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The Bachelor- Country Music Has Been Murdered

We return this week to Kelsey still lying on the cold hard ground. She gasps for air even with an oxygen mask on her face and is begging to see Chris so he can see what her anxiety looks like in the flesh and throw a pity rose at her. She actually utters the words, I better get a rose for this. At least she’s subtle about it. After Chris tells her she’s beautiful even with a mask assisting her breathing, she returns to the group fully recovered and laughs it off. Everyone promptly tells her to kill herself with their eyes. She replies with the most sinister smile in America. And we’ve begun tonight’s portion of Kelsey the Sociopath: An Original Lifetime Movie.

DELAYED Rose Ceremony:

Whitney, Kaitlyn, Britt, Jade, Megan, Becca, KardASHLEY & Kelsey get roses.

BAI Mackenzie & Samantha (who says the most amount of words upon her departure.) Nice knowin ya.

Chris is FINALLY ready to have fun so he brings the gang to Deadwood, South Dakota. PARTY ANIMAL. Chris is really upping the ante with more obscure places that the ladies don’t know the geographical location of. We get the lay of the land, “This is where Calamity Jane did her business,” says history Professor Soules as he poses naked for old timey pictures in a saloon.

Let’s Give Love A Shot-Becca

This date is somewhat uneventful. Becca the virgin hops right up on that horse like nobody’s biz and Chris has to work hard to hide his boner. They giggle a lot together and Becca points out what we’ve all been suffering from for weeks; Chris’s laugh SOOKS. She laughs at his laugh rather than him. Did I mention I love Becca? I love her even more when she tells us that she wants Chris to kiss her but she’s concerned about her family seeing her get her mack on. Kardashley’s a virgin who eats Chris’s face every time he’s within reaching distance and Becca is holding out for the kiss and trying to be conservative and earn his respect. Hmm, quite a toss up. They finally kiss and Becca apologizes to her dad. Do you think Jade apologized to her dad when she spread her downstairs curtains for the big show in Playboy? Just wondering.


Back at the South Dakota den, the girls gang up on Kelsey and call her out for laughing in the face of Sanderson Poe’s untimely death. Apparently Kelsey has a nervous laugh and she’s never had a panic attack in her entire life but it was TERRIFYING. She says she’ll be mindful about future interactions with the ladies. And with that she’s already decided she will kill them all at any cost.

Let’s Make Sweet Music Together- Group Date

Chris wants them all to write country songs and Big and Rich show up to help. Megan doesn’t even know where New Mexico is or what show she’s on but she immediately recognizes Big & Rich. I’m guessing the producers tipped her off. Jade is stressed because she’s not good at songwriting; she’s only good at showing off her labia in Playboy. Big (or Rich) runs with Jade down the street shouting and she’s like how much do I owe you for this very effective therapy session. Britt starts tongue-ing Chris in public. Suddenly Jade is sad again.

Chris sings first and hide ya kids, hide ya wife because his voice could potentially kill them. Britt gets up and croons, “I can hear sweet music every time you’re around.” Chris tells us he’s barely holding back the tears after that cheesetastic line. Kaitlin takes the stage and raps about whiskey and her lady bits and I love the shit out of it. Carly grabs Chris’s hand and gives off a vibe of LET THE PROFESSIONALS HANDLE THIS ONE, GUYS and serenades him. I hope for Carly’s sake that the cruise line she works for is full of drunks. Jade goes last and it’s SO BAD that I cover my eyes and my ears. She thinks she did OK. Big & Rich and Chris are laying the compliments on thick. Why are we encouraging this like a bunch of children singing in a school pageant? Related but unrelated: why is Chris such a pussybitch? No one should ever be bawling from this mishmash of unclever lyrics and fork in a garbage disposal singing voices.

songwriting carly serenades

The group date continues and he takes some time with each girl. He tells Jade she killed it. And I genuinely wonder if he’s just trolling the viewers now. Britt and Chris run away because they like to shove their sexual chemistry in everyone’s faces and they end up at a Big & Rich show. These two horndogs use the live concert as background music for their journey to second base. They’re pulled off each other and nearly hosed down by the sounds of Big & Rich inviting them onstage. Britt gets rose’d onstage even though she hates country music. Big & Rich change the lyrics to Save A Horse, Ride A Farm Boy and Britt says Challenge, Accepted.


They come back to a room full of death stares and Chris explains himself as Britt takes this opportune time to wipe his saliva from her lips. Everyone obviously shits all over Britt for getting the rose and an undeserving concert. The dramatic music swells and each woman lets her tears do the talking—Carly feels invisible, Kaitlin doesn’t fight for attention, Whitney’s pure heart is broken. Britt combs her luscious locks, applies a fresh coat of lipstick and goes to bed.

