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An Ode To Blake Lively

Everyone who knows me knows that I’ve had a massive crush on Blake Lively ever since she was Bridget in Sisterhood. She just popped out a baby recently and in promoting her new movie Age of Adaline, was working the press circuit the past couple of weeks. To say she was killing it, fashion-wise is an understatement. I was surfing through her recent looks and had to mop up the drool from my keyboard. Since I’m somewhat of a fashion expert (because I judge red carpets) I decided to rank Blake’s press outfits from worst to best, woman crush Wednesday style.


This tweed jacket number is definitely the worst mostly because I hate tweed. All the respect that Blake matched her pumps to the coat though.


A little TOO 70’s for my liking but her boobs look gr8.


This is a lot to take in. Sassy pony on fleek though.


Kind of reminiscent of an Easter mass outfit.


The dress makes me think of Lemon-Sol. Those mint heels though ❤


Not my favorite embroidered set but her legs are giving T.Swift’s a run for her money.


If the top left boob didn’t have Beetlejuice stripes on it I would be all in on this outfit.


Lose the jacket, show off the goods. (I realize each of my comments is getting creepier and creepier, and I’m OK with it.)


Leave it to Blake to wear heels with a tracksuit.


Oh hey, a koi fish.


Kind of a mom dress but her mermaid waves steal the show.


Retro chic


Yeah this is exactly how I look when I throw on a pair of jeans for a casj Friday.


Saucy skirt for Seth Meyers


Boob sparkle for JFall


I’m pretty sure she literally just wore this party dress from the limo to her dressing room. #LifeGoals


I can’t even begin to understand what this creation is but it’s cool AF.


Fun and flattering and obsessed with these earrings!


Her best elegant look of the tour.


WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER. Putting that salsa girl emoji to SHAME. Hot damn.


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