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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills- “Lymes in the Sand”



I’d like to toss it into the suggestion box that I would never ever like to see a full 10 minutes of women packing for a trip ever again. Once you’ve seen them pack for one, you’ve seen them pack for every trip they could ever take. They’re rich and they have a lot of outfit options and unlimited amounts of money to check 100 bags. Their husbands watch them pack because they have nothing better to do and the women sneak new purchases by them. I’M OVER IT.

Anyway, before I’m forced to relive my least favorite pre-trip chore six times over, some of the ladies are still in NYC for Yolanda’s Lyme event. What’s important to note about this event is that not only has Joe Jonas attended with his then girlfriend, Gigi, but he also gets his own lower third without even having to speak. (AS IF NO ONE KNOWS WHO HE IS) Too bad he’s not GiGi’s boyf anymore. Bravo execs are already salivating at the chance to work Zayn into an episode for next season.

At the Global Lyme Alliance gala, one speaker references the hardest part of Lyme as having to prove to her friends that she was sick. Kyle aptly hides behind her napkin. She feels guilty the whole night and tries to pin everything on Rinna. Kyle’s like oopsie now that I’ve been educated I probably should’ve stopped all the gossip. LoLz.

Lisa couldn’t attend the NYC trip because she had to fly to London to renew her passport. Hey Lisa, you’ve been in the US how long? Just become a citizen. Does it really make the most sense to fly to another country just to update your travel docs? It makes about as much sense as Lisa gifting Max with something “so small” for his hard work as a food runner. Apparently Jeep Wranglers are microscopic nowadays.

After appropriately packing (or deciding to fly their 3 man glam squad on vacation with them) the ladies arrive in Dubai. Their “suite” in Dubai is basically a mansion and Bravo doesn’t miss a beat to tell us that it’s $40,000 a night. Eileen gets an underwater suite, Lisa/Kyle and Erika/Kathryn each have to share but I don’t want to hear a peep of complaint from these hussies because they can’t even find each other in their monstrous residences. In attempts to blend with the culture (I think?) all the ladies wear muumuus to dinner. Sorry, not all the ladies, Kathryn is wearing a signature Beverly Hills leopard dress. Gawd, KATHRYN, adapt to your vacation surroundings! Kyle comes through in the clutch and gives everyone matching loud muumuus so that Kathryn can get to stepping and change into her loose fitting caftan to match the group. There’s literally nothing like seeing an array of bright robes sitting on the ground eating hummus. These ladies are so one with Dubai that I forgot for a quick second that they’re actually the worst. They reminded me quickly, when they spent the whole snack time rehashing Yolanda’s Munchausen’s drama and Lisa’s web-spinning ways. Cheers to friendship.


While everyone bonds over the newfound breeze they’re getting to their hoo-ha via their muumuu’s, Yolanda is moving out of her infamous Malibu home. Brandi visits because all the women who hate her are across the world, so it’s safe. She talks a lot of trash about Rinna and her wigs, wears a gold lame top in her confessional, and drops 100 F bombs. Good to see you haven’t changed a bit, Brandi. Now please go away again. Foreva.


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