Pop Culture

Justin Timber-Tuesday

Hey remember when I did this one time? Well guess what, I’m jonesin for a JT fix again and therefore I’m bringing it back. I watched Friends with Benefits last week because I no longer have a job and daytime TV is my new BFF and watching Justin rap Kriss Kross only made me miss him more. Seriously I get that JT is a dad now and stuff but I need him back in my life. So here’s my plea to him…go on Fallon, SNL or record a new song pls. Everyone knows…New Music>New Baby.

Ear Candy

The best scorned lover song ever to hit my ears. I could watch his baby face almost cry in a car with Timbaland foreva eva. You can pretty much guarantee that Britney learned her lesson with this one–you break Justin’s heart and you can bet your bottom dollar that he’ll break into your mansion, moonwalk across your kitchen and then make a sex tape in your bed. BOOM. YOU JUST GOT TIMBERLAKED, BITCH. (We’re just gonna go ahead and gloss over the part where he waits until she gets home, sniffs her hair then hides in her closet and watches her shower.)


The Camp Winnipesaukee sketches that Jimmy started on the Late Show and brought with him to the Tonight Show are the perfect example of why I need these two to have a variety show and/or host the Emmy’s. They can take the stupidest skit and make it hilarious.

Eye Candy



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