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#TBT LC’s Hair History

So LC just chopped her hair again. Twice in one week. So bold. But as the queen of Instagram and DIY, I respect all of her decisions (Even Brody Jenner). In honor of her fresh cut and given that today is #TBT, let’s rate all her hairstyles dating back to Laguna, shall we? (The answer to that is yes, we shall.)

Disclaimer: As the creator of The Hills drinking game during my last year of college, this type of analysis is something I get a little too committed to. Probably because I have Laguna and The Hills on DVD. Best investment I’ve ever made.

So here they are from worst to best:
10. The Hills Season 1: Ah, the year of the thick plastic black headband. This is ranked last and I think we all know why. That headband was a nightmare and she paired it with everything. I’m just sayin that if Lisa Love handed me an internship at Teen Vogue, I probably wouldn’t wear a black plastic headband to work every day. That headband should be buried in style history alongside Kristin’s black choker from Laguna. Lauren didn’t go to Paris, because she spent the summer with her boyfriend wearing the same headband every day. (Ugh. Jason.)
Biz Casj Headband Welcome to LA
9. Laguna Beach: Her Laguna days consisted of beach blonde pin straight hair usually accompanied by a pair of oversized sunglasses perched on top. Ah, to be a California girl. This falls near the worst end of the list because there’s nothing special to it. I’m certainly not going to say mean things about it because let’s all think about what our hair looked like senior year of high school and then imagine that being documented on national TV. At the time this aired, I had just discovered the straightener, but hadn’t quite nailed how to use it yet, resulting in a frizzy half straight half crimped head of hair. Props for knowing how to use a straightener, LC also props for being popular and dating dreamboat Stephen. (Let’s pretend he wasn’t simultaneously dating Kristin, it’s better that way.)
8. Post-Hills: The Neon Pony. I can get down with colored hair from time to time but there is really no explanation needed for why this didn’t work for mah gurl LC. Edgy just doesn’t suit her, her bad boy phase was over…no excuses.
Nailed the cat eye.

Nailed the cat eye.

7. Post-Hills: Hard bangs. LC went through a hard bang phase more recently. I wouldn’t say they looked bad on her because come on guys, does LC ever look bad? But I’d much prefer a light bang or no bang LC. (Say bang again.)

hardbangs bangz2

6. The Hills: Side bangz. I can’t pinpoint when the side bang ended during The Hills because it made it’s comeback so many different seasons. It was strongest in the early seasons but then later on it seemed to reappear. Regardless, it wasn’t great. BUT it was better, in my opinion, than the aforementioned full bangz. The side bang was a weird thing that everyone was into. It was mostly weird because why would you commit to something that’s constantly in one of your eyes. Like did girls pick one eye they didn’t care about seeing out of for their side bang? You can get back to me on that if you indeed side banged it.


Throwing the MOST shade



 5. Post-Hills: Brunette. Leave it to LC to dye her beachy blonde waves dark brown (I’m assuming this is her natural color, my evidence being season 1 of Laguna roots situation) and look just as good. Kate Middleton anyone? #Royalty
4. Post-Hills: Top bun. Has the top ballerina bun EVER looked this elegant and cool at the same time? Since I’m notorious for letting trends happen, complaining about them and then deciding that I need to try them roughly 3 years later, I did the whole sock bun thing more recently and VERY late. Needless to say I didn’t quite get the hang of it so quickly, I’ll spare you the graphic deets and instead let you bask in LC’s bun glory.
bun2 bun
3. The Hills Season 1-3/The rest of her life: Long waves/Mermaid curls. This falls near the top of the list because it has become her somewhat signature look that she kept around up until she chopped. It works for her and makes me envy everyone who can have perfectly styled curls on a regular basis. Add a thick headband in with those curls and end up at the bottom of the list as you will see. (She tried to sneak the headband thing back in during later seasons of The Hills. I noticed.)
Bonus: She reverted to this classic for her wedding and I couldn’t have loved it more.
2.Post-Hills: Ombre. Most gals go from brown to blonde for the ombre trend. LC went from blonde to blonder and damnit do I respect it. It looked great on her and I wish she would’ve debuted it while she was still on The Hills to show Heidi how to go blonder in a subtle and classy way. Ah who are we kidding, Heidi trying to be classy would go EXACTLY like her going to college. (Spoiler alert: she quits after one day.)
ombre Braided-Side-Bangs-Lauren-Conrad-Hair
1. The Hills-Forever: THE SIDE BRAID. The side braid itself was created circa season 3 of The Hills and was worn in many variations until LC eventually discovered she was bigger and better than the Hills and peaced before it plummeted downhill during seasons 5-6 with Kristin “I Don’t Care That I’m a Bitch” Cavallari at the helm. My all time favorite side braid was when she cut her hair short and wore it straight with the braid. Girl made it look like she got a fresh trim every day of filming (she probably did) and it looked bomb.com–not of course, to discriminate against any other side braid version (there are thousands) because she essentially created the trend. I have a love/hate relationship with this trend. I love it because it’s cool and I’ve wanted to wear it every day since she debuted it. I hate it because I can’t accomplish it without the help of my mother’s magical braiding hands. Can’t live with my mom forever, LC, gawd, be considerate.
She's probably with Jen Bunney here.

She’s thinking about Jen Bunny here.

braidombre2 season3braid


So now that we’ve covered LC’s hair history. Here’s her new cut (I’m obsessed, obv.):



Feel free to chime in if I missed any! What hair trend will she start next? I guess the rest is still unwritten…

If you didn’t think I was going to force that in here you don’t know me at all.

The iconic single black tear.

The iconic single black tear.


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