I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my handmade sassy mugs. And since I’m obsessed with myself, it didn’t take a lot of convincing to start selling them. Full discloszh: the amount of research I did on starting a web store began and ended with a WordPress “help” live chat. So if this fails horribly it’s my own fault. The mugs will be made to order on a white mug (unless otherwise requested) with the black and red lettering displayed below. If you have ideas for new quotes, lyrics and phrases by all means please suggest them! Also don’t hesitate to directly contact me about any ordering issues since I clearly have never done this before 🙂


Important note: Do not put custom mugs in the dishwasher, the lettering will chip. Handwash only!

Flawless Mug, $12


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Nightmare Mug, $12

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FNL Mug, $12 

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