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Falling In Love to the Beat of Brett’s Music: A Concert Review

This one is for my fellow country fans. I went to the Brett Eldredge concert last night and if you follow me on Twitter you saw my aggress live tweeting. It was quite the event. It was Boston’s country radio station’s “Wicked Awesome Monstah Bash”. If you cringed at that name, you certainly wouldn’t have handled the live costume contest that took place on stage halfway through the night. I still have PTSD from it. (People committed HARD to the costume thing.)

The opening act was The Brothers Osborne, who unfortunately due to their country drawls and their tendency to hold the mic too close to their mouths, I didn’t know their name until the end of the concert, when Brett announced it in proper English. Brother 1 entered the stage wearing a blonde curly wig, flower dress, and cowboy boots. Brother 2 was wearing black skinny jeans, an open v shirt just shy of showing nip, a lace short sleeve cardigan, and a long black hair wig. Are these Halloween costumes or were they just trying to tell everyone something? After about half of their set I finally pieced together enough words to figure out that they were dressing up as Little Big Town. Not sure about the execution of that, what I am sure of is that I saw a whole lot of white hairy man thigh that I can’t unsee. On the music review side of things, they were great. Dark hair, nips out brother had an awesome voice and they had more of a rock country sound. Here are a couple of their songs, although their current radio single, “Rum”, wasn’t my favorite.

After cross-dressing Little Big Town finished their set, we had the joy of seeing a bunch of Boston’s radio personalities in costume, stumble awkwardly through a costume contest. During this mess on stage, my friend and I were treated with a hot mess next to us, enjoying her first very real blackout. Standing up against the balcony railing, Drunky McDrunkerson was behind me and felt the need to express her love of life and bottom shelf vodka by screeching in my ear and grinding on me during both performances. I wasn’t into it. When she took a bathroom break and told me to hold her spot, her friend turned to me and goes so what school do you guys go to? I guess I hadn’t realized that we were surrounded by 19 year olds until we turned to the people on our right to make fun of slob kebab and they also inquired about our school. Is it normal when you’re in college to also assume everyone around you is in college or is that a more recent thing? Telling someone that I’m an adult has never been more ironic. The girl asked how old we were and then goes oh, that’s not THAT old. Thanks girl, I was pretty worried that I was nearing a senior citizen discount. At that point my new friend who was trying to round the bases with me via her dancing returned and gave us all the opportunity to take bets on when she would drop her phone over the balcony. Sadly we all lost, although it was touch and go for a minute with her seaweed arms and light grip of the iphone.

FINALLY the main event: Brett and his baby blues arrived onstage in a PG13 Bam Bam costume. I feared another cross dressing incident so this was a welcome surprise. His guitarist took on that role wearing a full, open back gown and wig with tiara. Imagine Seth Rogen dressed as a teenage girl for Jimmy Fallon’s “Ew” skit and that is essentially what we had on our hands. Men having a full beard and dressing like a woman is always an interesting thing. It was okay though, because my eyes stayed on Brett in the event that the toga gave way. Having only one CD, Brett played most of it and of course covered his three singles. Beat of the Music was probably the highlight, but if we’re being honest he performed the shit out of every song. He threw in a few new songs too, which is every concertgoers’ nightmare, but it was okay because Brett was energetic onstage and they were upbeat jams, fun to dance to (or drop it low as my drunk new friend did…on me.) At one point in the night he announced how having one boob out was making him uncomfortable and he kept trying to cover it up. We all told him to please stop covering it up. He listened. Brett knows how to work the ladies and made every panty drop when he serenaded us with “Mean to Me” after declaring that he wanted to dedicate this to a Boston girl. He obviously meant me. (Even though I’m a NY girl, let’s not get hung up on technicalities, people.) Brett closed the night with an Encore medley that was impressive to say the least. Covering every genre and showing off his pipes he did a few country hits, “Your Body Is A Wonderland” by JayMay (underwear slushy), Roxanne & he had also covered “Night Moves” earlier in the show. Overall it was a great concert and I would definitely recommend even casual fans seeing him live. We danced, we sang, and we got to see a couple wearing lobsters on their heads groove to country music. Win, win.

Here’s a National Geographic quality picture that I took of the Brettster:



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