense now, watching it.”-Olivia

Here’s our lovely Bach tradition of putting a bunch of disgruntled betches who have just had all their gossip aired for America to see all in one room so that they can show off their new haircuts and let a live audience full of over reactive ladies from the Midwest judge them. Did I miss anything?

According to the first segment of this useless 2-hour filler program to draw out the wait for the finale, 50 middle schoolers have a pajama party every Monday night for the Bachelor. That’s some bullshit. I was NEVER allowed to have sleepovers on school nights…or watch-party bangers. Chris and Ben “surprise” a bunch of people watching The Bachelor. K.

Strike 2 is the return of Tiara, the chicken enthusiast who we only remember from her pre-recorded vignette where she only talked about all her chickens that she probably gets intimate with. Her lifespan on the actual show lasted one night when she was boring AF and Ben sent her packing so that he didn’t have to learn her name. Well, in gimmicks of all gimmicks, she’s been invited to “Women Tell All” to sit there with a chicken on her lap and do nothing else. I would’ve killed to be in the writers’ room for that one. An idea board is hoisted behind the conference table with “how can we work the chicken enthusiast back in??” Light bulb: have her chicken Sheila just sneak into everyone else’s shot and at one point attack Lace mid-program. Ding, ding!

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Other than allowing live poultry to observe this event in its entirety, we learn that Jen is a real bitch that HATES Olivia’s stinkin guts and Jubilee really was enemy no. 1 because she was yapping about being the only full black girl to make it this far. Reverse racism? Specifically, the two half black girls were pretty TO’ed about this comment. Who is who? Well let’s see, both Amber and Jami are half black, have decided to get the EXACT same haircut/style, and have their tits out for the boys. THEY’RE ALSO BOTH BARTENDERS. If we’re going to take a stance on race and race relations, pick two girls who aren’t THE SAME PERSON to do so. Jus sayin. Either way, Jubilee’s like whatever I never said that, but I guess I’m sorry. And Amber (?) blows her kisses. Genuine behaviors all around. So in summary, everything’s Gucci in the bi-racial Bachelor community.

Afterward, Jubz takes the hot seat where for her entire “interview” Chris Harrison does nothing but stare at her and will her to cry. She’s grateful that Ben gave her a chance at love even though her entire fam is dead and also she’s still active duty and could absolutely drop all ya’ll bitches with the flick of a wrist.

In resident Bachelor crazy land, Lace is suuuuper uncomfy watching her own highlight reel. Same, girl, same. I can imagine that her watching this season is much like what it would be like to watch a live feed of the bar cam whenever I end up at the Boom Boom Room in Saratoga. A lot of slurring and a whole lot more eye rolling. But I digress. Lace is proud of herself and feeling great now and everyone in the crowd is really supportive of this turn of events. JK they all roll their eyes off of their heads and toss dirties like nobody’s biz. Suddenly, a random crowd-monger steps into the light and tells Lace she’s “crazy beautiful” and flaunts his full-face tat of her, ON HIS RIBCAGE. Yikes. Pre-crime on a billion trillion. It was concerning enough, but then Chris Harrison told this stranger not to touch Lace and that’s when you know you need to change your address. Lace is invited to Bachelor in Paradise because she’s a loony, and obviously she accepts.


During the gang up on Olivia segment of the scheduled program, everyone uses Olivia’s dumbass quotes to show her how stupid she is. I.e. Amanda calling “being a mom” her jam and Jen announcing that all the girls “like to read books and talk smart things too.” (But probably not the twins, right Jen?) Speaking of the asshole twins, they have no problem loading up all their ammo to shout things at Olivia and give their best stank face (as one.) They call Olivia a bully and when Leah’s like hey remembs when you two talked shit about her breath and her calves? Twin 1 was like THAT’S BEYOND THE POINT. It could not have been a more perfect response. CLASSIC hypocritical hate hate hate. Olivia is embarrassed about her mouth and her dumb sentences and just thinks she doesn’t have the right personality for that type of situation. She tearfully apologizes to all the teen moms out there and admits that she’s gotten a lot of social media hate, to which Chris scoots closer and is like WHAT EXACTLY DID THEY SAY, OLIVIA? Apparently Chris was really hoping Liv would read some of her cyber insults Jimmy Kimmel “mean tweets” style.

And of course, the most obvious choice for Bachelorette, Bubbly McGee Caila keeps a polite smile plastered to her face for the entire show until she’s called to the stage. They gracefully replay her big giant dumping and as the video fades of her sobbing in the backseat of a car and whining about how she still loves Ben, Chris goes “what’s going through your head as you watch that?” Spoiler alert: IT’S BEEN REALLY HARD. Caila also declares that now that she’s seen how Ben looks at JoJo and Lauren, she wants a love like that. So I guess she’s looking for a Mormon. Just kidding, she’s just setting herself up to step right into the Bachelorette role by artfully saying that she was hurt, but she’s still open to love. Ugh.

Then Ben is invited to come out and dodge everyone’s questions by saying all the ladies are amazing. But before we get into that, I’d like to point out that Ben is such a wiener, even when I tried to search a quiz on Buzzfeed to see if I was meant for him, they were like no, don’t do that…it gets better.

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Once I did find the quiz, I’m sorry to say that Ben and I are NOT meant for each other. I feel pretty good about it though because as Chris points out immediately, Ben is an I Love You slut. Chris then continues to slobber all over Ben and I start to question if maybe he’s a little jelly that Ben didn’t say I love you to him?!

Then the ladies get a chance to clear things up with Ben and ask dumb questions about why he didn’t like them, my favorite one being Leah who saw Ben compartmentalize relationships but then he totally narc’ed on her to Lauren. And Ben rightfully replied, but you talked about my other relationship…so I had to address it. Hey Leah, when you talk shit on camera, it typically comes back to haunt you. Be better than your black eyebrows and blonde hair. Apparently her and Lauren are good now though, so no one has to worry about that. *Fake Gigglezzz*

Then in the biggest question of the night, Ben is asked to tell the twins apart. He succeeds because a cameraman obviously tells him which is which. It doesn’t matter Ben, they’re both big giant bullies who wear skanky rompers “because they can.”

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The grand finale is a pretty decent blooper reel where a lot of people miss their mouth while drinking. Stars, they’re just like us me. See you next week for the DRAMATIC ENDING of Ben crying a lot like a lil baby bitch.


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