Weekly JUice

Week of 4/27/15

1. Lifetime is making a Full House unauthorized movie. Lifetime just could NOT allow Full House to be snagging up that spotlight without a little scandal so they decided to cash in on it real quick. Obviously their Saved by the Bell unauthorized movie was sooo spot on:


So it will be interesting to see how they butcher this one as well. In other Fuller House scandal news, after the Olsens pretended they were never invited to partake in the reboot, Uncle J cleared it up with MK and now s’all good.

2. Biebs joins in on Zoolander sequel. Ugh. Biebz literally sucks the fun out of all joyous things.


3. Amy Schumer crushes life. A lot of Amy’s sketches from the new season of Inside Amy Schumer have been passed around lately, here’s one from this week where she mocks a 1D song about being beautiful while also pointing out the fact that women look like trolls without makeup. Although I wish she also mocked the big pizzazz every time a celeb goes makeup free and we all bow down even though they’re clearly wearing mascara and eyeliner…but I digress.

4. Todrick Hall is winning YouTube this week. With his 90’s Hip Hop/Disney mashup AND tribute to Queen B in 4 minutes, this guy is crushing it.

5. Zac Efron. Sup? Zac is filming a new movie this week where apparently his abs will be getting a credit for supporting role. I don’t hate it.

281C27E200000578-3059575-image-a-40_1430246737685 Zac-Efron-crop-top-filming-Dirty-Grandpa-April-2015 zac-efron-robert-de-niro-have-shirtless-contest-on-set-09


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