Super Bowl 49 Recap: Bitch Killed My Vibe

DISCLAIMER: There will be absolutely not talk of football in this recap. It was a close game and that’s all I understood. This is strictly commercials & halftime talk.

The Sunday Scaries are a very real thing. It’s the end of the weekend and you’re done boozing/sleeping and back to the work grind the next day. The Super Bowl is a rare Sunday where you can extend the weekend just by a little bit with friends, buffalo dip, wangz and beer. Except for this year apparently because every advertiser in America got together and decided funny ads are overrated…let’s do something different this year…let’s make every ad real heavy and depressing while everyone’s trying to have a good time. IT’LL BE AWESOME. Here are the most memorable moments of wrist-slitting commercials:

TWERKING. Any and all mention of this were in attempt to be funny and on trend and were really just sad. An actual dog twerking is everything I never knew I was afraid of. Also the “What is the internet?” commercial with Couric & Gumbel had potential that was curbstomped by the mention of twerking.

Chevy thinks they’re clever AF and has an ad that cuts to black- making everyone in America think that their overpaid cable company has ruined their night. Hey Chevy, we get it, we all rely on technology way too hard–it’s like when someone farts at a party, we all know it but it doesn’t need to be pointed out.

Coca Cola takes on internet bullying and tries to tell us that by spilling a bottle of coke, everyone on the internet stops being assholes and gets happy, instead of just having a really sticky soda mess.

Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 10.20.17 PM

Nissan kicks off the sobfest with a little live action Cat’s in the Cradle. Literally CAT’S IN THE CRADLE. ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME UGLY CRY? I’M GONNA BE LIKE YOU, DAD, YOU KNOW I’M GONNA BE LIKE YOU. Hey racecar Dad, pay attention to your son before he offs himself.

-Of course the most uplifting commercial of the night award goes to Nationwide for their storytelling of a kid who is listing all of the things he never gets to do and hey quick spoiler alert: it’s cause he’s dead. Why is he dead? Because of an accident. Did you know that the number one cause of childhood deaths is preventable accidents? WELL NOW YOU DO BECAUSE A DEAD KID RUINED YOUR SUNDAY NIGHT. Three cheers for the internet though because they got their hands right on that and made it surprisingly upbeat:


-An old guy losing his viagra and not being able to make things happen apparently has to do with the Fiat. Sad Boner Jamz.

Go Daddy tries to sneak it by us that they totally didn’t release a commercial a week ago that promoted puppy abuse by airing an ad tonight that’s sympathetic to small business owners not being able to watch the game because they’re working. Wompp womppp. People don’t forget, you puppy haters.

-A collection of quite literally the oldest people in America giving everyone life advice, it’s supposed to be uplifting because they set it to the tone of Born to be Wild and showed a bunch of Dodges doing donuts but in reality it made me think about how these people are 1000 years old and probably had their licenses revoked 20 years ago and will be dead by next month. C’mon Dodge.


McDonald’s tries to inspire some tears with their “Pay with Lovin” campaign and they ask people to call their mom or do a dance as a form of currency for their 4 Big Macs that they’re probably going to house in their car and dispose of the evidence…This is the happiest I have ever seen any human working at McD’s. Nice try. Gimme my burger and let me eat my feelings. Get outta here with that nonsense.

Jeff Bridges stared at someone and shouted “OHHHMMMM” while they slept. Still trying to figure out what that was advertising.

-Kim K poked fun at herself, omg guyz she’s soooo humble and has SUCH a good sense of humor. Also this ad made me learn something new, T-Mobile is still in business and is doing well enough to afford Kim K (and later Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman) AND a Super Bowl spot. Mind bottling. (Another cell phone company I thought was out of biz: Sprint, and they should be after using screaming goats in their ad.)

Always does a “let’s take a real hard look at feminism” commercial where they ask boys vs. girls what it looks like to run like a girl and fight like a girl, etc. Of course the boys make us all look like baby bitches who suck at life and it makes everyone remember that boys are part of the He-Man Woman Haters Club. I’m surprised they also didn’t remind us at the end that we don’t make as much as men either. ENOUGH WITH THE DOWNERS!

-New TV show called “The Slap” gets a slot to show us that they’ve centered an entire series around an adult slapping a child. (Props to writers for that astute title.) THIS IS REAL NETWORK TELEVISION, GUYS. Rough night for kids though, dropping dead and getting slapped.

