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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills- Reunion Part One


Ah, the first day of the reunion, where we’re eased into the crazy that’s about to ensue. Andy politely and awkwardly greets everyone, making sure to comment on their physical appearances that they paid someone a large sum to create on them. In a quick fashion highlight reel, Eileen has crimped hair, LVP is wearing the glitter Tom Ford number that Erika wore all season in her interviews (original, LVP) and Kyle has decided that a reunion is an approps time to let her areolas hang loose. Also Andy’s compliment to Yolanda was “You look well.” I feeeeeel like that’s no better than telling someone they look tired. Hey you looked like shit all season and everyone noticed it, but you look WELL today.
Then we kick things off with love for my girl Erika and I eat that shit right up. Quickest way to get me sucked in for the whole episode? Start with a brief pat the puss tutorial. If I weren’t watching this episode so early in the morning I probably would’ve jumped out of my chair and practiced with Erika like it was a dirty version of Darryn’s Dance Grooves. Gonna need a full DVD tutorial stat. Even better, if Erika could just fly out to Saratoga for my sister’s bachelorette party and teach us some of her famous moves, it would save me from having to book a pole dancing class and would be a lot more fun. Gimme a ring, EJ. Feel free to bring Mikey and the glam squad too. Speaking of Mikey and the boys, Erika admittedly spends an obnoxious amount of money a year on these bros to keep them on retainer. Tom (the same man who told his wife not to speak out of turn at dinner) just signs the checks, without asking why it was necessary to fly 5 men out to Dubai with her so that her face could be painted for dinner and a mohawk created for a desert dune buggy ride.

True to Erika Jayne’s most recent #1 hit (realistically #75 on the dance charts) she gives 0 F’s when a probably middle-aged housewives viewer took time to carrier pigeon a letter to Andy that basically read, “aren’t you too old to be writhing around onstage?” And Erika was all, “Mary, I’m so sorry that you’ve given up in life but I have not.” BURN CITY, Population: Mary. Hey Mary, never show your name near Bravo again because you just got FACED.

In much less important and kewl reunion news: Kyle swears she didn’t buy those ugly rose gold sunnies that were marked at a casj 50 grand, so everyone GET OFF HER CASE and stop comparing her to Dana and her $25,000 shades. On the bright side, rewatching that clip really made me long for RHOBH seasons past. Dana was the puuurrrfect asshole character. Let’s bring her back.


While we’re kind of on the topic of Kyle, let’s address that she demanded no one speak of Faye because she didn’t sign up for this and doesn’t deserve to be discussed. So does Faye just appear on the show for roughly 6 episodes a season for free, or…? Kathryn tries to say her peace about OJ and Faye’s famewhoring book deal off of a brutal public murder and Kyle is like THAT IS ENOUGH. Kyle even doubles down and says that when Faye used monotone to tell Kathryn she looked beautiful in order to end a fight at dinner, she really meant it. Diiiid she though? Kyle then became dead to me when she said she refused to watch Connie Britton’s performance of Faye. You don’t speak against the church of Connie Britton unless you want to feel the wrath of her hair.

In weird fun facts about Yolanda’s health that in no way whatsoever doubt her lyme disease: she has a palette in her butt that disperses hormones. It’s from her “healthcare advisor” Daisy, of course. So for all you truthers who were unsure of Daisy’s authenticity as a medical professional, she inserted something in Yolanda’s butt. So do with that what you will.

And for the “cliffhanger” of this week, Rinna and LVP begin their faceoff about the ever so beaten to death Munchausen’s theory. Scary Rinna comes out to play and she brings with her a book of telephone records. Is this a thing? Is Rinna suddenly Magnum PI? I didn’t even know it was possible to still obtain phone records but here we are with highlighted sheets of paper to prove that LVP called Rinna and put her up to the whole Munchausen’s thang. And Rinna’s like yeah, I did it. One adult calls another and tells her to bring something up on a TV show to create a storyline and the other one’s like yeah okay, then probably hits record for evidence. Is this Days of Our Lives? Are they auditioning to guest star on Eileen’s soap like Erika did? I’m so confused. Yolanda isn’t and peaces on out of that bitch because two Lisa’s were plotting against her on TV. So that’s a little odd. Tune in next week to see if they get Yo to come back out (she’s contractually obligated…) and watch Kim crawl back for unhealthy TV therapy.



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