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Drake Lyrics for Every Textual Situation


Drake is such a smooth sweater-wearin rapper that we’ve moved past the fact that he’s Canadian and got his start in the biz on the most ridiculous preteen soap ever to exist and have embraced him wholeheartedly. As an ode to all his greatness, Drake has like 1 billion apps dedicated to him but I’m here as a PSA to everyone with a smart phone that if you don’t have the Drizzy app, you’re not living life right. Drizzy is an additional keyboard (free) that provides you with an overwhelming number of Drake lyrics right at your fingertips. You may be thinking, when will I ever need to notify someone of, “Brunch with some Qatar royals and my cup is all oil,” but the lyrical stylings of Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham are actually more useful than you may think. Kick back and allow yourself to learn that there is a time and a place for a carefully chosen Drake lyric and it is always.

Your friend wants to go shopping:


You found out your boyfriend watched the new Game of Thrones episode without you while you were at work:


Single ladies, got a stage-five clinger texting you? No prob.


Mom wants to know why you’ve been ignoring her calls:


Your BFF snaps you a pre-going out pic asking for outfit advice:


(To be clear, this only works with a BFF who knows you’re not trying to go all les on her.)

Dad asks you to pay the cellphone bill:


Co-worker wants to make sure you’re ready for a big presentation with the boss tomorrow morning:


Sent your first rent check and it doesn’t bounce…GROUP TEXT, it’s time to throw down:


A friend won’t stop raving about her sketchy boyfriend she met on Tinder that you know is bad news bears:


Roommate asks if she can borrow something:


After you get back from vacay:


And for my grand finale…Mom checkin in on you:


FTR, I can’t think of one single scenario where it wouldn’t be acceptable to send this lyric. Please don’t actually send this to your mom unless she’s as cool as mine. I don’t want you getting in trouble or worse, cut off financially.


Bonus: Unwanted Booty Call response…


Seriously…that’s an actual lyric you can choose from. Do you even need any more convincing? Download Drizzy and keep those texts spicy!


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