Funniest of the night:

The new 50 shades trailer/teaser with Christian showing Anastasia to his play room and she asked if that’s where he kept his XBox. I believe this is the only commercial I laughed out loud to and it wasn’t supposed to be funny.

Too Deep:

-The ad that used a voiceover of JFK talking about how we are part of the sea and we will return to the sea while showing majestic oceans and skylines was for CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES? I’ve been on a carnival cruise line and they should be sued for the whole load of bullshit false advertising they just laid on us. The only acceptable ad for Carnival should be dirty kids everywhere and a cruise ship full of people standing on the decks learning how to tighten their life vests because that LITERALLY sums up that cruise.

Jeep showed inspirational landscapes and shots from all over the world to the tune of This Land is Your Land. Uh, nope, I’m pretty sure you can’t drive your Jeep through Asia. T it down with the worldly travels of a car.


The several teasers of the Rally commercials that show celebs “getting ready to rally” and the final product is a full spot of just a bunch of different people screaming. Cool. #SuperBowlRally

Best of the bunch:

Mindy’s Nationwide commercial mostly because it didn’t involve dead children and also because Mindy is the bees knees. She thinks she’s invisible until she goes to lay one on Matt Damon and he’s like grl, chill. She tries to snag a selfie too.

-The Budweiser Best Buds commercial, obviously. We all saw it beforehand but it didn’t make it any less adorbs the 20th time around.

-The Bud Light commercial, because I would also like to get hammered and play human Pacman while everyone cheered me on.

-The Jamaican rap and slew of middle aged fanny pack wearin’ dancers for a glue called Loctite.

-The Snickers Brady Bunch recreation–I guess just for the guest roles, because I still didn’t think it was hilarious. Clearly searching for commercials to include in this list.

Halftime Show:

I’m not a Katy Perry girl…as you all know I’m on Team Taylor 4 Lyfe–so I wasn’t looking forward to this show but I’ll try not to be too harsh because I do agree that after having like 6 solid years of old geezer halftime shows because the network was a little nipple-shy, it’s a welcome change to have pop stars performing again. Here’s the show highlights:

-KT opens with Roar and rides in on a mechanical version of the Cave of Wonders, Boy from Aladdin. She’s wearing a replica of the Flamin Hot Cheetos bag.


-She does Dark Horse next and there’s lots and lots of robots. Also cool 3-D stage effects that entertain me more than her singing does. (Note: everyone on Twitter who said she sounded great, it’s because her vocals were mastered in a studio, not sung live. DUHz.)

-Lenny Kravitz appears wearing an open leather jacket and a sparkle tank from Forever 21. They sing I Kissed A Girl and Katy gets real rock n’ roll by flipping her ponytail a lot. Lenny is then excused to return to the land of blanket scarves and irrelevant singers.


-OUTFIT CHANGE: Beach Ball coordinates and a trippy beach scene straight out of Gullah Gullah Island is set up for Teenage Dream and California Girls. There’s sharks (with legs), palm trees and beach balls all with googly eyes and moving mouths. So basically Katy wants to give us all a new nightmare theme. I can assure you it’s stuck in my mind forever. Seriously the beach balls are stoned, right?

Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 8.59.11 PM scaries

-There’s also a hideous 50’s polka dot bikinis and matching sneaks dancing segment:


-My main bitch Missy Misdemeanor Elliott appears and SAVES THE SHOW. She’s wearing a Nascar jumpsuit and sings Get Your Freak On and Work It with Katy mostly just dancing in a jacket and no pants. As she should be. Don’t get in Missy’s way. There’s some video game effects, Katy contributes almost nothing and Missy whips that sassy weave around, performs Lose Control and goes back into musical retirement I’m assuming. Which is a real shame cause she kills it.


-Final number is Firework and Katy dons a sparkle star dress, suspended in the air and riding over the crowd on the More You Know Star and DUH there’s fireworks. Lots of them. The End.

Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 8.58.37 PM

Grade: Better than last year’s but WILL NEVER BE BETTER THAN:

Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 9.55.11 PM or  yonce


richard-sherman_0 tom-brady-nfl-afc-championship-indianapolis-colts-new-england-patriots29


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