Badlands: The Battle of the Crazies 2 in 1 Date

The human crop top and the schoolteacher are treated to a helicopter ride around Mt. Rushmore. Kelsey names each president she sees and Kardashley is pezzed because they’re not flying over a mountain with Kris, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe’s faces carved into it. Awkward silence ensues upon landing in the Badlands and Chris chugs his whiskey to handle this date. (Live look into my apt: chugging wine to handle this show. It seems Soules and I have something in common.) Kardashley and Chris go off to make out and talk shit about Kelsey. Kardashley has gotten better at kissing. She’s probably been practicing with her hand at night. She reminds us that she’s still a virgin, but at least she’s SEXY and dresses like a rebellious teen rather than a MOM.

After Kardashley took her time to remind everyone she’s a virgin, Kelsey took her one on one time to remind Chris she’s a widow. “I’m prepared to be a wife because I’ve been one… to Sanderson Poe. Do you remember him? He penned a great American novel.” Chris obliterates all rules on trash talking by immediately repeating what Kardashley just revealed about Kelsey. Kelsey is hurt, Chris. HOW DARE YOU?

Things start to heat up in the desert when Kelsey returns to Kardashley and tells her “I know what you did” before she pulls a butcher knife out of her back pocket and slices Kardashley’s exposed belly ring off. Kardashley stomps away into the mountains and I keep my fingers crossed for a hangry mountain lion. She finds Chris first, and sobs because he repeated what she said. He comforts the colicky baby and gives a look to the cameras that says he wants to be buried alive in the Badlands. He cuts Kardashley loose because he can’t give her the lavish princess lifestyle she so clearly needs. She lashes out and throws Britt under the bus for also liking nice things and makes herself look even worse. She stomps away then comes back because Chris didn’t follow her and shouts that she can’t believe she’s acting like this, then continues to act like this. Kardashley cries into the camera a lot and can’t pull it the F together. I would expect nothing less for her final moments on this show than that perfectly contoured face gasping for air as buckets of tears pour out. PEACE OUT Kardasssssssssssssley. I wish you a lifetime of laugh-crying.


You still trying to figure out what presidents those are, Kardash?

Chris does the smartest thing he’s ever done when he turns around and whacks Kelsey too. She takes her rejection a wee bit better than Kardashley…for now. The bitches cheer and pop bottles upon hearing news of Kelsey’s exit. “My story is amazing, it’s tragic and it’s beautiful,” Kelsey says one last time, her swan song as she stalks off into the desert to find the shovel she had hidden there the day before in case she needed it. YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE LAST OF ME, Kelsey echoes through the Badlands, “One day I’ll be featured on Beyond the Headlines: The Murder of Ashley I.” she shouts as she waves the shovel in the air!


I will CUT you.

Best Quotes:

“I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get over it.”-Mackenzie the TWENTY ONE YEAR OLD saying that she’ll never recover from a man she’s been on one date with.

“Kelsey had a bit of a fainting episode”-Chris confirming that Kelsey is a sociopath with one subtle sentence.

“She got up there like she’s been riding horses for years.”– Chris clearly disbelieving of Becca’s virginity and also in need of a waistband tuck.

“She’s a Kardashian who didn’t get the princess date.”-Kelsey giving us the exact headline that will appear over a picture of Kardashley’s face on the front page of the newspaper when she SNAPS.

“It’s just so stupid that every time I’m around you I have to cry, it’s like what?!”-Kardashley echoing America’s sentiments, and yet still crying like a faucet.

BONUS-Due to aggressive snowfall in Boston, I got a couple adult snow days and took it upon myself to create a Bachelor drinking game last night. I’ll share some of the rules I used so that you might also enjoy getting hammy-sammied on Monday nights.

Take a Sip When:

-Chris makes out with one of his girlfriends

-AMAZING, obv. Also: journey, difficult & connection

-Chris says, “This is hard.”

-Anyone talks about their feelings

-Chris looks like he’s solving global warming in his head when really he’s just listening to a female talk

-A Rose is given

-Chris breathes with his mouth open

-Farm synonyms, themes or catchphrases

-A girl throws shade or talks shit

-Chris talks about how many kids he wants with a girlfraand

-A date gives you the uncomfies

Take a Gulp/Shot When:

-Chris makes out with one of his girlfriends in front of another one of his girlfriends

-Chris’s high-pitched maniac laugh pierces your eardrums

-Britt is touching all up on or cuddling with another girl in the house

-There are tears

-Kaitlyn says something inapprops or dirrty

-Megan is confused as to where she is or what she’s doing

-Chris showers or goes shirtless

-Virginity is discussed

-Chris does something the ladies don’t like and doesn’t have a backbone when defending his decision

-C. Harrison has to talk Soules down from a meltdown

-There’s a Kate Gosselin hairstyle in Iowa

Finish Your Drink When:

-Jade finally reveals she spread eagle for Playboy


-Chris proposes

-The girls physically fight WWE style

-Kardashley returns to the mansion in a princess dress, wielding an ear of corn

-Kelsey returns to the mansion wielding an actual weapon

-Ashley S. returns to the mansion because she took PCP and got lost on her way home

There are obviously more that could be added to this—leave your suggestions below and help me make next week’s two nighter MUCH more tolerable!


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