Weekly JUice

Week of 5/1/17


This video is everything. The song itself made me want to go back to Galway and the video just hammered it home. I TOO WOULD LIKE TO IRISH STEP AND THROW DARTS IN A BAR WITH A LIVE FIDDLE. Props to Ed for just rolling around Ireland with a camera and acting like he wouldn’t get recognized by fans. What a sweetie.

2. Live with Ryan.


Knowing how much of a diva Kelly Ripa is this is the worst move Live could’ve ever made and I refuse to believe she was on board with it. Ryan Seacrest dominates everything that he does. I’ll never understand it because he’s suuuuuch a wiener but give Ryan Seacrest an inch and he’ll take a mile. Kelly who? She’ll be bumped by Sweeps.

3. Babybabybabybabybabayyyyyy.

Well this is just about the most adorable announcement ever. I mean the caption is a little queer but that photo is perfection.

4. Niall has Slow Hands.

Gone are the days when Niall had braces and was the most awkz bird of 1D. Look at how sultry that photo is. He’s so grown up and all about those dirty suggestive lyrics. “Slow, slow hands, like sweat dripping down that dirty laundry, no, no chance I’m leaving here without you on me.” WOOOOO. Niall comin in HAWT. I’m down with it. Gotta be brutally honest and say that Niall is winning the solo debut right now. Two out of two straight bangers from him–who would’ve thought?

5. Goldie & Kurt 4eva.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles, USA - 04 May 2017

I recently just wondered out loud why bomb movie star Goldie Hawn was making her acting comeback in a fiery hot garbage Amy Schumer movie. I’m willing to forget that for now just to talk about Kurt & Goldie getting Hollywood starred. I’ve been known to be somewhat of a curse when talking about long term Hollywood couples that I love (Ben & Jen, Joshua and Diane, etc.) but actually how cool is it that these two have been togets over 30 years in the cesspool that is Hollywood where relationships go to die. HASHTAG GOALS. Also, completely unrelated but definitely needs to be addressed…why is Quentin Tarantino so disgusting?


Who rolls up to a nice ceremony wearing a cutoff hoodie, jeans, and I can only assume shoebies because that’s to be expected with that getup. WTF, Q? Pull your shit together for one thing. Here’s Reese Witherspoon and Kate Hudson to give an eloquent speech in their formalwear, oh and here’s a homeless man we pulled off of the streets who looks like he smells like old cheese. Look at him straight lurking in the background behind Reese like someone who was walking by chugging from a brown bag and decided to photobomb this pic.


Alright I guess I’m done bullying someone who makes 1 trillion more dollars than me just for existing. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND YA’LL!

Pop Culture

Halloween-Hollywood Style

Love or hate Halloween, don’t tell me you’re not on the edge of your seat every year waiting to see what celeb thinks they can get away with blackface. Just me? Whatevs, here’s a random collection of celeb Halloween costumes from this year worst to best:

PS: Celebs having a full team for hair, makeup & wardrobe and mailing it in for Halloween is TOTES BS by the way.


In case you were ever wondering what Halloween is to Nicki, it’s literally just like every other day. Please T it down.


She’s 17.


Katy Perry as a cheeto. Crunchy nonetheless. I gotta go get my Chex Mix costume ready for next year. Bai.


Kim is really tame now, guys, cause I don’t know if you’ve heard, but SHE’S A MOM.


Payment for snagging a Vogue cover this year orrrr just kissing major ass?


Ellen vs. Meredith. Battle of Daytime TV Hosts. THE DRAMA IS SO REAL.


A Cinderella Story flashbacks. Do you think anyone could recognize her? (IT’S HILARY DUFF, GUYS)


1. Shocked she’s not naked. 2. RiRi COMMITTED with the green paint.


Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson dressed like hoes at the bar. #motherdaughterbonding


Gisele & Tom Brady. Actual question, how can they see?


That caption though.




Yes MJ Blue Ivy, yes. The first time I’ve ever disregarded Beyonce in a picture.


We all know how I feel about kids but North West and Penelope Disick as skunks is adorbsies.


Neil Patrick Harris & fam never disappoint.


Ed Sheeran. This is spot on.


Iggy Azalea as herself.


The Today Show as SNL characters was great, especially since no one had to see Matt Lauer’s junk in women’s clothes.


If you didn’t laugh at this picture I don’t think we can be friends.


We get it Heidi Klum, you win Halloween every year. Do less.

Now wasn’t that better than going through your Facebook feed and mourning the loss of college Halloweekend slop city and/or looking at 1 million baby’s first halloween pictures?